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  1. At peace with Ranked

    The obvious, yes radar one side and not the other, or 3 lo yangs on one and not the other, the MM doesn’t have any coding to fix that and it is rigging in a way(or just unfair to the extreme). I have seen many matches where Unicums got all bunched up on one side also, but technically that’s luck of the draw, sure seems to happen a lot but the total player count on the MM screen at ranks 10 to 6 seems to be in the 30s a lot, so there only so many people to match I guess.
  2. Ranked Is A Waste of Time

    Ranked is frustrating, but just like Randoms you cannot play anyone’s ship for them. Stupid is as stupid does, it is just magnified in ranked because you have fewer teammates. Also this season is doomed to be lopsided as the matchmaker has no setting to balance radar ships or pan Asian hydro, which can lead to one side only having overpowered abilities. I agree with other posters, in the end do what you can and learn from some of the masters. I had to fight against Carrier_Zuiho, and I was truly amazed. He is the best CV player on the server and I felt like he had planes everywhere at once and could not be stopped. We had a very good Enterprise. But he had no chance. I gained a lot of tactics from the APOC and STW guys I have played with also, so there are some benefits other than just ranking up. Keep your chins up and keep on rankin:)
  3. Played to rank 11 yesterday, overall impression was that the Lo Yang and Kidd are as advertised. Lo Yang has the edge to me with the extra torps and super long range hydro, but the Kidd’s self heal can be a real game changer. Assuming you run survivability build and use all 4 heals, you can take over 30k damage and still be floating. I tried the Katuzov but found the range of detectability while firing in smoke has really hurt it too much for ranked, and with so many dds one will get through and wreck you with torps.i personally play better being mobile and hostile in a DD. The low performers seem accurate, have seen poor results from Hippers, Mogamis and Kiev’s. Poor Amagi is average maybe, just too much power creep.
  4. As others have said, get comfortable with hitting shots with “fast” velocity guns. I would recommend the Russian cruisers/dds, as they are hands down the flattest arc shells in the game. Don’t switch to other ships for a few play sessions. When you get that down and your accuracy is high, then move to other ships and get a feel for how the timing changes as you proceed to the “floaty” she’ll end of the spectrum such as American dds or the British CLs. Remember it is a hard skill to learn, you are moving, they are usually moving and distance creates a huge variable in timing.
  5. I am trying a clean install also. I have been having random critical error crashes mostly when the game goes to connect to a battle(although it has happened once while I was just looking at captains in port). The worst part is that you cant just alt tab and restart the game, even if you get task manager open it wont let you tab to it to kill WOWS, so it is a nasty hard reboot situation. Last time this got me was the first clan battle of the night, ended up in a loss for my time as I got in 4 minutes late by the time I rebooted and reloaded. I will post here if it seems to have done any good, just odd this seems to have come out of nowhere. One of the last few big patches seems to have caused some type of error in the code, no idea where it is though. I have never had this much trouble with WOWS until the last couple of months.
  6. I think the worst part of all the changes is that I alelways think “oh man what this ship COULD have been”. As in the German DDs, I was so hyped up and once the nerf bat hit, it was all gone. The German DDs have a niche maybe, but the current version is very vanilla and some of the choices are downright sad. The torp damage is the same as a tier 6 dd even on the tier 10, but hey you can fire more of them right with the super fast reload? Yeah nothing better than broadsiding a battleships with 7 torpedoes and having it live with 40 percent health( there is this torpedo damage reduction mechanic that is involved evidently, and I guess it gets better as the tiers get higher? But the German dd torps never do more damage...you do the math and see how that works out). So yeah when they nerf a ship that had excitement to it into a standard B.B. clone or whatever, it kills my interest in the ship. My premium buying has slowed down severely as a result, and I used to literally buy every premium that came out. The Krasny started a bad trend and I didn’t buy it and am very sceptical of each new ship, I always see what Zoup and LWM say about the ship first.
  7. Your CV was bad, worst of all was trying to snipe the other CV and losing a whopping 57 planes, holy cow. You actually did have some great AA on your team in the katuzov and the New Orleans, but they shot down very few planes somehow. Also their Bismarck was great, he came in second in a Tier 10 match. So in addition to having a bad CV captain, other mistakes were made on your team and they had at least one other ringer on their side. An epically bad matchmaking effort but it happens. CVs will never be matched by skill so this will continue to happen.
  8. Usefulness of deep water torps

