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  1. Hello Volron, letting you know that I am feeling :cap_fainting: and do not see myself playing much if any WoWs tonight, my Canadian (and therefore authentic) apologizes.

    I wish you many good games and in be case I do not hear from you again tonight I wish you a good night and sweet dreams :fish_sleep:

  2. As others have pointed out, you need to be aggressive. If you are always waiting for that "prefect shot", you are just setting yourself up to fail. At the same time, if you are potato about your aggressiveness, bots will hand your tail back to you in a brown paper sack marked "Pre-Used". Numerous times I've seen DD's sweep quick, and I've done it myself when I use a DD. There are times when I'm in a slow ship that spawned on one side of the map, and bots decide to go the other way. Usually on Two Brothers...blasted bots. It happens. But one thing I am not going to do is wait for you to get your "perfect shot", regardless of what ship class I play. You are not the only one who has service costs to deal with.
  3. Volron

    Looking for recommendations for 2 ships

    @Cynder_TheDragon There is something that honestly slipped my mind: While yes, Operations will allow you to train/retrain Captains a bit quicker, I forgot the obvious thing about this: Having Arizona and/or West Virginia (or a Prem 6 for the respective nation you are working) to facilitate this. It will cost Credits/Doubloons/ECXP/FXP to train to a higher tier ship. The back and forth will be costly without a Prem 6, and while you could stick until your Captain is 19pt on New Mexico, it still going to cost you 2000k (500 per) Doubloons or 800k (200k per) ECXP/FXP total, if you wish to retrain a 19pt Captain instantly. Otherwise you are looking at 800k (200k per) credits total for a 50% retrain with a bit of time with skills at 50% effectiveness as you advance in Tiers. The numbers are given from a starting point of New Mexico for a 19pt Captain. It will naturally be cheaper if your Captain is lower in level. I apologize for spacing this critical piece of information.
  4. Volron

    Admitting I was wrong - so far anyway (PVE Thread)

    Ran out of +1's, so I will have to leave you with this:
  5. Volron

    Looking for recommendations for 2 ships

    I was fairly certain you were talking about New Mexico specifically. Was pulling you leg a little, no harm meant. That is solid plan, especially if you are enjoying her. Once you reach Colorado, you will start to encounter 8's, and every now and again 9's; with the occasional rare 10's. Usually the only time I've seen 7's with 10's is if they division'd with a Premium 7. The Prem 7's have an occasional habit of pulling you into higher tier Prems, which they themselves will pull in 10's. You will need the core skills at the very least. If you can, Concealment Expert after those, or at the very least, Basics of Survivability. However, what's good about Colorado is even against 10's, her AP will still hurt. It won't happen as often as I make it sound, but it's best you are aware of the rarity. If you feel you are ready to move to Colorado, but you also feel that your Captain isn't high enough in level, I will go back to what I suggested for pushing through New Mexico/Colorado: Spam Operations. You don't actually have to use Operations as a means to get to the next tier. It's also a good place to train/retrain Captains in quick order. Don't feel like burning Elite Captain XP/Free XP or Doubloons but want consistent wins, spam Operations. I will warn you that if you choose this route: Defense of Naval Station Newport is currently the most difficulty Operation to win, let alone 5 star (which gives highest rewards). So if you tend to run special economy flags in general and do an Operations match with Newport as Op of the Week, take those flags off. Unless you divi up with a team of players who know what they are doing, you are likely going to be tossing those flags away. Oh, and before I forget. The 4th Star Reward for Operations is a 10pt Captain, or should be (It no longer shows how many points go with the Captain for me). At the very least do the Operation for the 4th star to get a 10pt Captain ("core Captain" as I call them). Current Operation: Raptor Rescue will award you with a 10pt USN Captain. Newport is a 10pt IJN Captain; Aegis, a 10pt RU Captain; Killer Whale, 10pt KM Captain.
  6. Volron


    And I just noticed: Prem 6 KM CV??? When the IJN have yet to get one??? Plenty of candidates. *cough* Soryu *cough* Either way, I won't complain beyond that. It's another ship I can use in Operations, and a CV too boot!
  7. Volron


    Even with ASM-0, you'd be lucky to land hits on the same planet at point blank range.
  8. Volron

    Rough night in Raptor Rescue.

