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  1. EASy solution sell the Payto Rico!
  2. "The final directive should be completed at the latest 24 hours before the overall event ends" Are you insane, the tasks for the final directive are impossible to do within 24 hours, even the CC's who play this every day say it is impossible. Tell WG they need to have am employee stream doing it for free if it is possible, they won't because it's not possible. If you advertise it as accessible for the average player then to fix it you should make it, as advertised, accessible for the average player. I have spent 1000's of dollars over the years and THIS, THIS makes me want to go and never come back. There are A LOT of other games that DELIVER what they advertise and stand behind their word. Saying "sorry we lied" is NOT A SOLUTION. In a season of giving and generosity this is a Grinch move.
  3. Jagdhai

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    Here's my feedback: - The one on one ranked is very interesting and it makes you take flexible builds. I think the germann DDs and BBs will rule supreme with their hydro and secondary builds. you NEED to offer steel & coal instead of flags as those are worth more. Also need to up the EXP as in past Ranked seasons you have more things to kill and thus more EXP. - The shipbuilding was a lot of fun and not too hard to build, yeah I know it won't be that easy in the RTM version. I can't wait for it! I'm just worried about how bad the grind is going to be. - You need to have things in the armoury to use extra Research Tokens on once you have completed the ship. - I love that the holiday camo!!!! and that it can be permanently put on ANY ship! This was a great idea. It was always a bummer when a cool camo came out for a ship you didn't own/like. - Great unique German commander in that it has somethings for ANY class of ship. I wish you would rework some of the past commanders to be that flexible!!! (hint hint) - I like the steel for a win/snowflakes. I rarely have the time (family and wife aggro) to grind out ranked far enough to make significant steel. - The change in German dispersion is barely noticable and love that we can now mount the enhanced hydro on German BB's. - I would have LOVED to be able to play the Puerto Rico just to test her out. Overall a good update. Keep up the good work WG,
  4. Jagdhai

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    Actually it is not as hard as you think. I won 2 CCvs DD battles today. They were close but I used my smoke and islands to close and I torped them both times. Also important to get both caps, use hydro to help when the CC tries to smoke torp you and also you can smoke up, hydro and wreck them at the 3-5k range. Also CC cannot avoid torps and fly planes at the same time. I also run the enhanced hydro in slot 2. The Z-23 is good b/c of hydro and short torp reload. The smoke & hydro combo works well with BB's also though 2ndary BBs are tougher.
  5. Jagdhai

    MM is still broken fix NOT working

    OK I stand corrected, I will try 20 (T10 lol) games and see how it works. It just frustrating to be a t* in T10 so often.
  6. Jagdhai

    MM is still broken fix NOT working

    Well it was prime time last night. THere were a lot of people on.
  7. So from the patch notes it says you should only get in tier +2 40% of the time and my first 4 games in my yT8 CV was T10, T8, T10, T10= 75% of games in a T 10 match. In a T10 game as T8 you can do VERY little damage as a CV.
  8. Jagdhai


    I think they are coming tomorrow as the next directive has a premium carrier task
  9. BBs at these levels have poor AA (except PE Fred) and you should give them the option of taking a fighter instead of a spotter plane. It forces me to follow, slowly, the CAs and most of the time they sail off. Fighter planes are not great but at least it is some way to defend yourself. Also it forces players to make a choice between offense and defense. I in general like the CV rework but it needs to be tweaked. Thanks for listening, Jag
  10. Jagdhai

    WG: Why ONLY 1 unique INJ Captain

    Yeah but those captains do not have skill bonuses from what I understand.
  11. US has 4-6 - Halsey, 2 Doe, 1-3 oven chickens (2 are US/USSR) Ru has 3-5 - 2 Zamesky, 1-3 oven chickens (2 are US/USSR) Fr - has 2 GB has 2 GE has 2 Asia has 2 IJN has 1 Are you guys still sore over the Battle of Tsushima???? Just wondering, -Jag
  12. Jagdhai

    CV Instructions?

    From what Noster said it was to keep the focus on fighting ships not fighting each other's fighters. In the old CV play I focused on killing the other fighters and then hunting ships. You can call fighters anywhere on the map, I use it to help lone ships getting mobbed. Each squadron type has a reserve of fighters it can call in and the CV has fighters but the ship launches them when attacked.
  13. Jagdhai

    CV Instructions?

