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  1. Wishwise

    T11 ships

    As a mostly casual player; someone from whom you can mostly farm damage, please support me in removing these terrible T11 superships.
  2. Thank you, I didn't think of that.
  3. What boxes? I would love to know how to remove these stupid halloween ships from my roster.
  4. It's just stupid that while I'm selecting a ship for a ranked battle, 3 of these halloween ships are displayed, but not usable. I'd rather just not have them at all. The twilight whatever isn't great anyway.
  5. I'm not against miniatures (have dusty boxes of Tau in the cupboards) I'm just annoyed with the stupid wows halloween ships filling up my roster.
  6. I hear that, but the halloween ships aren't purchasable as far as I'm aware. It's also weird timing with the WH40k ships (one of which I obtained via containers). Regardless: why are the halloween ships listed for ranked battles but not usable? I would love to remove all of these event ships from my roster.
  7. I couldn't care less about the current halloween events - why can't I remove the event ships from my roster of ships? edit: It's especially absurd that the event ships are listed for ranked battles but aren't actually usable.