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  1. Are you gents okay? It's not looking too good from here... Should I get the doll out so you can show me where my post touched you?
  2. Sorry for your inability to realize I don't literally mean 100% of the player base... I said above that the people i've spoken with... so when I say everybody... I'm referring to the people that I have talked to, lmbo.
  3. I'm thrilled you brought such a positive comment to my discussion. good on you
  4. I've spoken with SEVERAL people on this, and they all agree... I did not come up with the idea alone, but literally no one, not a single person i've spoken with is happy with the carrier change... I embraced it... and enjoy the idea, but man... some stuff needs to be addressed... You keep nerfing carriers... the damage isn't the issue... EVERYONE hates the spotting mechanic... You get spotted, it forces smoke.. DD's die. You have killed the interest of people to play DD's, Admit it or not, I'm talking about personally speaking with over 80 people that I play this game with, they have ZERO care to play a DD. You already have the logic in the game with how you changed radar... Make it where when a plane spots a ship... It has to radio back to the carrier, which then tells friendly ships of the enemy ships location. you could do 45 seconds for destroyers, 20-30 seconds for cruisers, and 10-15 seconds for battleships.. Doing this would allow a DD to possibly not burn his smoke up, and also creates an issue where the planes IF USING FOR SPOTTING, Can't attack... they have to hover around the enemy keeping within spotting range of the DD for 45 seconds before their team can see/target the DD and open fire... THIS GIVES THE DD a chance to actually do damage to the plane group one on one, vs with the whole enemy team killing him like a fly on the wall and /or being chased by something it 9/10 times can't do anything about... This is a modified message that I sent to Player support... I was advised to post it here, so here I am. I'm a casual player, not some WOWS god... I don't spend my life in these forums so if this idea already exists, my apologies... I just think this could help curve us towards some positive change without sacrificing the care to play a CV
  5. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    You're real smart... I could probably learn so much from you!
  6. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    OR, one could assume, lightnings were only being given out under certain circumstances that I do not meet...
  7. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    right, so where I'm going with this was that the increased chance to unlock bonus missions with the crates being bought, if I got 3/4 within 11 crates... one could assume that 31 more purchased crates would yield a lightning...
  8. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    so you're saying someone can get 1/100 odds in 30 attempts? lol. Right, Math totally makes sense
  9. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    nice! Warspite is fun as hell, I never bought it, but with 1k sov's, I figured why not! I even bought the gallant (already had it) and got 4900 doubloons! And bert. THE RN set hasn't been a wash, I'm only saying the odds feel rigged.
  10. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    dude, where the hell did I demand a lightning? You should re-read through my comments, That isn't my point at all.
  11. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    I'm bragging? How am I bragging? I was also replying to someone saying I don't play, or should play some more.
  12. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    I'm confused where you read him saying Favorable odds
  13. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    and to those judging me, You're damn right I want the ship... I've got 7 T10 ships, I've played my [edited]off, I'd absolutely love to get the lightning and not have to grind it too, haha
  14. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    I guess that might be causing part of the issue... My FIRST 20 opened yielded the 3/4... and in the first 11 containers, I might add if I remember correctly... So now for days I've been unlocking them, getting crap. Even spent countless sov's on the royal crates (which in my opinion probably have less of a chance) with no luck.
  15. nemean

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    Nah, Don't get me wrong- I definitely think people with a lot of money in this game should be entitled to some STUFF, considering the free loaders aren't paying the bills, but I play plenty, and have an issue involving everyone, both not contributing to the development of the game, and and contributing.