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  1. Thank you, I've done so, no response yet. I have a much more sophisticated setup than most people and can track throughput by device by AP on my network. Not remotely having issues there, this is 100% on WG side. On a positive note though, I spend A LOT on this game and i'm going to delete the game and leave it for good if this continues much longer (and save $$ being the positive note).
  2. yeah, i am getting disconnected probably 3-4 times every 20 min right now. Positive it's not on my end. I spend way too much on this game so hopefully it keeps up, good reason to uninstall and spend my $$ elsewhere :)
  3. The good news is, with all the constant disconnects recently, pretty soon we won't be able to even play the game and these issues will fade away ;)
  4. I have played off/on for years, including beta and never been disconnected. When 0.9.7 hit, I started getting frequent disconnects and it's persisted into 0.9.8 to the poitn the game is not really playable. No changes on my end. Anyone else experiencing this too?
  5. Worthington3rd

    Server trouble?

    After years of playing and NO disconnects, once 0.97 hit, i started getting them all the time and it is persisting in 0.98. No changes on my end, not sure what they did in 0.97 but it created problems for me. If it continues, they can say bubye to one of their whales.
  6. Literally just had our one DD in a fletcher, run to the other side of the map and then a guy in a musashi do the same thing two matches before that. I don't think people understand they are forcing you into short/mid range fights on this and camping way outside just means you die last, but you still die/lose.