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  1. Captain_Bob_Ross

    Chat bans are now triggering without talking

    I’ve been saying for a while, they’ve turned this into Tanks... I don’t know if it’s all the easily offended kids that have joined, or just the remaining vets getting tired of the antics. It’s disheartening though, and I miss the community of the game from 2017-2018. Hopefully, that will return, but not until they bring back quality people like WG_Admiralty and perhaps restructure the game more around strategy with larger maps. Even ranked has turned into a crass, profanity laced cesspool at times, it used to be an almost sacred place. I don’t know... it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and I’ll get my drink on then hop in...
  2. Captain_Bob_Ross

    What do you do when team play just drops off?

    This is what killed Tanks and why I quit that game.
  3. Captain_Bob_Ross

    Commander Dasha

    Thank you, I did miss the game and community. Hard to single one out, but if I was only choosing one, which would be very hard as she’s lovely and very versatile in the videos, I’d have to say USA.
  4. Captain_Bob_Ross

    Commander Dasha

    Will y’all kindly bring back commander Dasha, through missions, armory or online store, if not some combination thereof? I was out of the game when she was in it. You folks already have the artwork and other features, and I have some time and a little cash to spend. Thanks for your time.