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  1. Yes it's true. I also took a break from WOT in 2013 because I suffered continuous losses and my win rate began to drop (from 53% to like 50%). Then the break had lasted until I began WOWS this year. Thank God there is Co-Op mode in WOWS. I only play in Co-Op now. I see. I saw ship details in Profile and discovered lower tier ships have generally lower XP, so that was why I wondered that playing lower tiers would decrease the average XP. Guys thanks a lot for the information. Really appreciate!
  2. If we play with same skill, but lower tiers generally offer less XP, right?
  3. Hi guys, Could you tell me if Average Experience Per Battle in Profile ever drops at all? I mean if I reach tier 5 but then I decide to play mostly tier 2 games, in the case will that figure drop at all since lower tiers have less XP, or it will just stay at maximum value reached? Thanks
  4. I was also thinking of MK and Błyskawica since this is their ANNIVERSARY, so big sales on current ships would also be possible. But Smith is just something I've never expected as a bundle for such big event, not to mention as a product instead of a gift.
  5. I used to think that Randoms were really randoms until I saw some videos where streamers had XVM installed. The videos showed that streamers with two players were orange, and the the rest of the team was made up of solely red players. In contrast, the other teams had mostly blue and green players without reds. From that moment I began to believe that the sole aim of MM was just to balance the game. That means they would not allow extreme players in the population as that would possibly scare off the other party. So this is why no matter how good a player is, it is impossible to go past 70% win rate and no matter how bad a player can be, we hardly see anyone below 40% win rate. Most star players have like 60s% win rate. It just means that in 10 games they win only 6, just 1 more than normal players with 50s% win rate. The difference is just too small for me to make this assumption.
  6. "Celebrate with BIG specials, missions, discounts, and bundles galore!" USS Smith... Seriously!?
  7. This is why many people don't play PvP now. MM just places few good players together with a bunch of below average players, while place all mediocre players on the other team then it's over. 20 minutes of life wasted. It's been like this from WoT. Whenever my winrate went up, I got screwed next. The aim of MM is to balance the game, not to make champs. So that's why they screw players intentionally. You have to live with frustration or switch to play PvE where you play purely for fun.
  8. I just realize that if subs were introduced in this game, people would start to say 'Subs are invisible that we can't hit them. Please make them emerge when they group together.'
  9. CO-OP vs PVP

    I mostly play PvE now. (PvE:1324 vs PvP:119) In PvE, everyone including friendly humans and bots plays aggressively. I think that's how a game should be played. Unlike in PvP there are campers and scared teammates everywhere. In PvE, you play for all-out attack all of the time and in PvP you mostly play long-range sniping, which I think, is pretty boring. Yes one can argue that in PvP players also move out and play close quarter, but it is usually at the end of battle when they are relatively safe and come out in a bunch to hunt some leftover ships. Tier 6 and up in PvE, enemy bots start to become expert marksmen and have laser canons (they can hit nearly every shot even from 16 km) while friendly bots become drunken psychos with shotguns (20% accuracy even at 3 km I would say) and die easily. So it's getting very challenging as most of time you are outnumbered and all of them charge at you. It's just fun. I believe most of PvP players only play PvE when they just begun WOWS and abandoned it forever. How about trying it out with tier 7 and above ships to see if it's still as easy as in tier 1?
  10. Reducing AA output when there are more than 2 ships staying together is unrealistic. People choose to play ships with good AA defense and stay together because they don't want to get bombed nor torped by CVs. So I think reducing their AA defense for the reason that CV players can get more damage is not fair to them. The idea is that this is a team-based game. Thus, facing a fleet with strong AA defense, you need to have other ships in your team to help delete them, so that you can strike the remaining force. If merely a single CV were strong enough to face a fleet with strong AA defense, that would be the real problem. Anyway, the solution seems to be, like you said, finding some lone ships to strike. Or, use your increased amounts of planes at higher tiers to trade for damage. Otherwise, why would they give us more planes at higher tiers.
