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  1. Otenta

    Vanguard and Drednaught

    Recent crazy pricey offers from WG, full Kobayashi ships bundle, Jean Bart bundle & Vanguard+Dreadnought bundle, cost more than $150 each. I think maybe they can begin to think about selling Stalingrad, Black, Flint or even steel now. Can't wait.
  2. This is what I'm doing with Cossack. I bought it and now I'm earning Guineas to exchange another Cossack, which equals 9,600 doubloons. But this RN event is just taking too long.
  3. I just checked the EU Premium Shop too. It's terrible together with Le Terrible. Apparently they know Dreadnaught is so desirable and selling T3 won't generate lots of profits. So I guess the solution is to bundle it with something expensive and not to sell it separately at least for now.
  4. Well, I said clearly that it is a "SUGGESTION." When has it become a complaint? And 'bankrupt' is just an exaggeration as it cost a lot. Whether I really got bankrupt or not doesn't matter to my suggestion. The aim of my topic is 'retaining loyal customers,' not some personal financial or mental problems. This is purely business. Here is a story: A guy called WG opens a coffee shop, and it sells coffee and cake. The shop has a sign written 'Free Wi-Fi' outside. Over the years, it has accumulated three kinds of customers. Group A comes to the coffee shop everyday and they buy at least a cup of coffee when they come. They would buy almost EVERY limited edition cake once it is available. Group B comes occssionally. They may buy a cup of coffee or even one or two limited edition cake when they visit the shop. And then Group C. They may come everyday or once in a while, but they come because of 'Free Wi-Fi.' They never spend a dime in the shop at all. So one day, Group A thinks that from airlines, department stores, supermarkets, restaurants to even corner pizza shops offer some sort of loyalty programs, then he makes a suggestion to the shop owner: 'Can we buy 10 cups and get one for free?' This is just as simple as that. You could be the owner too. Then of course you can tell your most loyal customers who actually pay to maintain your shop that there is no rule that I should offer you any kind of discounts and even you spend a lot of money on my shop you have some serious mental problems. People who don't come often or come here just for free Wi-Fi are much smarter than you. You ask for a discount so you are permanently banned from entering my shop. You should get lost and see a doctor. Sure you can say that. But after that why should your customer even bother coming here ever again. I believe there're many Group A members in this game. What I'm suggesting is a reward to those people who finance the game. My suggestion does not even affect Group B or Group C in this game. Group A still needs to pay for their coffee and cake in order to get a free one. Even they do get a free one after spending, what does it have anything to do with Group B or Group C? Loyalty programs and discounts are everywhere. Even you go to Walmart, you might just grab something that says 10% off or Buy 1 Get 1 free. So what's the problem with it? If you've never taken advantage of discounts in your entire life, then you say what you want to say.
  5. By recently posting and replying forum posts, I've just realized that I've spent possibly more than $2,000 on the game already. That is such a large amount which got me bankrupt last year. As a result, I've already obtained Premium ships in almost every tier and in every nation. Hence, I've become quite reluctant to spend on the game now. However, the recent 30% coupon was such an incentive for me to buy something. So I bought yet another Premium ship with it. So what I'm thinking is why not introducing some permanent rewarding programs? Since WG keeps a record of our spending on each account, so if we spend more, we can get more discounts for normal items just like what the coupon did. For example, if one account has cumulative spending over $500, then it can have permanent 10% off on normal items. If they exceed $1,000 and $2,000, then 20% off & 30% off respectively. This is just my thought as that 30% discount did work on me.
  6. Hello LittleWhiteMouse and thank you very much for your guides!!! Yes that's true. The chance of getting one ship out of many boxes might not be the same, but I think rare premiums would still only be available after a person finishes collecting all regular premiums. It's good for you because you ended up spending less. I wanted a Gremyashchy so bad. WG did offer a competition for it last year but it was too difficult to win one. When the Armada Pack came out last year, even though it didn't consist of rare ships, I just thought maybe I could do an one time purchase to expand my port, and it cost me nearly $500 with 45 ships. Then Christmas came and it showed that Gremy was on the prize list. I was lucky that I had bought the Armada Pack already, so I begun to test my luck. I bought $5 boxes thinking the chance would be higher, but I still got only 1 ship out of 20 boxes ($100 for 1 ship lol). First ship was something I forgot but it wasn't included in the Pack I bought. After that I found out I had all regular premiums already except Alpha Beta Testers ships and Clan War Reward ships. Then those rare ships became to appear. The order was like Belfast, Kutuzov, Nikolai, Kamikaze and Gremy for the last. As you can see, I spent $5x20x6=$600 just for a Gremy. So in total those two events cost me $1,100 already not mentioning other flags, signals & premium account I spent that year. So yes I got nearly bankrupt because of the game last year just to get the ship I wanted. So this year, I only spent on 3 premiums (one with 30% off coupon) so far since I nearly have all equivalents already. You still get flags and camos from Christmas boxes. Premiums ships are mostly RNG though. They had 3 types of Christmas boxes last year, and the cheapest one was $0.99. I bought the most expensive one $4.99/each hoping to have higher chance of getting ships. Your idea sounds good, but some premiums are more desirable than others. So if that's the case, then the ship population would be imbalanced. Rare ships are rare because WG doesn't want them to populate. FYI, the following are links to last year's Armada Pack and Christmas Boxes. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/jive-turkeys/ https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/we-are-many/
  7. Yes it was exactly what I did last year. But the Armada pack last year already cost $500. I believe with more ships this year, the price might even go up again.
  8. Be aware. If you want to get discontinued ships from Christmas containers, you need to have almost all premiums released up to that point. The chance for me last year was one ship in 20s most expensive containers ($5 each so $100 in total). Regular premiums would pop up first and those rare ones only appeared after you got all regular ones already. So, for example, if you miss 20 regular premiums, you might have to spend $100x20=$2,000 at least to see rare ships start popping up. So yes Christmas containers are one way to get rare ships, but you might need to prepare yourself to spend a fortune.
  9. Otenta

