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    The Albemarle is a rough ship to play, mostly because it feels like a tier 7 that gets matched against tier 10s constantly. The guns are fairly lackluster and it struggles to do anything better than other cruisers. Life gets much better with the Drake, the 234mm guns bring some nice fire starting flavor (Dependable) and has AP you can count on. Drake feels more Tanky and doesn’t get guns knocked out much at all. The HE pen damage is good too, lots of nice 6-9k salvoes on battleships superstructure/decks reminds me of Zao HP salvoes. A ton of fires as well. I think the Goliath will be even better. The high caliber cruisers should shine with the upcoming IFHE change, as you can take demo and have 26% fire chance(or 28% with flags). You have plenty of pen and so IFHE change won’t hurt them, while Worcester and Smolensk will be making tough choices. WG is going to finally force one path or the other on the 152mm and below ships, lots of shell shatters or dependable fires.

    Bracing myself for my PR

    The funny thing is how much people hate it though. I had a 3,200,000 potential damage game because literally everyone was firing at me, even the back row sitters. When you take it out the first time just expect some extra love from the enemy. Haven’t had any friendly fire experiences so far at least, I think that was short lived just against the guys who bought the PR outright on week 1.

    Bracing myself for my PR

    I have had a couple of days with this the Puerto Rico now and honestly she isn’t a bad ship and has good armor if you angle it well . AA Is great and has the usual bag of utility(Radar/DFAA/repair party) that comes with the US cruisers. My only gripe is the unnecessary battleship dispersion on the guns. If Alaska has cruiser dispersion and PR has the exact same guns, how do you for any reason put BB dispersion on the PRs guns? It makes no sense from a historical perspective. She also is forced to give a ton of broadside the use all of her guns anyway, and that is punishment enough. Maybe with way less PRs out there they will give it cruiser dispersion. Right now Alaska is the better cruiser even though it is at Tier 9, that shouldn’t be true.
  4. I got the Lenin from a Christmas box drop just 2 weeks ago...just wow!

    WG enticed me back.

    I think this is my problem with the current CV power level, they are designed so they can kill any one ship, doesn’t matter what ship it is. That is a really poor design, and now you put them in a mode where they are 1 vs 1, and are designed to be able to kill any one ship...see how that is a huge problem? The moment WG went with unlimited planes this was the end result. Shooting down planes means basically nothing, the next wave or the next wave after that will kill you. No one wants to say it, but the CV rework did not yield a balanced product and now it will be put into clan battles soon..I just don’t see how anyone at WG can make this decision, unless no one at the company actually plays the game. CVs might look sort of OK if you look at at most random games, but they are NOT balanced in any way for competitive play.
  6. K\d doesn't mean much, especially when you get kills at the expense of trying to win\hiding behind rocks in Battleships. The PR rating on wows stats is good once you get enough battles to really get it working right, a 1000 battles will work. I love that someone posted iChases new How to get good at wows videos, he is awesome and look him up on YouTube, he has some older Captains Academy series videos that greatly boosted my skills. In short, learn to shoot and have situational and mini map awareness and keep getting better all the time. Don't worry so much about stats, worry about making the best decisions in each battle. If you are doing low damage or dying in the first 5 minutes of a fight then address your play, something is wrong. Good Luck and o7. If you ever want to message me please do, love to see new players trying to learn.

    Too hard on players with PR?

    Anyone who would friendly fire a Puerto Rico just because you are mad at WG is really a disgrace. The Whales do not make this possible for WG, it is just a fact that some have more money than others. WG should have handled the whole thing butter, but have some class and be a better person than to ever friendly fire over some trivial ship that honestly is going to struggle in game with the poor battleship dispersion. It sure isn’t pay to win and what people choose to spend their money on is their business.

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    it starts at 35k doubloons after hit phase 18, then it goes to 25 at tier 5, then probably lowers again in the last tier...not there yet but if it follows the pattern maybe 15k?

