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  1. I'm hoping we've not spoken before. (As I've spoken with one other clan and was told I was too new.  Sadly, I don't remember whom it was).  To get down to business, I'm fairly new at the game (Tier 4-6, mostly 5) and trying to learn.  I live in the Central US and play most every evening.  I'm bad, but improving (I hope).  My play-style is too aggressive, so I tend to over-extend.  Trying to learn some patience.  So... If you're looking for folks, and don't mind a scrub, I'd like the chance to improve and become a contributor.

    Charles (THB_TX)


    1. Cpt_Griffith


      Here's our ts info THBTX:


      Address: ts.vx9.com

      Password: teamvx9


      Looking forward to meeting you!



  2. =VX9= is recruiting! Check us out and apply at www.vx9.com or PM me for info on what our community has to offer!