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    I usually play around early morning to late afternoon (9:00-16:00) Eastern Time. This is when most people study and work, so it's common to get into a team with bots. From my experience, it's more likely to have a bot team at T1-T4 & T9-T10. At lower tiers up to T2, it is manageable to fight off bot enemies when there are only less than 3 real humans. However, at tiers higher than that, it is not because enemy bots get smarter and our bots are still dumb. It is especailly frustrating when you play in BBs or even CAs because your ROF is too slow and bot teammates begin to die one by one and suddenly only real humans left. And no matter how good we are, we'll die when being focus-fired & burning. Anyway, resetting timer to 1 min is definitely welcome. Nevertheless, currently my solution to this is when you are in queue, if you see the timer already past 20 sec and there are only so few humans, then just click leave and re-enter the queue later with a hope to gather more real humans next run.
  10. Otenta

    It's time for Co-Op to get some love

    AI is currently fine. Last time they changed AI (like a month ago), it was a total disaster. You can search articles in the forum. Nearly most dedicated Coop players didn't like it. The modified AI was just like what you encounter when you play in randoms. Bots hide in smoke, don't charge, and kite away to the edge of map. I am sure that's not what you want. However, during late night til noon, we don't usually have a team consisted of real humans. The worst case is only 1 or 2 humans and then it's a guranteed loss because friendly bots do not fight. I think maybe they can set the waiting timer to 1 minute during off-peak hours, so that when we play around that time, we don't get screwed by our own bot teammates.
  11. Otenta

    How about some low/mid tier Premiums?

    Tier 4 is the tier where there are so few premiums. I really don't know why. There are only 2 premiums you can buy at T4!!! And they are all from the same nation. The rest are all unobtainable.
  12. Otenta

    T10 DD Lines Grinding Priority

    Guys, Thank you all very much for the replies! Very helpful indeed! I have this question because when I entered the game at the beginning, Shimakaze was always regarded as THE DD to get at T10. However, as I played and learned, it's appeared that Shima is actually not the definite one. I watch videos on YouTube and it seems that some streamers do not like her. I watch King of the Sea matches and have found out that DDs chosen for the competition are usually Gearing, Grozovoi & Harugumo. Of course the ultimate aim of playing the game is to obtain all T10 ships. But I think it'd be more efficient to get 'more flexible' ones which I can use in all types of matches first, and then I can continue to collect the remaining ones one by one. Currently I get a lot of enjoyment when I use fast-shooting ships such as Atlanta, RN CL & US CL. It's a pain for me to play low ROF ones such as Myoko, New Orleans, etc. (I rarely play BBs for the same reason). For DDs, my style is also leaning toward gunning than torping. I only torp from close to medium range as my last resort. I use DDs as a better tool for guerrilla tactics that I can relocate fast and harass opponents.
  13. Otenta

    Coop blues tonight

    I think Sub mission last night was much harder. The night before I got 4 wins out of 4 games, but only 3 stars or so. However, I had 0 win out of 4 games last night. I'm thinking because now players have realized that they need to do different objectives compared to normal difficulty. So, they have become too focused on getting secondary tasks done. Then, most of the time when the moment all secondary tasks are done, there is just not enough force to finish off Rasputin. Maybe situation will get better few days later once all players are accustomed to it.
  14. Hi guys, I'm currently trying to gradually grind all DDs to T10. Currently the progress is: RU: Tashkent, Ognevoi; US: Mahan; JP: Akatsuki, Shirasuyu; DE: T22; BR: Lightning, PA: Jianwei. My current priority in order is Khaba, Daring, Grozovoi, Gearing, Harugumo, Shimakaze, Z-52 & Yueyang. I wonder from your experience, can you recommend an order of grinding each line based on its overall performance & effectiveness at T10? Thanks a lot!
  15. Otenta

    Jean Bart , Yea or neh?

    There are a few good ships announced and waiting to be released. This makes people hesitate to make rash decisions. I also think as the community grows older, most people have already had a few premiums. They have to think twice about making new purchases. I bought nearly all premium ships released til last year. In contrast, I only spent on 2 premiums so far this year because almost all tiers and types had been covered already. I can have all ships, but I just don't have that much time to play each of them. Some T8s I have only have less than 10 matches in them.