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  1. rckytop

    Wargaming.net Game Center Feedback

    Although the Game Center has never worked for me, I'd very much like to play the CV test. So I've downloaded game center again and it's giving me the "cannot connect to the internet" problem. I've run all the troubleshooting, but nothing works. Just will not run. Not to mention, it won't let me install where I want it - ie, not on my C drive which I use only for running the computer. Edit - I have tried to submit a ticket, but when I choose Game Center Download/Install issue, I just get sent to the FAQ page on download issues. I get into a loop with no way to get out. Starting to wonder if doing this test is worth the effort. I've already spent about 2 hours downloading, deleting, checking firewalls, rebooting modem, looking for solutions on forums, trying again, etc. This is absurd. Can someone please contact me?
  2. rckytop

    What Happened to the Cleveland?

    I had the exact experience when I took the Cleveland out my first 10 battles or so. I'd get close enough to use radar and pow, dead. So I started playing it like I play Japanese cruisers - angled away to make a hasty retreat. It's a damage machine, but you have to know when to move out and go dark. I love it.