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    Ranked Battles

    I don’t think he is Elitist, it just stinks trying to play to rank out and having to deal with teammates that have sub 200 PRs. I actually go check some of my teammates when they are putrid, and not shockingly they are really really bad at ships. But there they are in ranked because service level 15 doesn’t mean you know how to play. Win rate or battles or something would be better to ensure some kind of minimum aptitude. Doubt they will ever try to make it better but it is frustrating when someone wastes 15 minutes of the whole teams time.

    CV Rework Feedback

    I don’t think this has anything to do with toughness, you either like the current environment or you don’t. This is basically a live beta test. Even Wargaming knows the needs/changes have to happen. My own personal thoughts: 1. Manual AA is just not effective. A 4 point skill should be game changing. Not just swapping focus quicker. Concealment is, IFHE certainly is, Manual AA is not. This has to change. 2. Nothing increases AA range, no mods or skills. You need to let mods or skills boost AA range because the planes need to fly through a true gauntlet if the captain chooses to spec his ship for AA. Adding +20% range back to AFT in addition to burst damage would be a great start. 3. CV captains have gotten too good at dodging flak, it is the centerpiece of your system, and it is too easy to dodge. Therefore mods and skills that increase flak damage are useless. Thus the CVs run wild. 4. Sending a squad back after one attack is easy and keeps squadrons full, and most CV captains have figured it out. You need some way to address this. I don’t know if it’s an arming delay/penalty but you have to fix it. 5. DDs are getting obliterated by rocket planes. This has to be addressed, not even sure what to recommend but the current system results in extreme damage and the DD can’t fight back because it has low AA power. probably no one reads this, but it’s where you need to start in my opinion. Good Luck.
  3. I wonder if the Tier 9 choice is just to make sure CVs cant play Ranked until they are balanced, although it has been asked for by a lot of people over the years. They can't do Tier 7 again because BELFAST:) so Tier 9 it is....good luck Captains. Maybe Arms Race will make it more exciting, sounds like constant action trying to get the buffs, until you snowball into death machines and kill the other side. Or it will be a total failure and explode on impact, time will tell

    CV Rework Feedback

    Also.....the Japanese torpedo bomber aiming is extremely unforgiving to any movement. You already have an extremely long arming range that even the bots can exploit and turn into to prevent detonation, no reason to have it this touchy. Flak is still hitting planes even after they start their attack run, really think that should not happen, but if it has to stay let the jap torpedo planes dodge at least without having their aiming go back to square one on the spread tightness. Also, you need to shorten the arming length, it is just unnecessary to have it that long on the Hakuryu. It isn’t fun and it is touchy as hell to aim and end up not arming torps most of the time. And the Minotaur..holy cow, you can’t hit it with planes. The AA is god mode, it was good before but the ship is untouchable now with just one plane squad attacking at a time. You might want to engage some balance before this goes live.

    CV Rework Feedback

    I am okay with the controls, but even when you get weapons on target they don’t do much damage. Having tier 4 torp bombers drop one torpedo is nuts, a tier 4 cruiser can do more damage in one volley, more if they start a fire. The flooding and fires from torps and bombs also seems very very reduced. Maybe you are going to boost it when the CVs go live but it is miserable in test right now. The torpedoes seem to struggle to do 3k base damage also. The rockets are weak also, little damage and super low fire chance. Overall my view of the CVs is you feel like you always have something to do, but when you get to the target it feels like you are hitting them with a wet noodle regardless of the squad type. And the AA is wrecking, so you are lucky to get 1 or 2 passes before either flat out losing the squad or being so damaged you are forced to swap squads. I have seen WG do last minute boosts before, so maybe they have a trick up their sleeve, because the CVs are underpowered badly in my opinion right now.

    Opt out for cv

    I mean they are a joke, 3 of them won’t equal the damage of one competent cruiser or BB. Carrying is not going to happen, and they are boosting AA again and making the replacement plane time longer...so it will be a turkey shoot. Mark my words, the CVs will be meh, just like the Asashio that everyone was so afraid of and was meh city once it went live. Now once the CVs stink bad enough they will get buffed and/or AA will get nerfed, but enjoy the blissful shredding of planes until that happens.