  11. As a dedicated Coop player, I can share some experience. There are not many humans playing higher tiers in Coop. From tier 8 and above, you're likely too see mainly bots as teammates. It might due to lower exp given for a Coop match, so reaching higher tiers in Coop is a really long way. And once you reach there, you only find bots. So it's better to continue playing lower tiers. After the 0.5.9 update, we are more likely to have all humans team at tier 5 and below. And not only higher tiers in Coop get you busy, it's actually all tiers if you play DDs because they get extremely biased target priority from enemies, so they will all chase you and fire at you while ignoring other CAs or BBs. For example, yesterday in my Nicolas in a match on Trident, 7 out of 8 enemies chased me to the east while all my teammates were on the west. They just ignored all others and chased DDs to death.
  12. Yes, Crucis, you summed up well. Moreover, it's not only CVs, but all of enemy ships have the ability to SENSE destroyers. For example, today I was in my Minekaze and carefully sailed through islands with an attempt to stealth torp an AI BB. However, it just MAGICALLY SENSED me and began to turn back to chase me even though it was already engaging 3 ships from the friendly team. I hadn't even been spotted at all or sent out any torps yet. Enemy AIs just had the help from the Wargaming God (lol) to detect any destroyers. Last time in the map New Dawn, our team started in the west, I was the only ship going north while others going east. Then the funniest part was that I detected them in the north and found out all enemy ships magically knew I was there and chased me during the whole match while exchanging fire with allies (at least they couldn't fire at me since I hand't been spotted at all). It was just funny that they'd sensed me, chased me, while gunning my allies at the same time. And of course we won and I got almost zero XP. ("You haven't proved yourself in the battle." Of course because I was busy running all the time!) Anyway I think the best part of Co-Op is that all ships charge and play aggressively. Unlike in Randoms where most of time it's filled with passiveness and cowardice, and of course very toxic chat. So if these problems can be looked through and fixed, then we Co-Op players will be really grateful. Cheers
  13. Oh yes. As a dedicated Co-Op player, I'd like to make some suggestions on the mode. First of all, I thank WG for adjusting waiting queue for Co-Op from instantaneous to 30 secs from 0.5.9 update. This has partially solved the problem of usually placing 4 bots in the friendly team most of time. Although we still have bots occasionally, it is much better now as there are more humans. However, the enemy AI in Co-Op remains to possess biased behavior towards destroyers. All enemy bots will abandon their current engaging opponents, even just less than 5 km from them, and begin attacking destroyers 10 km away once the DDs are detected. I understand that DDs are priority targets, but this logic of all AIs abandoning current targets and all focus fire on DDs is quite unrealistic. As becoming a veteran Co-Op player (more than 1000 games already), my solution is just to fire a shot and thus draw all enemy fire and let my teammates kill AIs who do not counter back as they're all busy engaging me. But this is just not natural and evading fire all the time during a battle doesn't give XP either. Another problem concerning enemy AI is their detection ability. As a destroyer, enemies always know where I am exactly even though I haven't been detected at all. They chased me across whole map and knew exactly which direction I went and followed without even detecting the whole time. For CVs, it's the same. They always know exactly where ships are without scouting. Aircrafts just fly directly to us and drop torpedoes and bombs even not having detected first. Please kindly look into these problems as some players like me who mainly play Co-Op mode. We think Co-Op is fun and would like to make it better. Thanks for listening!
  14. Can we have all previously limited destroyers on sale again? Kamikaze, Fujin, Anshan, Lo Yang, and Gremy of course! Want to collect all of them and really hope that Gremy will be on sale for the last time since it appeared once only and disappeared. Just feel not fair for us who missed. At least let it be on sale for the last time with official announcement for its permanent disappearance like Type 59 in WOT. Price is not the problem. Just want to own all of them! It will make both WG and us happy.
  15. Yes there are more than 4000 players active in the server and I got this. I wouldn't believe only 2 people waiting to play Co-Op. Ridiculous.