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  1. @sargentmki That honestly gave me a decent laugh. Thanks for that.
  2. Volron

    To all NA WoWs community...stay safe in this dire time.

    Hand Sanitizer. This stuff, the smell is so strong that it occasionally causes me to cough or sneeze when I use it (and I use it alot), and I can "taste" it. Don't know what's worse, the cough/sneezing bit, or the fact that I'm actually getting used to the "taste".
  3. Volron

    To all NA WoWs community...stay safe in this dire time.

    No "stay at home" for me, Public Transit needs to keep rolling for as long as possible. If a city really didn't need it, we'd have been one of the first, if not the first to be shut down, considering. @desmo_2 I'll be meeting plenty of officers starting tomorrow, since I will be violating curfew for the city I live in. I'm off to work well before it lifts. Kind of wish our transit company would provide papers that we can show to officers. I'll be in uniform, but the extra bit the papers would provide would speed up the process I reckon.
  4. Pretty much this. If I'm spamming an Operation (Op of the Week as I'm too lazy to form/join a divi for other ops ), it's because I'm having fun. I just wish there were T5 Op's, as I really want to use my 5's.
  5. I generally run Combat Flags in Op's, not Special Eco-Flags. When I made the statement however, I was only looking at my "high pulls" in Narai, which almost all of them are with Flint. Took a quick look at her when I got home today (after reading your reply) and realized my error, as she has special eco-flags. I truly forgot about that. When I looked at other screenies of the various other ships I used, the pull was nowhere near as high (Combat Flags, which I confirmed). T6 Operations are the same. After looking through the various screenshots I have, I will need to retract my previous statement and agree with you: None of it should be touched. If I could give myself a Confused reaction to my original post, I'd do it. Care to help me with that one?
  6. Well, that's Random + Co-Op + Ranked + Team - the total listed under your Avatar. I can only go off of your Random + Co-Op since it won't list the number of Ranked and Team Battles (states "This player has not participated in the last season of Ranked Battles yet.", same with Team). So don't know if you actually ever done Ranked/Team or not, or if really only tracks just the previous season. But that will give the amount of Operations you've done if it is accurate. You've done a decent amount of Operations if any previous Ranked/Team Battles are not being included into the total battles. I'll admit to it becoming a bit tedious after a bit with a Divi, but PUG adds "spice". Aegis, and to a degree, Newport, are the only Operations that have some "variety" to them though. Killer Whale has the one of two exits, but other than that it's exactly the same. Newport: It is where the waves can spawn (though in a "fixed" order still, IE: 1st Spawn W, 2nd will always spawn Center, 3rd E., etc), and Aegis with a varied mixture of what is in Vanguard and Northern Fleet (been times I've seen all Ishi's with one DD in Vanguard, or all Kuma's in Northern Fleet). Narai used to have some variety in terms of where the 1st wave spawned, but they did away with that for some weird reason. Ultimate Frontier did have some variety in it as well in regards to what the Targets the Base Commander called out, and if it was a NM or CO in 2nd wave; CO, NC or Alabama in 3rd. They should do a reset of the star rewards every few months, and even change them up a bit. Better rewards for 5 Star-ing the more difficult Operations, like Newport and Ultimate Frontier. Purely as example: 5 Star Newport, get 10k FXP for the 5th Star. 5 Star Killer Whale, get 200k Credits for the 5th Star. Reason behind this is simply due to the difficulty in 5 Star-ing Newport vs Killer Whale. And those 5th Star Rewards are not always the same with each reset. Next go could be 1m credits for Newport 5th and 1k FXP for Killer Whale 5th, etc.
  7. @LoveBote How many times have you done Operations? From how you are speaking, I'm going to guess: hardly. I can only go off of what you've posted thus far in this thread. Contrary to what you seem to know, it does take quite a bit of effort to 5 Star a Operation, especially with PUG's. Granted, some Operations are easier to 5 Star than others, Narai being a primary example (when Transports weren't role-playing Leeroy Jenkins). Killer Whale is the 2nd example of the current line up (well now 1st since Narai is out of the picture for now). However, to spout "supports zero effort" about a Operation is asinine. Newport and Ultimate Frontier require a high degree of teamwork and coordination to 5 star. (I miss Ultimate Frontier ) Personally, I agree with you to a degree in regards to rewards from Operations. FXP does need to be toned down a little, and definitely a lot for Narai and Cherry Blossom (if it makes a return). They should also lower, slightly, the XP gains from them all as well, and once again, a lot for Narai and Cherry Blossom (if it makes a return). However, credit earning should not be touched.
  8. Volron

    Tired of being pink

    I don't. To be frank: Either upgrade your machine and/or connection or deal with it. That's all we can say.
  9. Volron

    How many play operation?

    I would love to see more Operations: T4, T5, T9 and T10, primarily T5 though as I have a lot of 5's. That and I miss using them in Op's. They definitely won't do a T10 Operation right now though, since it would be fairly easy to pick up the LM/UU's as that is a listed Battle Type for completion. So if they do decide to do a T10 Operation, it will be after they've moved them behind RB.
  10. Spotter Plane in-match on Montana:
  11. Huh, I thought it required the souls of an entire orphanage...
  12. The primary reason I will keep conceal mod rather than using the other two is because of the -5% dispersion from enemy shells. They messed up by keeping that with the conceal mod. As I mentioned in another thread: while an argument can be made for the consumable mod, consumables ultimately go on CD, while the -5% dispersion thing will always be working for you when you are spotted and shot at. If they removed the -5% dispersion thing from conceal, more serious consideration of the other two mods would come into play. Even then though, torp detect would be the least used.
  13. Volron

    New Slot 5 Mods

    Then there is the added benefit of -5% dispersion from enemy shells the the conceal mod gives. Honestly, I do not really see a point in the other two due to this. When you are spotted and shot, it will always work for you. Sure, an argument can be made with the consumable mod, but ultimately consumables go on CD, the -5% dispersion thing from the conceal mod does not. If they really wanted to "balance" things out, they would've removed the -5% dispersion thing from conceal. That would actually open the other two up for some serious consideration.
  14. Volron

    Guepard French Navy Perm Camo Removed

    I just saw the same thing. My French Navy Perma-Camo was removed from Guepard, and I have all the things turned on for Camo's. @Femennenly @Hapa_Fodder Would you please look into this? I'll send in a ticket if needed, but more than a few folks are having the same issue.
  15. Yeah, that stings a little. As I said before, and will keep saying, I absolutely love what the MW Team has done with Narai. I've been spamming Narai (which I normally don't do) solely because of it! It adds a mix of seriousness and silliness all in one go!