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  1. Submarine Poll

    Yeah, check your facts shipmate, because this is just wrong. Your “non combatants” sank the Kongo, the Taiho, and USS Indianapolis just to name some famous kills. Use whatever other reasons you want to in order to not want submarines in WOWS, but saying they were non combatants is dead wrong.
  2. There will definitely be huge hurdles to cross if subs are put into the game. I assume for starters you have to balance them similar to CVs, matching subs on each side? I agree what the heck do you do to make EVERY dd be a sub killer. I could see giving all dds a “passive sonar” skill maybe, that would only work against subs. That might preserve the special effect of German dd “active” hydro and still give all dds good anti sub capability. Depth charge balance will be a mess also. It will be interesting to see how they resolve all of this. I gotta be honest though, as a real life USN fast attack sub vet I am so psyched for this! (MM1(SS) if anyone cares)I know many will be leery of a new class that will bring new problems, but I am hopeful it is done right and will add needed flavor and depth to the game. I hope it works out, and I am going to play the heck out of the subs during the Halloween event! Thanks for the great vid as usual iChase, can’t give you enough of a shoutout, your Captains Academy series changed my WOWS life so much I just can’t quantify it.
  3. Ranked WTR: What am I doing wrong?

    Don’t be too worried about WTR, it is not a good gauge of Ranked play. If you look at the breakdown on Warships today you will see WTR is 50% average damage, 30% average kills and 20% winrate. Your damage was low and kills low so WTR will follow that. Throw all of the stats out the window, help your teams in Ranked because wins are all that really matter, especially as a dd because BBs and Cruisers can outdamage you in most every situation to save their star. Good Luck.
  4. Good luck guys, I will do my best to keep the salt down, but if it flies from me in concentrated streams apologies in advance!
  5. You can’t be swapping CV’s as a balancing tool, you would have to “dumb down” the whole class and reduce the cross dropping mess that it is. You have to somehow reduce the damage so it isn’t a devestating strike fiesta. No idea how to do that, hopefully that is what they figure out. There has to be parity between CV captains and the only way to do it is reduce the effectiveness of the tool that both captains are using(I liked the Axe comparison in the post above) You also have to solve the strafing issue, as the battle is often lost in the first 5 minutes as the better CV player wrecks the poor CV player’s fleet of planes and then runs wild to attack with impunity the rest of the game, because even when the less skilled player gets his next squadrons in the air to fight again, it will be a repeat of the earlier strafe fest because he still can’t win that fight and ends up with few planes left and then he is a non factor for the rest of the game as the enemy CV player does whatever he wants for the rest of the game(see Devestating strike Fiesta mentioned above). Strafing done perfectly kills entire squadrons or even multiple squadrons of planes and there are only so many planes in the hangar. Maybe just take strafing out altogether or make it less effective. you also have to solve how to prevent the CV from spotting the whole map(basically). I guess you could reduce plane spotting so that they incur serious AA to be able to spot anything other than battleships(ie, because now they can just hover at 5-6km and perma spot everyone and just barely touch AA bubbles). And then what do you do with CVs ability to execute DDs? A manual dropping CV can send all of their squads in to garuntee death for a DD, he is spotted(and shot by other ships), and if he smokes up he is torpedoed to death. The DD has the worst AA of any ship, so he isn’t shooting the planes down and friendly ships can’t stay close enough to help or they get spotted and deleted also. So the poor Tin Cans who already have to deal with the scourge of radar also have to deal with an opponent that they can’t fight effectively(planes)who can still kill them by defeating their stealth and smoke at will. So WG hires Femm, one of the BEST CV players in NA. On one hand she plays the current CV system at the highest level, so that knowledge could help balance the CVs. On the other hand will she willingly gut the CV class to make it balanced? A class that she loves so much? Hard to believe I would think. So this is the carrier mess, it has festered for 3 years, with no real effective changes made. They took away manual drops at lower tiers, took away US carriers ability to be air superiority beasts, experimented with different torp drop patterns(kaga and enterprise) to stop the dreaded “straight line fingers of doom manual drop”. Nothing has worked, CVs are still so broken that they aren’t allowed in Clan Battles. Very Anxious to see what happens next, because I wouldn’t honestly want to try to fix this mess.
  6. Premium Ship Review #107: Boise

    Great review as always LWM, wanted to say it was great playing with you Saturday morning. Even though the enemy took your Wooster down you left your marks on them and we carried on to victory:) I don’t understand why Wargaming would reduce speed to 30 knots, historically it was 32.5 knots. I think in attempt to balance the gifts of radar and super heal they went overboard by making these ships slow moving/turning and worst of all slow firing, throw in the very limited firing range and these ships sound like they would not be very fun to play. At around 40 bucks for the cheapest package, miserable play like this isn’t going to get me to spend my money. Balancing is important but if you dumb a ship down so much that it isn’t fun to play then you are defeating your own business model. Just my opinion. If I had a magic wand I would give these ships 15 km range, 32.5 KT top speed and a 8.5 sec reload. I would have gladly bought the ship with those stats.
  7. Server Issues

    yeah, strangely enough it booted only some members of my clan, a lot of the west coast guys are still in game and we are talking on Discord. I am East coast US, disconnected and can't log back in. Sucks....
  8. Alabama or Prinz Eugen

