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  1. C6tom

    Midway AP or HE Dive Bombers?

    It depends on how you often see your team compositions as in co-op they determine your enemies. HE DBs are much safer as they are effective against everything AP bombs are so useful against certain ship types from certain nations. For Co-op If you're seeing a lot of T10 AA cruisers and German BBs of any tier then AP bombs IF you see mostly other stuff i'd recommend HE bombs for more consistent damage.
  2. C6tom

    Bismarck CE vs MFCSA

    Eventually on German BBs you do get them both but you need at least an 18 point captain to get all of 3 of them which is not the easiest thing to do in the world when you are starting out.
  3. C6tom

    Bismarck CE vs MFCSA

    I highly recommend full secondary builds on German BBs so I would recommend Manual Fire Control as it makes your secondaries so much more accurate. Your Main Guns are so horrible when it comes to dispersion that CE and getting closer doesn't help as much as it should. The 60% buff to your secondaries is life changing though.
  4. C6tom

    Indianapolis Need Buff

    Indy is fine if you play her right. She has monster guns and good enough concealment and range. IF you are getting shot to death often you're playing her wrong.
  5. I'm going to have 4 points left to spend on my Kurfurst captain. Full Secondary Build with modules. I have manual secondaries and AFT already. My question is should I get concealment expert to make it easier for me to sneak up and use my secondaries or should I go for IFHE and get better penetration with them. Now i'm pretty sure the secondaries get the special german HE pen so i'm not sure if its worth it hence this forum post. Thanks for any and all help.
  6. C6tom

    Match Maker

    Ever since the update I have had a huge amount of games decided by the Match Maker. What I mean by this is I've had games where I've been against OPG and ZR clan members and/or a bunch of rank 1 players and my team has a bunch of bronze clan members like myself and the highest rank is like rank 15. This imbalance was no where as present as it was before 7.6 and its making the game not a lot of fun when your team just gets annihilated by better players. I can understand if there's 1 High ranking clan division in a match one team is not going to have them but when there's 2-3 high ranking clan divisions in a game and one team has them all its just game breaking. Has WG responded to this in any way?