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  1. Volron

    Aiming Bug

    Actually now that I think about it, this bug was around a while ago. The bots in Co-Op used to "railgun" like this in the past. Why no one was able to "discover" it was because the timing and reflex speed required could only be accomplished by the bots. Right now, it has a large enough "gap" that a player can exploit it. Which has me a little surprised that the bots in Co-Op are not doing it now, again. heh
  2. Volron

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

    Silliness aside, that's a bit of a doozy. If I were to flat out say which cruiser your average player should avoid, it would most definitely be Gorizia. She's a very tricky gal, and if you don't adapt to her, she will punish you badly there. Second would be NO/Indi due to their low ROF and amazing ability to "catch" shells, despite their incredible fire power. Myoko could also be listed, also do to her low ROF but also in the fact that her torpedoes are a trap for those who don't know her well. All in all, it's your knowledge of the Op that plays the biggest factor in getting a gal to work, but also knowledge of the gal you take into battle. Plus a little luck, after all, Mistress is quite fickle.
  3. Volron

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

    "Which cruisers do you NOT use in Narai?" The one I didn't select.
  4. Actually, this made me think of a different way to go about it. Instead of doing anything with the time, do something with the "intelligence". In other words, if the CV is sunk, her planes will no longer provide spotting. So the CV player can continue about his business, but won't provide spotting for anyone since his CV has been sunk. Another thing I wouldn't mind is a CV "warm up" time at the start of the match, very much like what we had during RTS days. You didn't have your aircraft instantly at the start of the match then, and I don't see it really being an issue now.
  5. Doesn't matter that this is the (can't remember number) Dockyard, it is still amazing to see all the details that go into the construction phases of a ship. I still really enjoy the process, watching things on the dock disappear and get replaced, the installation of various pieces. They keep doing some fantastic work! Keep at it!
  6. No but: shells they already shot, torpedoes they already dropped, ASW or air strikes already in the air keep going. Yes and no. While the aircraft would stay in the air, fly to and circle where ever you last ordered them too, unless you had issued an attack order that's all they would do. You had no control over them after your CV was sunk. I made it a habit to issue attack/guard orders if I knew my CV was about to get sunk, so that my aircraft would attempt to accomplish something after I lost control of them. In a way, the Rework is actually a benefit to CV players in that they can at least still control their aircraft and attack/spot with them.
  7. Volron

    Update 0.11.8

    I have to agree. Aegis is about the only Op I used a DD in, aside from KW. With it being random, I'm very much unlikely to use a DD now as you don't know what you'll end up with. Farragut in Narai? That would be a bit brutal. Farragut in Ultimate Frontier. Yeah...no. That's a death sentence with how very hectic that one got. Overall the drop of "Operation of the Week" is something I do not view as a good thing. What made the ALL Operations more enjoyable in the past is the fact that it would be a small amount of time before they rolled around again. Long enough to prevent them from being stale, but not so long that you forget what to do to maximize the chances of winning the Op, even if there were some slight changes made during their downtime. That being said, my Enterprise and Kaga will be ready to go when the patch drops!
  8. Volron

    Changes to Raptor Rescue?

    As a test, during my Lowen match I torpedoed the Myogi. I saw no attempts by the bot (or any others later on) to evade any of my torpedo strikes. I just did a Serov run, and once again I saw no attempts from the Myogi, or any other bots, to evade my torpedo strikes. So I'm finding it hard to believe that they are evading torpedo strikes as they did in the past. One thing I DID note on my Serov run was Engineer taking point. She was a good 4 Raptor lengths ahead of, well, Raptor. She more or less stayed that far out in front during the match, which made it a close one since Raptor did draw some fire. I was ahead of Engineer, expecting her to take more fire than she did.
  9. Volron

    Changes to Raptor Rescue?

    I ran the Op with Lowen not too long ago, and I didn't note any change myself. I'm going to guess you didn't have a CV in your match @HazeGrayUnderway? Not currently in a spot to watch the replay right now.
  10. Volron

    I've been robbed!

    I know, but still funny to see.
  11. Volron

    Alabama ?

    IF I am remembering correctly, the ONLY difference between Alabama, Alabama ST and Alabama VL are the names and the Perm Camo's they come with. The only thing that might be different are the eco bonuses between the 3? Alabama ST is a ship given to Super Testers. VL? Volunteer League? A wild guess on my part on that. @Lert will definitely know.
  12. Volron

    I've been robbed!

    I'd like to know how you were going 8 octillion kts.
  13. Volron

    PSA: Code Giveaway from Razer

    Now, now, you are incorrect sir. Snake Oil is actually more useful.
  14. If the reward was a bunch of coal and/or steel, then yes, it needs to have some challenge to it. But just for a flag? That is a reward that shouldn't require any player of any mode to use boosters on to get. I'm fine with having to use boosters, if the reward is appropriate. As an example: The missions we had for ARP Kongo and ARP Myoko, those were missions that were challenging for an appropriate reward. If only they had allowed Co-Op players the ability to obtain them in Co-Op, it would've been the sweetest event. It would've been a slog, despite bot's being easy targets. Only 8 targets, and DD's were a bit more rare in Co-Op (even the algorithm wasn't as diverse as it is now for all bot teams).
  15. Well I have over 500 of em, so it is not really an issue. Plus I tend to do very well in an Op without having to "farm" it. As I mentioned in my first post, I raked in over 10k FXP, so for me it's win/win. Note, I don't tend to run my super eco's (at this point Reds, in the past Special's), unless I'm actively going for high reward, I just didn't want to come up "just short" for this mission. And, I sorta wanted to test the Red anyways. As I said, "come off as such to me". I didn't really believe that to be the case. While I could've worded the last bit in my first post better, I didn't feel like beating around the bush. Just went straight to the point. Ultimately I have no "beef" with you, and whole heartily agree with the things you have pointed out.