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  1. GB_Ghostryder

    Sabaton Pays Tribute to Bismarck

    Got to hand it to the team, you guys produce some great videos. Not a heavy metal fan, but that was a pretty good mix
  2. GB_Ghostryder

    Question on flag loss in a surviving ship

    Fair enough. I DO agree with that assessment, Baldy....And taking other arguments presented, would reduce aggressiveness-Nobody likes someone hanging back and sniping when the game is supposedly predicated on teamwork and 'tactical aggression'....Still, maybe I need to rephrase it from a 'Why' standpoint and put it in a 'WISH' standpoint. I DO tend to be a bit overly aggressive as I don't care about KDR or any of that crap. I log in to fight, not dance, and if I win that fight, while supporring my team, and manage to survive (RARELY!) then my WISH is I would keep my flags. So if anyone reading this sees me not engaging without a reason, call me out in chat and report me!
  3. I don't post often, but I have a question about flags (I did some admittedly lazy searches on this subject first). If my ship survives a battle, shouldn't whatever flags I have on it be retained? I understand completely that by losing my ship I lose the flags, consumables (assuming the Cpt does survive of course). Just wondering why I lose those if my ship lives and my team wins -I mean if I live and my team wins, why does it cost me those flags? I can see surviving and losing costs me them, but....not the other way around. I've gotten to the point of not flying very many flags at all, until I get to a specific number, and I admit it does cost me. But I'd rather have the'bank' of flags to draw on in critical scenarios than waste them on regular matches....
  4. GB_Ghostryder

    Instead of tracking tiers, how about Captain skills

    Okay, won't say this reaffirmed my faith in humanity, still hoping for a comet or something, but yes, I checked, and the overall comments aren't hateful. Kudos to the community for that! But am interested in Bonfor's suggestion-although I thik it would make the search a lot longer...But there is a wide disparity regarding Cpt skills and tiered ships-I do honestly see why it was set up this way, though...
  5. I know I'm gonna get raked over the coals for this, considering the saltiness of the community (Start spamming hate mail now, seal clibbers). Not one to really complain, I think this is a great game and have spent many hours on it with varying degrees of success. Doesn't seem to be ship related though. Seems to be the Tier system is based solely on ship tier and not Captain skills. Drop a level 15 Cap into level 1ships, they will still dominate (although if they have a soul, they'll feel a bit guilty). Worse at higher tiers, say 6 and above. I don't mind the T8's, I can generally take them in a 6, especially if it is a low to midranged CPT. That's still a fair fight to me. But a mid (say level 5 CPT) in a T7 boat doesn't have a chance in hell against a T9 Ship and Lvl 15 CPT. Just saying. Oh, before all those fingers start flying, not really going to read any responses. There is enough hatred in the world. Just thought I'd park this here. Great game by the way. I still play when I get blown out of the water without a prayer of firing a shot.