    Or get a Weser to DB her to death. Sure more skill and RNG based, but will easily take her down. 14k a pass is no joke.
  9. Volron

    Looking for recommendations for 2 ships

    @Cynder_TheDragon Unless you meant the Colorado, which is the 7, build New Mexico with survivabililty (which works well with most, if not all BB's). Core: Preventative Maintenance, Adrenaline Rush, Superintendent, Fire Prevention. Auxiliary (this will vary, but what I have seen used): Expert Marksman or Jack of All Trades, Basics of Survivability, Concealment Expert. Personally, I have Basic Firing Training and Advanced Firing Training, mainly because I've not bothered to switch them since rework dropped, and I only use her in Operations (Scenarios). She's not going to go anywhere fast, so you'll get hammered often; keep that in mind. If you want to push past New Mexico and reach Colorado a sooner, spam New Mexico in Operations. Once they "fix" Narai (T7 Operation) and it becomes available again, you can spam Colorado there to reach North Carolina faster. It's upto you on how you wish to go about it. There is a noticeable change between Colorado and North Carolina, most notably: speed. In the past, if you absolutely hated using New Mexico and Colorado, you had to either beat your head against a wall till it broke and/or splash FXP. With Operations, you will get through them with much less of a headache (save Defense of Naval Station Newport), and in a good amount of time too boot. However, if you are one of the few that enjoy them (guilty), then by all means go about as you have.
  10. Volron

    CV ai in co-op cheating???

    They can, and will eventually get lucky. For the longest of times I had never been hit by a bot's attack planes, and I almost started to think they never will. I actually started to come to a complete stop and stopped maneuvering if I saw them heading for me. For a bit, nothing. Then, while running down a bot CV in one match, a chunk of my HP went bye-bye. "wth? The-...wait, everything else has been sunk for the past 2m." *notices attack planes making another pass* !?!?! "Well! They can actually hit me! Good!". While I still more or less ignore them, I have noted that if you are running from them, they tend to connect more often. So I now do take some evasive action in those situations. Yep. When you are the only DD: The only time this isn't an issue is when you are on opposites of the map (IE: You spawn SE and bot cv spawns NW). They will go after the nearest cruiser on their side, until they "spot" you. Then they tend to change to target you. Then there is the infamous: Ring around the Rosie. See, it's times like that I'm mad at myself. I wasn't careful enough, and I cannot blame them. I'd be pissed too if I caught them sleeping with my sister as well.
  11. Volron