    I love the line and I am on the tier 8 right now. I can already feel the struggle on fighting other dds for caps though. Maybe the torps deserve a little damage upgrade, maybe 1k or so above what it is now to make up for loss of dd hits. I would say the more obvious fix would be to let pan Asian dds choose radar as an option in the engine boost spot instead of having to choose between smoke and radar. The radar is only 2.5 km more distance than the hydro on the German dds and the radar is very limited duration where the hydro lasts very long. The German dds aren’t OP, and this wouldn’t make the pan Asians either. I think the loss of being able to torp dds is enough of a negative to permit that change.
  9. When Will Enough be Enough?

    If it makes you feel any better(probably not), WG can’t figure carriers out anyway, that’s why they aren’t allowed in clan battles. A great CV captain can crush the competition, and a poor one basically kills their team, and it gets worse as the Tier goes up. The 1 to 1 or 2 to 2 matching with no consideration for skill almost garuntees a lopsided fight. Whereas a bad BB or Cruiser captain might get carried by the rest of the team. They took manual drops away from below Tier 6 CVs because it was too powerful. Who knows what they will do next to achieve balance. WG played around with drop patterns on Kaga and Enterprise trying to prevent the “torp wall” of 6 to 7 CV torps hitting you from both sides in a perfect straight pattern, but so far they haven’t changed the pattern on any of the non premium CVs. They are working on them, but it is largely a broken class right now. All you can really do for now is maneuver to prevent them from getting an easy kill, and don’t get caught out alone with no friendly AA to help.
  10. Captain Yamamoto

    I personally think DD is the way to go with Yamamoto. You have high chance of getting First Blood with torpedoes and I have had several Krakens, usually in my Shinome. I have him trained for the Shimmy, but Tier 10 DD meta is just not conclusive to Krakens, too much radar/sonar, constant plane coverage and DD assassination boats up there. As long as you don’t take TA as a captain skill you can also use him in a kamikaze or fujin at tier 5 and really rack up the kills.
  11. Server down for updates...again

    yep, sure would be great to get a post on main page of incoming patches, even the emergency ones......would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Having 100 spots in a clan is important, ask anyone from tanks. You will always have members that can't make it to clan battles. Having ability to have many players to choose from is important. my Clan is going to be full on day one with this setup. We will probably have to start a sub clan, and that is not the way we want to do things. We all want to be together and this is not going to allow us to do that, and no way to recruit also until we get enough oil to go to upgrade HQ and get more members allowed.
  13. MK is the best Premium I have bought based on credits and capabilities. Spec for AA it is a monster, 51 planes in one match is my record. I run the ifhe and de combo and use the 19 pt captain from my Moskva. The smoke change will be a minor impact at best, even using Gold smoke you can only carry 2 anyway. Your bread and butter is abusing your sick 19km range and burning ships down. You have surprising capability with torpedoes inside 8km and AP is devastating to other cruisers within 12km. It is money well spent and prints credits. Just minimize your roadside exposure and have fun.
  14. Submarines could work, depends on how much effort they want to put into it. WW2 subs were slow when submerged and on battery power, but actually pretty fast on the surface with the Diesel engines humming. You would have to design it so you would have to be surfaced to get into position (and vulnerable) and then have a limited dive time to attack. The deck guns are easy, just DD caliber types, AA too. Forward and aft torpedo launchers would make things interesting. The problem is, it would snowball into depth charges and such, but it could be another automatic ship function like secondaries and AA. As a former MM1(SS) in the USN, I would love to see Subs in the game, but agree it would be quite an undertaking to do it right. For now, DDs meet my torping fix:)
  15. Prodigy was epic in its time, lots of good memories tied to the song. Johnny Cash burning ring of Fire would have been great though, gotta agree. I played the Iron Duke this morning and it was similar to this video. Nasty ships with high fire damage/chance and IFHE basically built in so you can citadel cruisers with HE. The nerf bat may eventually swing, not any time soon though. I did miss your commentary though Zoup! O7