    Here's my tips to you: NEVER EVER fly in a straight line around flak. I do gentle, or not so gentle, S's as approaching and flying away . Flak shoots where you would be if you flew straight. Change your speed up often around flak, esp. on attack runs. W speeds up and S slows down (you can turn on a dime esp. IJN) both actions use boost. A typical attack run is S curves on approach and the start the attack and boost in (alternating fast and slow) to throw flack off, drop, then boost out doing S's and then slow down to turn sharp and attack again. You can turn your planes with both the keyboard and mouse. In the last few secs of an attack run I only steer with the mouse as it cause little to no bloom in the aiming reticule. You need to lead with all ships, drop in front of them at the last possible second. Though too close and torps fail to arm. Commander skills will make a big difference, see my post HERE. Experiment while resets are free. PS. PvE is a great way to learn.
  14. Jagdhai

    8.0 CV Captain skills?

    Well I have experimented a lot (TY WG for multiple betas and free commander resets). Here's what I found most useful: Tier I: Priority Target is actually the best b/c it is VERY important to disengage your planes when you enter overlapping AA bubbles. It helps you save planes. (INJ & US) Air Supremacy looks good on paper but if you do the math it's not so great. For example on the Ryujo a Kate torpedo bomber takes 89 sec to respawn, with AS it is 84 sec. In a full match you might get one more plane spawned!? Direction Center utterly useless you spawn 3 planes instead of 2. Engine Boost: It is useful, but not as useful as PT Last Gasp: By the time you get to your last squadron on an attack run you are usually down a few planes and it is best to return them to base unless it is a crucial kill. Very situational. Tier II: High Alert: This will decrease your reset on this consumable by 8 secs. Most of the time you are not getting set on fire or flooded as you are parked out of sight and if you are, you are about to die anyways. Jack of all trades: Usually I use consumables infrequently and they reset on their own by the time I need them again. For most consumables this shaves only 2-3 seconds. Torpedo Acceleration: This my choice for US commanders. Yes, you lose some distance but the speed increase helps me hit more often. At most tiers of IJN play you already have good speed on your torps and good distance too relative to US torps. Don't mess with a good thing. ( US) Improved engines: It helps outbound and inbound planes a bit. (IJN) Adrenalin Rush: This one seems to help a bit and mostly on the speed of returning aircraft that are damaged though that is hard to accurately measure. (IJN & US) I really don't like ANY of the tier 2 skills Tier III: Basics of Survivability: Most of the time you are not getting set on fire or flooded as you are parked out of sight and if you are, you are about to die anyways. Survivability Expert: Very good for IJN, Good for US also but US planes have better HP and armor baked in. For the US it is a toss up with DE below. In most instances it boosts your plane HP by less than 10%. The carrier HP boost is nice also but you should not be getting shot at if you can help it. (IJN & US at higher tiers as AA is brutal) Aircraft Armor: VERY GOOD as it essentially gives your plane HP +10% via damage mitigation. Take this first with both. (IJN & US) Basic Fire training: Most of the time you are not getting attacked by planes as you are parked out of sight and if you are, you are about to die anyways. Carriers are hard to attack with another carrier in my experience. Superintendent: Basically gives your carrier one more fighter plane consumable. As the plane consumable lasts 10 min this seems useless. Demolition Expert: Can be handy for US captains as setting fires is what your dive bombers do best and it helps your attack planes too. Less useful for IJN as only their fighter planes have a chance to set ships on fire. (US) Tier IV: Fire Prevention: Most of the time you are not getting set on fire or flooded as you are parked out of sight and if you are, you are about to die anyways. Site Stabilization: Good skill but not as good as Concealment Expert. It is just + a few secs for torp planes and + a few more secs for dive bombers. Good but not great. (IJN & US) Adv. Fire training: Carriers are hard to attack with another carrier in my experience. Between the AA and the defensive fighters you get 1 maybe 2 passes at them. Manual Fire Control: Carriers are hard to attack with another carrier in my experience. Between the AA and the defensive fighters you get 1 maybe 2 passes at them. Radio Location: Good at helping you find DDs in the game but not worth 4 points. Concealment Expert: A must have as it applies to planes and carriers and without it you can be seen from orbit. At tier 6 it drops my Kate torpedo planes detectability down to 6.7 km. At tier 10 you can stealth torp with IJN if you are good at leading. Good for US and IJN as it helps you position yourself stealthily as good CV BB capts. will start to turn towards you if they see you attacking. (US & IJN) I hope this helps, -Jagdhai
  15. Jagdhai

    The F key, get out of jail free? Cooldown required

    It is obvious you don't play CV's as once you hit F those panes have to return to the ship and if you are judging by tier 4 CV they are a different beast. I have to switch up what I take quite often.