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  1. Volron

    OMG...What a game.....Op Narai...

    Sometimes you have to use something other than Atlanta: You kinda forgot to point out that this was during the "farming time" of Narai. They pulled it to make changes because of stuff like this. You could do Narai with just 3 people then, which will get results like this. heh Still a very solid go at it regardless.
  2. In regards to Ylechin's Passing: Eh, it IS an ALTERNATE timeline. They could've easily "rewrote" something from the Original Series that takes Chekov, to account for Yelchin's passing. But I guess it would've been too much for them to come up with another character of their own. It is harder to make something from scratch vs taking something that is established and making some changes. While I didn't like the movies, I didn't hate them either. They are what they are, but honestly it feels like they were just cramming a bunch of stuff together from the Original Movies and adding some "flare" here and there. While I do wish they would've done a TV series after the first movie, what could they honestly do? They'd have one hell of a hurdle to deal with, something that doesn't somehow copy from the original, but something that is "new". Though I will point one thing out I just simply didn't agree with: Alt Khan was just "incorrect", for lack of better word. Ricardo Montalbán's Khan will always be best Khan.
  3. Volron

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    Mikasa given the ability to take ASM0 and better dispersion.
  4. Volron

    Uh .. Ok then, MM.

    This, right here, should've automatically put you on Ocean.
  5. Volron

    Dynamo Schnellboot kill records

    Eh, Dynamo is easy mode now. Now when it originally came out (and when Major Contribution was harder to get)...
  6. I'm curious to exactly how they are gonna work that out. I primarily run CVs in Op's, but I also take them out in Co-Op every now and again. I'm not going to be overly happy if I'm suddenly restricted to using my CV's in Random only.
  7. Quite a bit actually. It is still gonna be better than trying to push through her in Co-Op, and probably taking flak in Random. You can generally rake in a solid amount with 1-3 stars.
  8. Volron

    Request for co-op

    Wow, this one went downhill....FAST! I can agree with OP in regards of the allied bot CV kinda doing whatever they do. I wish they would adjust them to send their fighters, at least, to the center of the map or something rather than keeping them camping their own cv.
  9. Volron

    Arsenal Buy - Flint or Black?

    It wasn't me! Torpedoes are suppose to know friend or foe! Even has that "Satisfaction Guaranteed! Or your torpedo back!" stamp on it! I've been running her in UF, and I'm REALLY loving her. Her smoke has saved my tail a few times, and her long range torpedoes have definitely worked out as well.
  10. Volron

    Arsenal Buy - Flint or Black?

    It was also a choice between Flint and Black in terms of how much steel I had after completing the various steel missions, but Flint was the ship I wanted the most. Of the list of steel ships, if I were given a single choice, it was always going to be Flint. And I'm really loving her. While she trades her radar and 2 turrets for smoke and 9.2k torpedoes, the smoke has proven extremely useful many a time, especially where I would've been sunk if I were in Atlanta. The other, minor factor in my selection, is her usefulness to me overall in that I can use her in Operations. That and it's funny watching folks treat her like an Atlanta in Co-Op, only to be nipped by those 9.2k torpedoes.
  11. That I can understand, as that is what I did as well if I REALLY wanted the T10. Seeing as I have every T10, when I went back to get the 9's for the steel, I decided to keep em. I don't see a reason to sell them at this point.
  12. Any particular reason to sell the ships off? I've opted to keep mine just because (and I still have 74 port slots left).