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  1. White arm.
  2. Spam as much memes as you wish, mass-pal Is it funny ? No. Are you interested from the topic ? Yes.
  3. Hey Chobelo, i got new plant friend today. This is Kirjovehka, I will not bother with translating these. When The Spring comes, I will change his pot to a larger one. Also here is my Verenpisara, He was supposed to go to wintersleep, but well, once I took him inside, he started to grow again ! It is like spring to him ! Look at how energetic he is. Verenpisara ( Blood Drop ? ) has very beautiful flowers, even when it is winter and he dropped his leaves month ago, this is fantastic how energetic he is again.
  4. Oh God, how horrible Chobelo, but hey, at least I am free, right ?
  5. Oh, do not let it bother you at all. Doesn't it feel like that you are '' asking it from yourself '' once you read it out from there, bud ?
  6. You cannot laugh the truth away.
  7. Look again at your '' laws '' my friend. There is heavy censorship to mold people, where your '' leaders ' 'want you to be there, even if it were to be wrong.
  8. You are not '' free '' My friend. Look, I say '' Nazi '' I will be banned now in this american forum. Strength to those ( most dead now ) , who had to suffer long ago, under severe man power.
  9. Hey, my amerikan friend, are you free ? Do you mirror your feelings towards me right now ? Oh, communist avatar, you will go now.
  10. What hits the most, cannot be discussed.
  11. Any thoughts ? It has been a while, when I was here, WoW's Players and Amerikans. ( From the '' Käppärä '' Graveyard )
  12. '' Yes '' Votes there. Now, CAN you say that those thoughts are '' yours '' ?? Can you ?
  13. Hello ONCE again ! Do you think that you are '' free '' can you really say what you wish ? Think about it, my friend. Can you say what you think and wish, under the pressure of your country there ? Are you REALLY '' free '' to think for yourself ? What do you think ? Good Luck. Gasai.
  14. Good Luck to this little forum. ( Boyfriend's edit ) And little timestamp.
  15. I do not need this place anymore, but however, I will come to finalize this with this picture. To keep my words and finish what I did start. Here is how I look with all of it, I did order back then.