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  1. Volron

    Devonshire Torps

    Are you sure you are not accidentally hitting F after firing one torpedo? That will trigger a manual reload. I just got out of a match and still had no issues with her.
  2. Volron

    Devonshire Torps

    That is odd. I haven't had this issue, and I've used her a number of times in Aegis.
  3. Volron

    Transport glitches in Narai

    Welp, I can change that "yet" to, "have actually had it happen". But so far just the once while I was using a DD (forgot what tier). Funny thing is, I was just moving along (completely ignored them once again) when I was hit by that one attack. I got excited!
  4. Volron

    Transport glitches in Narai

    If you think so. I've just sat there, numerous times, just so they would actually attack with their Attack Planes, and I've yet to see them do it. Even attacks from their DB/LB's rarely trigger for me when doing this. The funny bit is, with some bot CV's doing this actually causes them to miss me with their TB's.
  5. Volron

    Transport glitches in Narai

    And the wrong in this is??? The planes would (hopefully) work as they do in Raptor Rescue and actually attack. I've yet to see a Co-Op Bot CV attack with their Attack Planes, and rarely attack with their Dive/Level Bombers. The only planes they consistently attack with, albeit poorly, are Torpedo Bombers. The CV's in RR will actually attack things with all the things, as of last time RR was up. Haven't done RR this go, so am not sure if they are still "working" properly.
  6. Volron

    Achievements in co-op

    Depends on a few things: 1) Achievement Rewards in Co-Op would only reward once a day, just like Achievement Rewards in Random. 2) Rewards for Co-Op Achievements wouldn't be flags, but credits/FXP, and Credits + FXP for the more difficult achievements. 3) No change to Random Achievement rewards needed other than awarding more flags (this is what I think in general regardless of what comes to pass on this thread), though maybe flags + FXP/ECXP/Credits for the more difficult ones? 4) Detonation Achievement would be the only "shared" achievement and reward the same amount of flags regardless of mode. So if you get it in Co-Op and get the reward there, you won't get the reward if you get it in a Random match that same day. Rewards would be different, so no worries of farming flags in Co-Op then picking up more in Random. Credits and FXP would be a reasonable reward for Co-Op based achievements since both of those are a bit more difficult to earn in Co-Op vs Random in any tier. All in all, I'd rather they get the current Operations fixed, reintroduce previous Operations that are currently out of rotation, and add in some new ones in different tiers. I'd kill for a T5 Operation right now.
  7. Volron

    What Bothers You Most About Co-Op Games Ending Early?

    All the things. You forgot the vote: All the things. The overall loss in All the Things is most notable in Indomitable vs any other ship in the game, though CV's in general. Indomitable relies very heavily on DoT based damage. I've had games end fast enough to point where I've scored less than 10k damage, so quick they were. 3 Bots remained, all 3 more or less completely untouched. With other CV's I can get TB's out enough to get at least 15k before a match ends, unless I derp.
  8. Volron

    Transport glitches in Narai

    Not when the transports are you trying to protect are Leeroy-ing into the enemy fleet. Personally I missed the change up they had a while ago, where the 1st wave would either spawn N or S of you. Also, if they could get King to start using her aircraft, it would make it more interesting. Plus, plane kills.
  9. @groundace Just from the ships you listed: If you do Operations a bit, DoY would be a decent choice. A double whammy, Co-Op/Operations ship. She's decent overall, and I have no problems with her in Narai. Personally (again based off your list) I'd go with Kaga and DoY. I have fun with Kaga the times I use her, even when uptier'd. Her planes are just fast enough for you to rush in and torpedo the DD's, though if you get uptier'd, you'll need to be selective. A touch of scouting will be in order to determine your attack path. Again, they are just fast enough for this. Just note that her planes are squishy, as per IJN Norm. DoY will do okay and as I stated above, can be used in Operation Narai, which if you do well with her, will net you a solid amount of XP/Creds. However, your original Kaga/Exeter combo isn't a bad one either. Exeter, from the few times I've used her, is an okay gal. Nothing spectacular, but not horrible either.
  10. Volron


    What if they added a structure that allows you to "process" the oil into Credits/Coal? Somewhat like how they did Dockyard, process oil for x amount of time to coal/credits. Only allow one setup for processing: IE: Can only process Oil into Coal OR Credits. At that point, you'd just have to wait and collect. Select Refinery: Select amount of oil to be processed and what to be processed into (Credits or Coal): Wait x time till process completes then collect. Rinse and Repeat.
  11. Volron

    Smolensk, Thunderer in PVE

    They are not "must haves" for Co-Op. Your results will vary, but I find them to do just fine in Co-Op. Though when it comes to ribbon missions, I tend to use Colbert over Smolensk, but Smolensk will accomplish those mission types quite well. Thunderer is a Sniper BB, very accurate. I might be losing my brain on this, but I've found her to be more accurate than Georgia. Her pen is an issue though, as while very accurate, won't citadel as often. Avoid brawling with Thunderer, as she's kinda squishy up close, more so than Georgia for me. @AdmiralThunder will have plenty of games in Thunderer and should give you much better insight. Not sure if he has Smolensk though.
  12. I think they should bump up her LB attack size to 3. You'd have 6 planes in the air, 2 attacks with 3 planes. Either bump up the reserves to match or leave them, either way even with DE I'm having trouble setting fires. If not an increase in number of planes per attack, bump up her bomb pen to 35mm. Regardless: In her current state, if they were to allow her to be used in T6 Operations, she'd easily be outperformed by the T6 CV's. Hell, if they were to give me a choice between being able to use T6 CV's in Narai or the Indomitable, I'd choose the 6's instantly. However, she's not as bad as GZ was when she first came out, so I'll figure something out eventually.
  13. It's as RC has stated, you cannot have an existing Captain retrained onto a Premium ship. The only way to get a Captain for that ship after you got the ship is to recruit a new Captain for her. What makes this even more so wanted by me: I screwed up with the 2nd run of the AL Colab and accidentally put that Enterprise on Ranger instead of the 1st AL Colab's Enterprise who was trained for Erie. I put in a support ticket to see if it was some kind of mistake (as I could've sworn that I put Erie's Enterprise on Ranger), but it turns out I put Enterprise's Enterprise on Ranger. Even said for them to make her a 0pt if needed (she's 19pt). They wouldn't do it. Colab Captains are a "you only get one shot" type deal. So I really wish I could retrain an existing Captain to a Premium Ship as well.
  14. Volron

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Sometimes things come together:
  15. I don't. I love using my CV in Operations and Co-Op. So what about a compromise: Remove them from Random/Ranked; Keep them for Co-Op/Operations.