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  1. Volron

    Scenario Review: Ultimate Frontier Version 1.2

    Let's hope they fixed that annoying as hell 2200 hp a tic per fire thing on the forts, IF they are keeping that part of the Operation still. As I had mentioned before, it makes no sense that we'd have to save forts to a base that is being abandoned anyways, so why it is a thing, I just do not know.
  2. Volron

    Do operations count in stats?

    I currently sit only at 3075 Operation Battles. I wish there were more Operations, especially for T5's, but would love to see a T8 Op where I can use my CV's and a T10 Op because Yamato.
  3. Volron

    In what ship do you have the most Co-op battles?

    Yamato at 348 followed by Graf Zeppelin (OLD) at 197. Credit Printer 9000 sits at 191 if you don't count GZ (OLD).
  4. That is why I mentioned that the "mercy rule" would need to be readjusted. Personally I would rather it be done away with, just like Op is asking for, but I recall one of the mods stating that there is no intent in doing so. If you want "greatly inflated", then one would only need to point to Operations. Yes, locked at T6 and 7, but it's there. Now, answer me this, how often do you T10 Co-Op and see a full human team, even during "prime time"? While there are quite a few of us, I normally do not see a full human team more than a couple of games in a set of 10 matches at T10. More often than not I see that it's just a couple of others with the rest being bot. 12v12 isn't a bad option to have ultimately. Or they could do what they did several patches ago, and have the bots behave closer to what a human player does. If you were playing around that time, they there was a patch that dropped that had bots doing things that made it more closer to a Random battle. DD's would smoke up and fall back, cruisers would hide behind/in said smoke while others would try to push a flank. BB's would stay back a bit, pushing slowly forward. Thing is, that was something I saw an "uproar" over. I was watching folks get whacked because they were treating it like the usual Co-Op match, only to get flanked by a bot or two. Was kinda funny, truth be told. Of course unlike a human player, bots will never miss. Mistress RNG might save you, but if she's pissed at ya, a bot shot will end you. So I cannot fault those who were not pleased with that change entirely. Made bank during that though.
  5. Oh? I knew some complained, but I didn't see an "uproar" over it. The primary problem I ran into with it is that every single time 4 of the bots would literally just sit there the entire match. They'd shoot you, but would not move at all otherwise. They came out with the Operations shortly after though. What I would love to see is a 12v12 Co-Op. Call it Advanced Co-Op. So we'd have the box standard 8v8, then the advanced 12v12. This would give folks an option to do a super quick 8v8, or dive into a 12v12 that would naturally take longer but also naturally give better reward. They wouldn't even need to readjust the reward setup for Co-Op at all. Ultimately the "mercy rule" would need to be readjusted for the 12v12, as we'd see a LOT more of what Op posted happening in it.
  6. Naaah. None of that expensive hornswoggle. THIS is what you use!
  7. Yeah....what in the actual <beep>??? See, this is a WRONG direction, this..."NTC". As some have pointed out, BONUSES OF ANY KIND are a no go, PERIOD! No economy bonuses, stat bonuses, NADA! INSTEAD: Make the reward an alternate to Steel, where you can get Steel ships, but at twice(?) the cost. Hell, call it Dark Steel or something. Example: For 10k Steel, I can get a ship; however, for 20k Dark Steel, I can get same ship, I just had to regrind to T10 in a line or two. Ell, can even give the option to use Dark Steel to get Shiniome, Yamamoto and Halsey. Even THIS would be better than what I saw suggested in that blog...
  8. Volron

    German Capt skills for GZ?

    You want to focus on the skills that will boost her speed, so Improved Engine Boost and Improved Engines. GZ's bomber speed are still 2nd to none, and that is her selling point. IEB and IE will maximize this. From there, it's going to be preference. I went with TA cause her torpedoes are base 35kts, and I'm still debating on whether to take SE or CE despite 8.5.
  9. Volron

    Midway (2019) Teaser Trailer

    I'm getting serious Pearl Harbor vibes. Trailer has already shown 100% too much "lovey-dovey" in it...so yeah. I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Volron

    Quitting because of Carriers

    Ah, I remember the days when your Nagato could get pulled into a T10 match, where your team has no CVs and the other team had a divi of two T10 strike CV's. Those were the good times. We should get that back!
  11. Volron

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    Ahhh, damn it! Now everything smells soda....and it's fizzy...
  12. It can be a bit of a pain in the tail, 3 containers only 1 drop. Shortly after the collection began, I had at one point for 3 days straight, all 3 containers did not drop a single one. I made sure each time that the collection was active, and it was. Sometimes Mistress RNG will simply mash you in the potatoes with that glowing white morning star...
  13. Volron

    Which carrier in operations?

    Depends on Scenario really. Killer Whale: Ryujo rules here due to the numerous battleships that are required to complete and 5s the Op. I can pretty much "farm" Major Contribution with her in KW. Newport: Ranger is a better option since her bombers have the HP to survive through the Op, especially if you screw up and/or get an unlucky flak blast or 4. Plus they tend to tank Izzy's AA long enough for you to get a good attack run where I've lost entire squadrons with Ryujo without getting ords away. Aegis: Due to the different types of ships that spawn, Ranger is the "safe" option since there will be times when a bunch of Aoba's end up spawning in Vanguard and/or North Fleet. However Ryujo can perform quite well despite this and her AP bombers will happily citadel the 3 required BB's for a star. Plus the speed of her bombers can allow you to go between the Ishi/Kongo and Fuso. Furious isn't without merit. She has VERY quick attacks with her TB's, to the point that you can sink a Furutaka before she recovers from the initial turn from the first attack run. Some folks seem to have problems with her LB's (level bombers), but I don't find it to be as much of an issue. The one thing they do very well is set things on fire, plus if Mistress RNG graces you, you'll get a 6-8k run. And if you have to use her attack planes, the reticule is more forgiving of the 3. Overall the safest option would be Ranger. Her bombers have the HP, good turn around times, good reticule lock, and her DB's don't care what the target is. If they hit it's going to either hurt, start a fire or two, or both. Usually both for me. Overall they will do more damage to all the things, especially when you factor in the fire.
  14. @AdmiralThunder Well, sometimes a ship will not "click" at first. Options are at that point, either drop her or keep using her to figure out how to best utilize her. When I first started to use CV's a LOT more in Operations, mostly because folks were griping about how "useless" they were in Op's, I had trouble with Independence. Her planes seemed to be made of gas soaked tissue paper compared to Ryujo's and coupled with the fact that she didn't have as many planes as Ryujo, it was a touch annoying if I got unlucky and/or if I screwed up. However, it didn't take me very long to figure her out and from there I was starting to do quite well with her as well.
  15. @AdmiralThunder So, did you upgrade any of her planes or not? I'm slightly confused on that part. If you have not, prioritize her TB's first. The thing to note with them is that it requires you to setup properly and start your attack run from a good distance so you have as narrow a spread as possible and maximize your damage. Even with Sight Stabilization, it takes her some time but if you do so she'll reward you, especially if you hit with all 6. Take your time and setup properly. The BTD's are tankier than the Skyraiders, to the point you can push for an attack on an AA cruiser if needed. They'll get through and while you'll likely need to call them back after you get them clear, you generally won't suffer anywhere as badly as you would with her Skyraiders. What helps is to ensure you have as much boost available as possible (I generally attack with max boost available), and boost through the entire attack sequence. This will greatly increase their survival, especially against AA cruisers. Also, if I recall correctly, Midway's TB's have a higher flood chance to offset the low damage. And as Herr Reitz points out, it can get very pricey, VERY FAST. But at the same time you cannot be too timid, lest you still lose out.