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    Atlantas and MM

    My division mate and I are in the "Atlanta's are dangerous" camp. This weekend, we encountered one in a Two Brothers scenario. I was in a New York and my division mate in an Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. We were on the North team, Atlanta south. The Atlanta had moved to the west side of the islands on the south end of the islands. We were on the North end coming west. We knew she was out there because we could see her flame thrower tracer stream. She was engaging some of our other team mates. Here is the very irritating part. We were moving at 1/2 speed and Atlanta was stationary while she was firing. For a moment, we could clearly see her as she was well within our gun ranges AND she never stopped firing. However, she suddenly disappeared just as we fired on her! Completely invisible except for the flame throwers from which you could easily tell she wasn't moving. Once she winked briefly into view and vanished again without flipping moving. Both our ships had line of site and locked on to her position and yet neither one of us was able to score hits on the invisible, not moving target after multiple rounds of fire. I've seen similar once or twice with Atlantas and a couple other higher tier ships - you see the fire, but not the ship despite being well within range and LOS. With Atlantas, this invisibility and force field effect seems more common, though, and my division mate claims to have experienced it too many times. So, it's all well and good if their armor is paper, but if we can't hit them at all, it seems there is something amiss and that makes them extra dangerous in play.