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  1. Metal_Eater

    Sound issues in WoWs ONLY

    Same effect, starting the game without the game center results in still no sound and the sound mixer still showing cef_browser_process.exe as being the app for WoWs volume.
  2. Metal_Eater

    Sound issues in WoWs ONLY

    Yes. I'll try starting it without the game center to see if that makes a difference after work tonight.
  3. Metal_Eater

    Sound issues in WoWs ONLY

    Ok, so just tried that, went in and turn off Fast Startup, and did the shutdown and boot. Still no go on that front. In the volume mixer, all i get for WoWs is that cef_browser_process showing up and it's volume bars at at the correct level and move when i raise or lower volume, and nothing is muted. Yet still no sound in-game at all. Yet sound is in every other game and app that is on this pc. Have tried disabling the hdmi sound devices off of the graphics card, that has not made a difference either, just in case it was trying to play through that.
  4. Hey folks, about a month ago, i logged into WoWs and noticed i had absolutely no sound whatsoever. I did some checking on my system, and sure enough everything else works perfectly fine. All other games have sound, videos, music etc. Dxdiag all comes back clear. So i uninstalled the game and wiped any left over bits, and did a complete redownload and re-install. Even WGCheck didn't have anything for me. So now i am at a loss. THe entire system is working perfectly fine except for sound in this game. Anyone have any ideas. And please don't ask to re-install drivers, since they are working and i have tried updating and replacing them without any positive results. I do believe it has to do with the game or at least the game launcher since in my sound mixer i used to see WorldOfWarships listed in the sound outputting applications but since this issue started only a process (cef_browser_process.exe) get listed. Anyone have any idea what is going on here ? System = i5-3570 8Gb ddr3 gtx 1060 3gb H-Joshua-h61-uatx motherboard, yes i know its old but still works perfectly fine. Dxdiag and wgCheck are attached. DxDiag.txt WoWS_report.wgc