    Bama is actually a good bit different than NC, it is a much shorter version of the NC and is this much more maneuverable, AA is great but so is NCs. Torp protection is better. The big negative for me is the 700 m/s shell speed on the AP (the HE magically jumps to 800m/s), I would really love to see the historical evidence on this as it really hampers the ship. If you can get gud at slinging these slow pitch softballs though it works out well, otherwise you need to stay at 12-14km to reasonably expect hits with these main guns. Eugen is solid, like all German cruisers, and may get even better with the addition of Repair Party in the next patch. My gut tells me they patch right before Ranked Season starts. Either ship would be fine for ranked but plan a lane a learning curve for Bamas slow shell speed if you choose her.
  9. Crash right after hitting Start. Critcal Error

    There have been a couple of other threads below on this, and none of the fixes worked. I had the same issue and it started yesterday morning for me. I submitted a ticket to WG, gave them a screenshot of the error and used the Check Tool they sent me to build the error report, and I worked through their list of hopeful fixes yesterday. Honestly none of them worked, whatever is causing this evidently can't be detected even with their downloaded Check Tool. I sent them the full report but I think the Support guys were taking the best guesses that they could. Rather than be down another day I just removed the game completely and re-installed, and now I am up and running again. This is the 3rd time I have had to do this in the past year or so. The other two times I would get Critical errors while playing though, this one is nasty as you can't even launch. You have to setup all your preferences again in game if you reinstall, but whatever is corrupted with the client does get verifiably fixed with a fresh install. So it isn't some video card driver issue or outside program, something just gets corrupted with the client and it is broken. Sorry to have to recommend the scorched earth option but I don't think Support will be able to fix this one guys. Mud
  10. Critical Error

    I am having the same issue, posted below in the topic "cant start game", it is the same error I believe(I posted a picture as well). Ticket submitted, just sent in check log to wargaming support, no answer yet. but will post results. Feeling like it may be removal and fresh install time:(
  11. cant start game

    getting the error below when I hit play, going to submit a ticket but never seen this before. I have had critical errors as I play before but not one that prevents the game from loading/starting
  12. At peace with Ranked

    The obvious, yes radar one side and not the other, or 3 lo yangs on one and not the other, the MM doesn’t have any coding to fix that and it is rigging in a way(or just unfair to the extreme). I have seen many matches where Unicums got all bunched up on one side also, but technically that’s luck of the draw, sure seems to happen a lot but the total player count on the MM screen at ranks 10 to 6 seems to be in the 30s a lot, so there only so many people to match I guess.
  13. Ranked Is A Waste of Time

    Ranked is frustrating, but just like Randoms you cannot play anyone’s ship for them. Stupid is as stupid does, it is just magnified in ranked because you have fewer teammates. Also this season is doomed to be lopsided as the matchmaker has no setting to balance radar ships or pan Asian hydro, which can lead to one side only having overpowered abilities. I agree with other posters, in the end do what you can and learn from some of the masters. I had to fight against Carrier_Zuiho, and I was truly amazed. He is the best CV player on the server and I felt like he had planes everywhere at once and could not be stopped. We had a very good Enterprise. But he had no chance. I gained a lot of tactics from the APOC and STW guys I have played with also, so there are some benefits other than just ranking up. Keep your chins up and keep on rankin:)
  14. Played to rank 11 yesterday, overall impression was that the Lo Yang and Kidd are as advertised. Lo Yang has the edge to me with the extra torps and super long range hydro, but the Kidd’s self heal can be a real game changer. Assuming you run survivability build and use all 4 heals, you can take over 30k damage and still be floating. I tried the Katuzov but found the range of detectability while firing in smoke has really hurt it too much for ranked, and with so many dds one will get through and wreck you with torps.i personally play better being mobile and hostile in a DD. The low performers seem accurate, have seen poor results from Hippers, Mogamis and Kiev’s. Poor Amagi is average maybe, just too much power creep.
  15. As others have said, get comfortable with hitting shots with “fast” velocity guns. I would recommend the Russian cruisers/dds, as they are hands down the flattest arc shells in the game. Don’t switch to other ships for a few play sessions. When you get that down and your accuracy is high, then move to other ships and get a feel for how the timing changes as you proceed to the “floaty” she’ll end of the spectrum such as American dds or the British CLs. Remember it is a hard skill to learn, you are moving, they are usually moving and distance creates a huge variable in timing.