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  1. Volron

    Scenario achievement. What is it?

    I saw that too and thought, "Huh, well that is sorta lame they renamed it from "I'll Be Back"." Is what it is sadly.
  2. Volron

    If we can buy perm camo by credits...

    For some lines, I'd love to take the Type 1's look and apply the Type 5's bonuses.
  3. That's generally how my high kill games happen. Team isn't exactly "on point", especially if you have one/two that are being completely fracking useless. Once in a while, I'll get a high kill game with a solid team just because I happen to get in that last hit. If it's Red, it's Dead, especially in Op's. I'm there to win the Op.
  4. Volron

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    Eh, depends. If you have a good CV, they may prove to be a detriment. It'll fall on what targets the Ise's go for and what type of CV you have on team.
  5. Volron

    Ise - Tomorrow - Video From EU

    I have but one complaint on her so far, and that is they didn't give players the option to choose what to take for her squadron, be it Torpedo Bombers, HE Dive Bombers or AP Dive Bombers that you'd choose in the Equipment Screen in-port. In the right hands, she's going to be a great asset in Ops.
  6. Volron

    Super Mario Bros. Z

    At this point in time, yeah I can see why most would think that, considering. But nope.
  7. Volron

    Super Mario Bros. Z

    I'm wondering how many here remember this Sprite Series? However, some may not be aware of this: For those who may have been out of the loop, yep, he's redoing it! Ep2 came out about a month ago, and oh boy... So far, I'm very much enjoying his remake greatly. It captures what the original series instilled, then turned it up to over 9000 (yes, I went there ). If you've never seen this before, I'd strongly recommend you watch his original series first, if only to get an understand of the difference between what he is doing now vs what he made then.
  8. They need to work on the strafing animations more.
  9. Volron

    Stream Code

    Sadly, it has expired now. Just tried to put it in and received the Code Expired message.
  10. Volron

    ST, visual changes

    Wow! Looking forward to how your Art and Graphic's team will work the wakes with ships and the water, cause the water looks amazing!
  11. @Hapa_Fodder I tried to pickup the mission maybe 40m ago, nothing. Logged out and back in as well, still nothing.
  12. Oh wait, you wanted to know what I bidded, not what WeeGee wanted... My bad.
  13. The only achievement that should've given the same rewards in both Random and Co-Op was Detonation, which in itself should've given more than a mere 10 flags a day. Personally, it would be nice to have Co-Op achievements, if only to be able to complete those missions that say "Earn X achievements: Available Modes: Random/Ranked/Co-Op". To go a step further: Rewards for Co-Op achievements are Credits/FXP/Coal instead of Combat Flags. Example: Get the Co-Op version of Solo Warrior: 500 Coal. Kraken: 5k FXP. First Blood: 10k Credits, ETC. Again, as I pointed out at first, Detonation is the only achievement that there is zero difference in rewards between the modes. On that note: Detonations. They are lame as hell. When I'm detonated, I want the whole damn map to know!
  14. In all the times I've had it come down to the wire like that, only once did I have someone msg me shortly after. "You managed to win? Nice!". But this was ages ago, during RTS days. What had me rollin is when you actually sank something with Bogue's secondaries.
  15. Yep. You can aim for a higher spot on the board (going after DD's), or more damage (going after BB's). Usually won't be able to get both unless things go pear shaped. Definitely. It was very easy to place top in an RTS CV when used properly.