    T6 Premium IJN CV

    @WanderingGhost So you would say that Soryu would make for a better T6 premium CV vs Hiryu? I noticed Wiki did list her weight being lighter than her sister, by 1,400 long tons (standard). Both are listed as 34kts, with Soryu having just a 1,000 shp less than Hiryu. This would translate to slightly less hp, acceleration, and possibly maneuverability vs Hiryu, if I were to guess. I mean, if an alternate CV line were to come, it is a solid point that Hiryu should be moved to the primary line with Shokaku, which is why I listed it as Hiryu/Soryu. That and I overlooked the possibility of an alternative CV line. Course if Soryu is added as a Prem 6, some folks are gonna riot for Zuikaku as a Prem 8 even though we have Kaga, not that it would be a bad thing mind you. However @SgtBeltfed did bring Ryuho up as an alternative Prem 6. We could run with the idea of giving her up-tier'd aircraft somewhat similar to how they handled Saipan. Soryu Prem 6: Soryu with Unryu's load out or Akagi's Option Two load out. Her bombers would still need to be "toned down" currently, using the B5N1 and D3A1. She can still field more aircraft than Ryujo, even if you gave her "recharge" the same values as Ryujo', or less. This isn't a major de-tier-ing of planes, like Ark Royal. They would still be high enough in tier to be feasible, while being able to retain the number of aircraft she can field over Ryujo. Ryuho Prem 6: Ryuho with Unryu's load out or Akagi's Option Two load out. She could field B6N1's and D4Y2's for the Unryu load out, or just B6N1's for the Akagi's Option Two load out (Ryujo's 48 to Ryuho's 36). In both instances she could use B6N's in a 6 plane squadron with a 3, 2 plane wave with her TB role, with her high altitude level bombers using a 2, 3 plane wave. These are early T8 bombers after all. However, I would argue that her Attack Planes remain A6M2's, like Ryujo's. Ryuho is slower and heavier than Ryujo according to wiki. Trade speed, acceleration and maneuverability for HP is what I would guess here. Though side tracking a little, I wonder how an alternative line for IJN CV's would look. Where would the split take place? Right away between Hosho and "???"? Or would it come after Hosho and be between Ryujo and I would suspect Hiryu? Let's say it's Hiryu that takes Ryujo's place in the main line. Primary line of CVs would be Hiryu and Shokaku for sure. If I were to guess, Hakuryu would stay in the current line since she's listed as heavier and slower, even though she apparently carries almost 20 less aircraft than Taiho. Taiho, being half the weight of Hakuryu and faster, could fit the alternative line better. So Primary line is Hiryu, Shokaku, Hakuryu. Alternative line would be Ryujo, ???, Taiho. I wonder what the 8 would be. Possibly Akagi? But I would think she would fall under the Primary line in that case. Ooof...my brain melted. One thing I think they should do is bring back odd tier CV's. While they stated that (not word for word) "they wouldn't bring enough change in game play", they ultimately forgot one critical fact, MATCH MAKING. Yes, in the RTS days every now and again I would see 8's as a T6, but no where near as often as I do now. As an 8, I did see 10's but again, no where near as often as now. The MM "issue" feels like it really went bonkers when the Rework Dropped. Back on topic: It would appear that Soyru and Ryujo would make decent candidates for a Prem 6 CV for the IJN.
  12. If WG were to make a T6 Premium IJN CV, which CV would it be? The first gal to come to mind was Akagi, but Hiryu/Soryu are options as well since Hiryu was a T7 during the RTS days, and probably easier to tweak than Akagi. Unryu is probably the highest candidate since she carried roughly the same amount of aircraft as Ryujo, but is faster and likely more heavily armored. Here are some idea's I came up with. I know they are crude, with plenty of things I've missed and/or messed up. But figured I get it out there. Unryu: She would use the same Attack Planes and Torpedo Bombers as Ryujo, but would use Kaga's D3A2's as highly accurate HE Dive Bombers. She would be more focused on her DB's, meaning Ryujo will be able to sortie TB's more often than Unryu. She would field a squadron of 9 DB's that attack in 3, 3 plane waves. How is she different than Ryujo? She's faster, more heavily armored with slightly better AA, her DB's are highly accurate (RTS Kaga Manual Drop accurate) that attack with a 9 plane squadron in 3 plane waves, and she does not hold as many TB's. A proper setup and execution of attacks with her Dive Bombers will be required to make use of this accuracy. Deviations while in the dive will result in a considerable loss of accuracy for her DB's. Why are her DB's so accurate? D3A2's are slower than D4Y2's, but also to make her different vs Ryujo and the other Nation CV's, both Tech Tree and Premium. What does this accuracy of her DB's mean for DD's? Well you're screwed, if you just sit there at a dead stop and let them come. However any maneuvering done by the DB's in their dive will vastly decrease their accuracy, like how Ryujo's TB's doing any maneuvering during their run makes their spread wide with little input. They could also take time, much like Ryujo's TB's, to get that tight reticule. With this in mind I'm thinking they will fly high, like KM DB's, and dive like KM DB's, which would have her stand out vs Ryujo and other IJN CV's in general. Otherwise, standard