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    I have to agree with the original poster on this thread. I want to preface what I am about to say with: WG was wrong to say it was "entirely possible" to grind the PR for free, it wasn't true and that is just how it is, the directives were made sequentially more difficult to in fact prevent being able to grind the ship for free. That was a mistake and they have been letting people get refunds for the boosters if they desire. That doesn't make it right, but it is at least admitting they made a mistake. My experience with this event: I had over 6000 doubloons saved up from purchases and rewards over the year, I used those to buy the first booster, now if you had to buy those doubloons it would be 20-25 dollars US. I bought the Gorizia for the cheapest package at 35 dollars US, and I bought the last doubloon booster at 10k(I got 4k in doubloons from either free Christmas crates or the ones that dropped from the PR drydock event, then I bought another 6k doubloons for 25 dollars US). So total I actually spent a total of 60 dollars, not counting the initial 6k doubloons, if you add that it would be more like 85 dollars. I ground the first 3 directives out with the Gorizia, as it gives you 4 out of the total needed for completion(yes I did grind hard even with the Gorizia). I only have the 3rd non-free shipbuilding token bonus. I already secured the PR, just letting it build. 60-85 dollars is a pretty good deal for the PR. I could finish it now for 25k more doubloons, but I don't have to and won't. Yes I had some luck in the doubloons that were given in the Christmas boxes but it wasn't that much of a difference. Is it free, no, but to me it was worth it for a tier X ship. The ships for sale lately have been kind of lackluster and this was the first ship in a while I am really excited about. I also got 90 days of premium, and the Lenin and Tirpitz from the free santa and PR event boxes also, and will get 2000 steel and 10000 coal as the PR completes as well. So all in all, a pretty great Christmas with WG and I generally spend that much just on buying Santa gift boxes anyway each year....pretty good haul. I don't think the amount I spent is Whalish or anything, again it just seemed worth it to me, but I know everyone has their own opinions. WG shouldn't have made it sound so easy, but the final deal to me isn't really that bad if you spend any amount of money on the game each year.

    What did you get in your crates?

    I actually got a Tirpitz from a free crate, so that was completely unexpected and awesome!

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    A good CV player can kill any ship he wants to that is alone. Doesn’t really matter what the ship is. It has made Ranked a mess as it used to be fun when you had a 2vs 1 at the end, but if it’s a Carrier on one side they just kill the remaining ships and it’s over. No ship is a no fly zone anymore, aka Des Moine or Minotaur in the old days. Your only choice is to get 2 or 3 ships in a pile and mass your AA, then you kill the whole air squadron. There is literally nothing else that you can do, dodging doesn’t work(maybe dodge some torps, forget bbs or rockets), Def AA won’t save you, strengthening the zones doesn’t do much. It is frustrating but is the reality.

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    I honestly think there are two development teams at Wargaming: Team A is obsessed with balancing any product they create, perfection is a 50% win rate. Case in point, the Italian cruisers. They don’t compete with anything, Won’t carry a fight, and are the definition of a “vanilla” ship. Team A is Famous for having a decent ship or tree of ships and then nerfing them into Vanilla before release. Team B is a vodka fueled powerhouse of buttkicking, the bigger the damage the better and to hell with balance! Smolensk users rejoice! Viva La Kleber! Bring on the Nikolai! They make some of the funnest ships in the game, and even though Team A gets called to balance their creations from time to time, they overall make it interesting and sneak some premiums in that can’t be nerfed. So ultimately, bring on the crazy and let Team A balance it out. Kleber will be its own undoing, the stat tracker will show it overperforms and it will get the tweaks it needs. Until then it’s a Kleber world and we just sail in it! Good Luck!
  13. I can't see the pay to win, the premium ships earn more money and experience per game, and some have upside for sure....but honestly even clan battles at tier 10 have plenty of normal line ships in them. If you are a good captain you can win without premium ships. A lot of people have been upset with Smolensk, but she is still a cruiser and obeys all laws of shells/penetration that other ships do. Shoot her and she bleeds, a lot. The Stalingrad is a great ship, but honestly I saved up 4 years for it, I should enjoy a little perk...but hey its what you think I guess. Good luck to anyone who really thinks this game is pay to win, I completely disagree.

    cant connect to server

    windows firewall somehow went super conservative, blocking everything, had to reset it to default. never seen that. antivirus never picked anything up either...stay safe

    cant connect to server

    could log in fine at noon, came back tonight and just says cant connect to server, try again later. Are the servers down? Everything else with internet working fine except the connection to wargaming. Went to the Wows website and logged into my account fine there.