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  1. Sloth_Like_Reflexes

    WOWS Destroyers are OBNOXIOUSLY overpowered

    This is a arcade game, not a simulator. A cruiser wouldn't hold up to a Battleship at all in a simulator. Destroyers would not solo battleships like they can in this game. North Carolina / Iowas secondaries would have similar rate of fire to the Atlanta. We wouldn't have paper ships with fake stats. I didn't agree with the destroyer changes as I've always thought they were pretty dang strong in the hands of a good player. But the trend lately has been to release and update things that are increasingly more braindead to play. I wouldn't go as far to call them "OP"
  2. Sloth_Like_Reflexes

    7.8 patch notes are up

    Tier 10 ranked again? There's way too much focus on that tier.. and not everyone enjoys it.
  3. Sloth_Like_Reflexes

    Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    Making the bots more challenging in my opinion really won't help the high tier co-op players when/if they switch to randoms. The behaviors and strategies are just way too different. It may make co-op a bit more fun for the people that do enjoy it, but it may also frustrate the ones that already struggle with it. If you're playing co-op to tier 3 and then switching over to randoms that change wouldn't be so dramatic unless you run into an experienced clubber.. But if you've played higher tier co-op for a long time and then switch over to high tier randoms, you're going to have a very rough time (I know i did).
  4. Sloth_Like_Reflexes

    game needs to change

    Move down tiers, there is just far too much smoke, radar, and everything is a glass cannon at tier 10. It sort of leads to passive play. Tanks was that way for a while, not sure if it still is. Some people enjoy the high tier play style, others don't.