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  1. Bismarck CE vs MFCSA

    Eventually on German BBs you do get them both but you need at least an 18 point captain to get all of 3 of them which is not the easiest thing to do in the world when you are starting out.
  2. Bismarck CE vs MFCSA

    I highly recommend full secondary builds on German BBs so I would recommend Manual Fire Control as it makes your secondaries so much more accurate. Your Main Guns are so horrible when it comes to dispersion that CE and getting closer doesn't help as much as it should. The 60% buff to your secondaries is life changing though.
  3. Indianapolis Need Buff

    Indy is fine if you play her right. She has monster guns and good enough concealment and range. IF you are getting shot to death often you're playing her wrong.
  4. I'm going to have 4 points left to spend on my Kurfurst captain. Full Secondary Build with modules. I have manual secondaries and AFT already. My question is should I get concealment expert to make it easier for me to sneak up and use my secondaries or should I go for IFHE and get better penetration with them. Now i'm pretty sure the secondaries get the special german HE pen so i'm not sure if its worth it hence this forum post. Thanks for any and all help.
  5. Match Maker

    Ever since the update I have had a huge amount of games decided by the Match Maker. What I mean by this is I've had games where I've been against OPG and ZR clan members and/or a bunch of rank 1 players and my team has a bunch of bronze clan members like myself and the highest rank is like rank 15. This imbalance was no where as present as it was before 7.6 and its making the game not a lot of fun when your team just gets annihilated by better players. I can understand if there's 1 High ranking clan division in a match one team is not going to have them but when there's 2-3 high ranking clan divisions in a game and one team has them all its just game breaking. Has WG responded to this in any way?
  6. Boise question

    As I've stated earlier I don't care about it being argentinian I want it US flagged because that way it has more value to me. I can train different captains on it as well as earning credits. If its the Julio I would not be able to use it as a captain trainer which removes a lot of its value to me.
  7. Boise question

    I would say give the argentinian Version no Radar either they both would get radar or neither one would get radar.
  8. Boise question

    This is a good solution and its a good idea.
  9. Boise question

    Well Italy and France did a lot more then argentina did in the war by being in the war. As far as existing ships as I said earlier I don't want them removed as that's a waste of time and resources however they shouldn't be wasting developer time with lesser navies until the major powers are done then they can move on to something like a Pan South American line if they want. The Perth for example is the same kind of thing. They aren't adding more Commonwealth ships for a very long time so to own the Perth is essentially a waste for in game stuff as you can't train captains on it which is the primary purpose of premium ships as Credits are so easy to come by nowadays. To be clear I'm not making this a race issue so stop trying to suggest that I am against Hispanic people. I don't care about the fact its argentianian I care that its not American. I would've started the same forum post if they were making it a Australian or New Zealand ship or if they were making it a Filipino ship or Indian or literally any other nation but the US. My suggestion for this is to leave the premium as an American and then when they do the Pan South American Cruiser line have them add the Belgrano as the T7 cruiser for it and problem solved everyone's happy. Now as to my earlier point of designing and building I was a little off I understand that in this time a lot of ships were outsourced if you will to other nations as opposed to being built right at home. I want to buy this ship the videos I have seen of it have made it look very good and enjoyable to play and I would like to add another US ship to my collection but if its the ara nueve de julio in my opinion its a waste of money and time for WG as I believe more people would buy it as the USS Boise instead of the julio.
  10. Boise question

    I have nothing personal against argentinianians its just that I want to play the ship an American ship and I would like it flagged as such. I was not a big fan of them putting in the pan-Asian line when they did instead of doing another line like fleshing out the Royal Navy more or another larger more important navy. Also please don't try to suggest that all 44 million argentinianians or all 464 million people in south america play World of Warships and are interested in buying this ship it just makes no sense that's like saying all 320+million Americans want to buy the Boise it is no where near realistic. To be more realistic I would wager that more people play the game in the United States then do argentina I am not quoting facts I don't have any exact data on it but judging from PC gaming numbers on steam when you compare the two countries it would make sense to extrapolate the US has more players thus more potential buyers. With this in mind I believe your last sentence to be false that more would buy the ara nueve de julio better known as the USS Boise. Perhaps if Wargaming wants to add some argentinianian ships they should add some that were designed and built by argentina. Ships that have been added into the game shouldn't be removed as you suggest but to focus developer time on what are minor nations in my opinion is not the smartest move they should focus on finishing major nations like England and France and fixing CVs before moving on to other nations like those in Asia and South America that didn't play as big a part and whose navies were made up largely of ships from countries like the US and England.
  11. Boise question

    It just that if they make it argentinian the captain is then only good for that country and since argentina has never had a navy (barely a coast guard) worth anything they aren't going to be adding more ships for it soon so it wouldn't even be useful as a captain trainer. Wargaming and the community at large would be better served leaving a US designed and built ship as a US ship. Also I do plan on buying it if its American which is why I hope its not some argentine ship. Maybe they'll add the Belgrano for you.
  12. Boise question

    Does anyone know if the Boise is going to stay the boise and be an American Ship or is it going to be the Nueve De julio and thus not be bought by anyone?
  13. Never Mess with a Yamato

    Yeah Yammy does real well when she's allowed to play to her strengths. I don't have it myself but I fight a lot of them and very rarely are they played to its strengths. Good match.
  14. How long until Kitakami?

    Assuming it had the range with DWTs it'd be an asahio on roids. Imagine 40 DWT torps in one salvo.
  15. Notser on CV rework

    I wouldn't really say Lexington's weakness is overstated. The Majority of my Enterprise matches are against them and ever since the US line change they have never been able to compete due to the fighter advantage the Enterprise has. From what I understand they usually also struggle against a shokaku. Lexington definitely needs some fixing.