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  1. Otenta

    PSA for our resident Armada whales.

    I was actually hoping they would offer bundles by nation or even by ship type. But it seems only one for all with a crazy price tag.
  2. Otenta

    Black Friday for Real??

    I didn't see that on the front page. I see they put that under 'SHIPS.' But wow it's quite a fortune.
  3. Otenta

    Asashio B artwork shows it...

    It's actually Type B torpedo that can magically hit everything lol.
  4. Otenta

    Black Friday for Real??

    No Armada Bundle this year??? No new ships??? Instead we get 4 old ships in black???
  5. Otenta

    I'll say it, I'm gonna miss subs.

    The subs got out-maneuvered by DDs so much. The mode only allowed us to play subs against existing units. I think it will be a different story when we get to play our favorite class against them. I think good DD players will kill subs easily in the current state.
  6. Otenta

    Wargaming should have a Steel Ships Sale

    Reserving desirable ships for Ranked or CW doesn't make money. It is like the 1st prize in a lottery that you can only see but never be able to get. The purpose is just to make you buy other inferior stuff available. There are so many big spenders who only play Randoms or Co-ops. However, the company only wants to sell lots of mediocre premiums to people who have money to spend and keep the best away from them. Maybe the sales number tells them no matter now bad new ships are, there are still people buying it. So they don't need to sell those superior ships at all. I think I've also reached the point when new exciting ships such as Jean Bart couldn't manage to open my wallet, and the departure of Kronshtadt can't take away my FXP. There are Bourgogne and Stalingrad there, so why Jean Bart and Kronshtadt? They say new events will give steel and this won't break the balance. I think that means we can earn some but not enough to buy a ship, so that it won't make any difference in the end.
  7. WOWS making a good profit because many players pay a lot of money for it. (that certain player included) So it doesn't want to share resources with WOT or WOWP anymore. Those are two things and from different perspectives. One from the view of an overspending player, and the other from the view of the company. I think it's perfectly logical. And btw complaints make improvements. ;)
  8. When a member gains more power over the others, it will break the alliance. Guess WOWS is making a good profit so it no longer wants to share with its siblings.
  9. Otenta

    Santa Crates coming back this year

    If Santa Crates drop ships like last year, then it's much better than Halloween Crates, which only drop camos but cost the same.
  10. Finally a Tier 4 premium!!!
  11. Yeah. I want to buy Stalingrad, Black, Flint and even steel for money too.
  12. Otenta

    Vanguard and Drednaught

    Recent crazy pricey offers from WG, full Kobayashi ships bundle, Jean Bart bundle & Vanguard+Dreadnought bundle, cost more than $150 each. I think maybe they can begin to think about selling Stalingrad, Black, Flint or even steel now. Can't wait.
  13. This is what I'm doing with Cossack. I bought it and now I'm earning Guineas to exchange another Cossack, which equals 9,600 doubloons. But this RN event is just taking too long.
  14. I just checked the EU Premium Shop too. It's terrible together with Le Terrible. Apparently they know Dreadnaught is so desirable and selling T3 won't generate lots of profits. So I guess the solution is to bundle it with something expensive and not to sell it separately at least for now.
  15. Well, I said clearly that it is a "SUGGESTION." When has it become a complaint? And 'bankrupt' is just an exaggeration as it cost a lot. Whether I really got bankrupt or not doesn't matter to my suggestion. The aim of my topic is 'retaining loyal customers,' not some personal financial or mental problems. This is purely business. Here is a story: A guy called WG opens a coffee shop, and it sells coffee and cake. The shop has a sign written 'Free Wi-Fi' outside. Over the years, it has accumulated three kinds of customers. Group A comes to the coffee shop everyday and they buy at least a cup of coffee when they come. They would buy almost EVERY limited edition cake once it is available. Group B comes occssionally. They may buy a cup of coffee or even one or two limited edition cake when they visit the shop. And then Group C. They may come everyday or once in a while, but they come because of 'Free Wi-Fi.' They never spend a dime in the shop at all. So one day, Group A thinks that from airlines, department stores, supermarkets, restaurants to even corner pizza shops offer some sort of loyalty programs, then he makes a suggestion to the shop owner: 'Can we buy 10 cups and get one for free?' This is just as simple as that. You could be the owner too. Then of course you can tell your most loyal customers who actually pay to maintain your shop that there is no rule that I should offer you any kind of discounts and even you spend a lot of money on my shop you have some serious mental problems. People who don't come often or come here just for free Wi-Fi are much smarter than you. You ask for a discount so you are permanently banned from entering my shop. You should get lost and see a doctor. Sure you can say that. But after that why should your customer even bother coming here ever again. I believe there're many Group A members in this game. What I'm suggesting is a reward to those people who finance the game. My suggestion does not even affect Group B or Group C in this game. Group A still needs to pay for their coffee and cake in order to get a free one. Even they do get a free one after spending, what does it have anything to do with Group B or Group C? Loyalty programs and discounts are everywhere. Even you go to Walmart, you might just grab something that says 10% off or Buy 1 Get 1 free. So what's the problem with it? If you've never taken advantage of discounts in your entire life, then you say what you want to say.