attack pattern. Now, Akagi and Hiryu/Soryu. Obviously the main issue with these gals VS Ryujo is the number of aircraft they can hold. Then again Ranger was "readjusted" for T6 and holds less aircraft than in her RTS days I believe. However if they use the same exact (upgraded) planes that Ryujo has, they will be flat out better. But going the Ark Royal route and giving lower tier planes to them, well, let's just say they would make Indomitable look Pre-Rework GZ good, since IJN aircraft are hella squishy. A6M2's as Attack Planes is fine, but B5N1's and D3A1's would have to be what is chosen for their bombers, a little weaker and slower. Akagi: A few options are available here: Option One: Use what was listed for Unryu, with the change from B5N2 and D3A2 to B5N1 and D3A1, and that she would field the same number of TB's as Ryujo. Her bomber's damage value for their ordinance would probably need to be tweaked since she carries more aircraft than Ryujo. The downgrade of her aircraft vs Ryujo may not be enough, but for other reasons you cannot make them too weak since IJN planes are weak as is. Option Two: Swap her D3A1 dive bombers with B5N1 torpedo bombers, and use them as high altitude (KM DB height) level bombers. Either a 8 plane or 9 plane squadron, with their respective 4, 2 plane waves, or 3, 3 plane waves. Each plane will drop 3x250kg HE bombs with better accuracy than RN level bombers. The counter to this is the fact that they are flying quite high, and as such will need to drop sooner than RN level bombers in order to hit their mark. The further "balance" them, it takes a while for the reticule to tighten, much like Ryujo's TB's, and they will have a low fire chance. They will also be very sluggish while on their bomb run, meaning you will not be able to track nimble targets like Destroyers. Option Three: No changes to plane types used, A6M2, B5N1, D3A1. In this version, she will use be geared more towards TB's, with a 9 plane TB squadron, with their respective 3 3 plane waves, much like Ark Royal. A change to a wedge drop pattern for her torpedoes and a decrease in the amount of damage and/or flood chance to "balance" them. She will use Ryujo's AP bombs in this version with standard attack pattern and same squadron/wave strength as Ryujo (8 plane squadron with 4, 2 plane waves). How is she different than Ryujo? She's slightly faster and more heavily armored, and carries more aircraft. Her aircraft are weaker and slower, with exception to her Attack Planes which are the same as Ryujo's upgraded Attack Planes. Version One: She utilizes highly accurate HE DB's in a 9 squadron, 3, 3 plane attack wave. Proper setup and execution of an attack is required as any deviation in the dive will result in a considerable loss of accuracy. Version Two: She utilizes accurate, high altitude level bombers in X squadron, X, X plane attack wave. While accurate and can inflict good damage, they have a low fire chance and are not as accurate as Ryujo's Dive Bombers. They are also have very sluggish maneuverability during bomb run. Version Three: She utilizes more Torpedo Bombers, in a 9 plane squadron with a 3, 3 plane attack wave. Further more, her TB's drop her torpedoes in a wedge shape and have a lower alpha and/or flood chance. Hiryu/Soryu: Hiryu/Soryu could be tweaked like Ranger was when she was moved to T6, a decrease to the amount of aircraft she can field. Option One: Option Two listed for Akagi would fit Hiryu/Soryu best, seeing as (if I recall correctly) she fielded most of her B5N1's in the level bomber role during Pearl Harbor. That is my reasoning for this option as Hiryu/Soryu's difference from Ryujo. There are no changes to the aircraft type used in relation to Akagi (A6M2, B5N1). The change here is her LB's use 1x800kg AP bombs instead of 3x250kg HE bombs and attack at standard DB high level with enhanced RN LB accuracy, with a 9 plane squadron in the respective 3, 3 plane wave. Very sluggish maneuvering when on bomb run. Option Two: The only change here is the use of 1x800kg AP bombs to 3x250kg HE bombs and the subsequent altitude increase to that of KM DB height. Very sluggish maneuvering when on bomb run. How is she different than Ryujo? She's faster with better AA, and slightly better armor. Her aircraft are weaker and slower, with exception to her Attack Planes which are the same as Ryujo's upgraded Attack Planes. Version One: Hiryu utilizes accurate level bombers with a large AP bomb. Proper setup and execution is needed as it takes a while for the target reticule to reach it most accurate state. Her LB's are very sluggish during their bomb run. Version Two: Hiryu utilizes accurate, high altitude level bombers that will inflict good damage but have a low fire chance. Proper setup and execution is needed as it takes a while for their target reticule to reach it's most accurate state. Her LB's are very sluggish during their bomb run. Welp, there ye have it. I'm sure there are other candidates that could be listed as a T6 Premium IJN CV. If so, please post them with possible variants of loadout. @Hapa_Fodder You have any ideas or input? I'm ready!
  13. Volron

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    But, you still cannot "gift" things on Epic. So ultimately WG has a one up on them. Still, a shopping cart would not go amiss.
  14. Volron

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    I'd almost literally kill for a damn "shopping cart" for the Premium shop.