    Opt out for cv

    I really wouldn’t worry about it fellas, if the CVs go live as is(and it looks like they will), they will be a shadow of what they used to be. Fragile planes and very weak torpedo strikes. Heck the tier 4 and 6 Americans only drop 2 torpedos per strike pass, and I swear they dumbed down the flooding, maybe 1 in 10 hits now. The Japanese torpedo planes have this crazy long arming range also. I am sure people will get very good at them eventually but it won’t be the cross drop off your bow at 200ft away mess that it was. So enjoy your fiesta of free plane killing that is about to happen. I am no great CV player, but I can say I have never lost a game in co op with th current CVs. On the test server though, I struggle to win a game against the bots. You just can’t do any damage with the planes and the AA is just too nasty. I can only imagine what real humans can do with the new AA system. Notser and many CCs have already said that you don’t even have to select the AA zones, your ship will just crush the planes totally in automatic.
  8. I agree, didn't play the last test but saw squads doing 3 and 4 runs and still having planes left when I watched the CC's on youtube, now it must have swung the other way because now I get 1 run with full squad and lucky to even drop ordinance on the 2nd run. Even on an isolated bb with no other AA help...not cool. Doing very little damage...very very little damage with any squad. Other feedback: 1. are attack planes supposed to be good at killing dd's? because the dispersion is terrible, shouldn't it be great HE damage against dds with a very good dispersion and probably not do much to the other ships? because what you have now with the rockets doesn't do much at all to anything, and horrible dispersion. 2. torpedo squads only drop 2 torpedoes at tier 6, is this as designed? and they literally go to opposite ends of the "V" aimer...which is nuts. Maybe there is some way to Manual drop and get better control but I tried alt and it didn't work. Anyone know? Dropping it as I am now they completely ineffective and don't seem to flood much either, maybe got 1 flood in 10 hits. just horrible, and with the buffed AA the squad rarely gets a second drop. 3. dive bomber aiming is wonky as heck....you need some kind of lead indicator on when to click the first time so that you can actually get a drop before you reach the bottom of your dive. It is just trial and error and miserable right now. That being said, dive bombers seem to the best damage dealers because they reliably start fires, and the torpedoe bombers are so horrible they are basically worthless, a lot of work to maybe get 1 torpedo hit that doesn't cause flooding.
  9. https://youtu.be/B9oODLCWhL8 Hard to get him into brawling range sometimes, but the PEF with full manual secondaries is the Bismark of tier 6 when he gets a chance! 139K damage, 198 secondary hits, 4 kills, High Caliber and Confederate. And we got a come from behind win, big thanks to Mykil and Warp103 of -TXT- clan for playing so well in the middle at B with me, now way I would have lived without your help, awesome.

    Recommendations for doubloon ship purchase?

    Scharnhorst is a great ship at tier 7, and your captain will transfer to the Bismark(and further if you go down that line) or Tirpitz very well if you spec him for secondary gun captain build. If you could hold off a bit and save just a little more, I would recommend buying a tier 8 battleship. Tirpitz is great at earning money and very capable. not sure of the other doubloon ships but tier 8 is kind of the big change in credit earning and ship power. competitive play really ramps up Tier 8-10, and you learn your best lessons there(and the most pain, which is why some hate it so much). Good luck Captain.

    Recommendations for doubloon ship purchase?

    What do you want to do? Earn money or just looking at the power/game carrying ability of the ship?

    Proposed buff for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    And there will never be subs in the game:) and this would basically just be the same as sub torp tubes(they already have it built). Just sayin......

    Proposed buff for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Reload would definitely help when uptiered, and a boost on sigma is badly needed. I like the torps because the ship was to be built with underwater torpedo tubes, one in the bow and 2 off to each side. That would be a first for bbs I think, awesome!

    Ranked Battles

    The ranked sprint is such a mess, it mostly boils down to who has the better potatoes. I have had good luck carrying in a dd so far. They won’t limit it by number of battles, but even so that wouldn’t help. Saw a guy with 12k battles and 400PR yesterday:). Either go in with potatoe sensitivity or don’t play it at all really.
  15. The guns are weak, this ship and the Scharn are both Battlecruisers and not Battleships. The Scharn has torps to make up for low caliber guns but the PEF does NOT. Realize you can’t do much to enemy Battleships due to your low gun caliber, unless you are verryyyy close to them. This applies to same tier BBs, heaven forbid you get uptiered to 8, NCs and Bismarck’s will laugh at your shells. Otherwise shoot AP into their upper belt or superstructure. You are probably better shooting HE into them if they are angled or bow on. Fires are good, and if you see them damage con from cruiser HE fires, wait ten seconds and set them on fire with your HE. Your secondaries are great fire starters too, mainly just due to sheer volume of shells. I wish I could say the AP is still good on Cruisers but the sigma is so bad you can’t even reliably hit a broadside cruiser at any kind of range. It is frustrating to aim at the sweet spot and see your shells go all over the place. I once shot at a broadside Leander at 5km, aimed mid ship at waterline, did 3200 damage. Most shells outright missed and I think one shell hit the upper belt. That describes the insanity that is the PEFs sigma. If the random number generator is on your side, and your shells fly true you can do decent damage, if not you can miss with every shell. That is what makes this ship so frustrating. If they could tweak the sigma to a decent level it could be a lot of fun. I just got done with the steel missions for the PEF and honestly I am glad to put him in port and take a nice rest from this ship.