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  1. The only one that did that I'm aware of was the Saipan. She had Tier IX planes on a Tier VII, but her squad numbers were much smaller to compensate
  2. Not real Kongo?

    Which is funny as the Hiei was the first one sunk.
  3. It happens to me during Hermes, usually right at the end when the last wave of DD's appears
  4. As usual, PT rewards disappeared

    I do have an account on the EU server that I haven't logged into for over a year with the same email address.
  5. Or have him go find the 4 Japanese carriers at Midway that Ballard never found
  6. Considering she is over 2 miles down, good luck to them.
  7. Slight Correction, USS Missouri served in 3 wars (WWII, Korean, Gulf War I). The only BB that served in 4 was the New Jersey, which was the only one active for Vietnam.
  8. As usual, PT rewards disappeared

    I'm starting to get tired of this. I played the 7.1 test server, made all the goals to get the main server bonuses, and claimed the rewards in the email. As usual, nothing appeared on my account.
  9. I caught a Z-46 in my Atlanta last night sitting still in a smoke screen capping. I radar'd him from about 6km out and hit him with rapid fire HE for about 3 salvos before he started moving and my teammates finished him off. He must have forgotten that Atlanta's have radar because I got called a bunch of names for "cheating"
  10. US cruiser split vs Aoba

    Pretty sure it was the Maya.
  11. First Shots of WW2

    Then Hitler topped it by declaring war against the US a few days later when Roosevelt had no Casus Belli either. I'm sure Roosevelt would have found a way eventually to get involved formally in Europe, but Hitler saved him the trouble
  12. So LittleWhiteMouse, does Richelieu have the option of her 1943 US refit AAA (56x40mm guns in quad mounts and 48x20mm singles) or are we stuck with her bad French attempt at AAA (37mm semiauto's and 13.2mm MG's)?
  13. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    So this is just the Musashi in her configuration right after commissioning, hence the missing AA guns and the extra 152mm guns. Looks she is about as OP as i thought she would be.
  14. Spent about $40 on the $1 and $3 dollar boxes, got some gold, 2x10,000 Free XP, 90 days of Premium, camo and flags. Realized the two ships I wanted from the crates (Prinz Eugen and Gulio Ceasre) were available for gold and I had 18K so I bought them and I'm probably done with the boxes now.
  15. I'll earn the Duke and completely skip the New Years Raid. I'm not paying $45 for a crap BB just to get some Tier VI's that I mostly ground past already