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  1. Droz1937

    Premium Consumables

    Seems like quite the way to dumb down the game.
  2. Droz1937

    Premium Consumables

    So I log in today to find a marker telling me about changes to consumables. I click on it and am told that ONLY premium consumable can be used now? So that means when I run out of the premium consumables I can no longer, for example, repair my ship? Are they serious?
  3. Droz1937

    Critical Error

    Great... Well, I hope they fix the problem soon.
  4. It appears I have about a 25% chance to have a critical error when I run a Carrier (CV). Yes, mods could be the potential issue...but it ONLY happens when running a CV. I currently am attempting to obtain the challenge flags for CV play, but the critical errors I am afraid are going to corrupt my game files.
  5. Droz1937

    Tier 8 CV in tier 10 battles

    I usually do drop a portion, but sometimes those other planes are needed for a single attack. (DBs primarily...sometimes that Attack)
  6. Droz1937

    Tier 8 CV in tier 10 battles

    Simple. In a CV match: DON'T GO OFF ALONE! ---- staying in small groups that increase AA efficiency is key. If you are part of the smallest group...expect potential targeting, but it won't be heavy.
  7. Other than spotting, what is expected for the non-premium tier 8 CVs to do? I lose entire squadrons on a single pass against tier 10s and sometimes a the tier 9 if they AA spec. So what does WGing expect the CV role to be? Spot and circle for 20 minutes? I will not respond to trolls stating to stop playing CV. It is part of the mission packs to get exp, etc.
  8. Droz1937

    Manual Secondaries

    So I have noted (a long time ago) that when selecting this your secondaries ONLY shoot on one side...and ONLY at the ship you have selected. My suggestion: When a ship is not selected they shoot both sides without the bonuses. Therefore, only gaining the skill boost when manually selecting a ship. Second suggestion: When manual selecting a ship the secondaries on the opposite side shoot with AI assist and no boost from the skill. TBH, the lack of secondaries firing at all when you have manual control is quite poor due to the number of guns that lose the ability to fire. I'm not trolling, just trying to find a way to boost that skill a bit.
  9. There are just some people out there where a blacklist and text disable is not enough. I never want to see that individuals chat again, period. Where is that option? I don't want to mod and disable chat from the neutral-considerate folk....just the trolls and bad attitudes.
  10. I complete the mission and all I get in return is the stupid camo? No dubloons in compensation for already owning it? WTH! I understand I got credits, I just don't understand why it is credits for a ship that cannot be purchased with credits...
  11. Droz1937

    Over-pen and the Izumo

    I get that, which is why I am trying to use the water to get them to arm.
  12. I understand I need to aim lower (to gain some water with my hits and avoid overpens) yet I still seem to have trouble due to the dispersion. Am i wrong fundamentally with this practice? Does it get better with the Yamato? I'm at a loss because I do well finding cits at lower tiers, but at higher tiers I find a ton of overpens.
  13. Droz1937

    8k vs 4k

    So I recently got upgraded to Samsungs 8k TV due to a defect in the 4k 9 series, I also have a RTX 2080 TI Strix. I decide to see what the difference in this game is at 8k vs 4k with 8x multisample (any multisample at 8k kills FPS.) I see no difference in ANYTHING other than font being smaller. I also cannot access my Armory at 8k. Do I need to check settings somewhere to see a difference? I am beginning to think the game does not support 8k visually and that I am wasting my time with it.
  14. Droz1937

    Armory won't display

    I am guessing most people don't run it at 8k, thus I may not get an answer for a while...
  15. I am running the game in 8k and am able to have everything max except Multisample Antialiasing (turned off.) Problem I am having is that I cannot access the Armory when it is set to Maximized, Borderless in 8k mode. If I drop to full-screen and force 4k mode I can access the armory no problem. What gives?