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  1. can we get that option back as a mod? i really want to play lissing my own music. the wows music. is ... no the best. if was like Battlestation ok i will keep on. but no and you can say something like .(why dont use a media player and put your music and play) bc my notebook is a potato .
  2. macros08

    What CV Line is New Player Friendly?

    the usa for what i see on battle are balanced cvs good damg and life bar. or RN. ones. in the royal you can use the torps bomber in good ways. like dive /move /attack / run. at cero point. like was the IJN beford the aim move nerf. and have huge Hp bar. the bad thing is no concealment at all. a good pair of ship whit strong AA can kill all your squad. but if you want some ninja attack. try japan. go for concealment skill and upgrades. them you can get yout planes at 6km spot range.event whit the low Hp if you know how to approach any ship BB DD CA or even CVs. you can make a huge damg. torps are the key next is AP bombs and last but not minor rocket . . and last Geman cvs,.. i dont not recomed this line for new player. just skip this line and go for other options
  3. make a torpedo wall like was on Navy field . all ship running for his life .
  4. in this new update 0.9.6. where i need to put my music? . i have it in /res/Usermusic folder but i cant hear nothing. (all in mp3)
  5. i was looking in the events sound in the program. but they are many sound event. on the SFX. . so i dont know wich is wich, the sound what im looking is main guns for: DD CL/CA , BB, and CVs and secondaries as well.
  6. thx for the reply. and i have another question. ¿do i need to make a new mod for every new pacht?. the las pacht mess up so bad the audio. for exmaple. i change all gun sound. DD/CL/ca /BB/CV. and when the new pacht come. the DD didnt have sound guns,the battleship have the cruiser guns sound and Cruisers have secondaries guns sound.
  7. in SoundModCreator where i can change the music when you win or losse or is a draw affter the macht? , you can change the sound when some capture the base or point but i could´t find that part on the sfx list
  8. Battlestation Midway /Paciffic ost . Battlestar galactica ost / BSG Blood and chrome. / Kancolle anime ost and Movie ost (Natsumi Kameoka this lady make a such a good work of soundtrack dam. i hope she work on this new anime projet too) / Ace combat. all series. and this Zipang ost
  9. macros08

    CV Rework - Was it Worth it?

    I like the new system is fun until you run into one of a higher rank than yours and that has triple AA than those in your range and you don't last anything, you can't even reach them. if the AA could be modified and not a defense Aura. and leave it to the player. with manual pointing. Maybe something could be fixed. let's say you can use only guns larger than 100mm that are multi purpose or AA. and the little ones you leave in the hands of AI. you put a range of action and a recharge time so that you are not spamming flak clouds every so often. then when the planes approach, you face them and the other player or maneuver with WASD or eat them. and if you get too close the smaller calibers do the usual as before. The closer, the more it hurts
  10. in advance sorry for my poor english i was searching for some guns sound mod for wows and searching on the forum and reading guides i create my mod. and works fines. i just use some of the guns sound from [edited] pacific for DD guns. now to use the mod i need to change the voice to "my mod." my question is. there is any way to keep the voice line to? ? por example i use the azure lane commader voices. or nation .but i want to use the gun sound mod at the same time. no to chagen and just use the standart one. any way to change the mod.xml or add some line to keep the commader voices active ? thx
  11. Hi guys, I have a question. I currently have the hiryu. with 50k exp. all the modules purchased just need to investigate the shoukaku and 150k in free exp without using. now. when the change comes all the exp in my T7 will go to my T6 no? So, is it worth it before the change comes, investigate and buy the shoukaku or wait for the 8.0? . I understand that it will be cheaper. but I have no idea of the total cost going from T6 to 8T in this new version.
  12. macros08

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