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  1. Aritsugu

    Problem with New Graphics

    Thanks it's more eye friendly now. I also tried to change the Graphics to High. It loads better but still slower than pre update. Maybe my PC is getting old.
  2. New graphics are really nice I have to say first, but I have one big problem. That is, I feel it's too BRIGHT and SHINY!!! I feel it will be bad for eyes after long playing. Anyway to make it more eye friendly? (like setting adjustment etc.) Thanks
  3. Aritsugu

    Co-Op Update!

    If bots are able to kill DDs close range before being torped, then I believe there will be less YOLO DDs to steal the fun from other ship types. It will be more comfortable to play BBs in Coop.
  4. Aritsugu

    Nearly 100% 9-human matches

    The problem is that bots can't kill at close range at the moment. Therefore even cruisers with torps just rush to enemy BBs and torp them like DDs. BB players suffer most since they usually have nothing to hit the time they enter the hot zone.
  5. Aritsugu

    Personal Challenges and the Naval Battle

    Normal missions such as damage dealing, potential damage etc. at least give Coop players a chance to acheive SLOWLY. We can at least get them all in the end. These minimum base XP missions just immediately stop Coop players from playing. I only have T7 and below BBs that cannot even get over 300 BXP most of the time. We Coop players won't switch to PVP because of this type of missions. We will just switch to another game eventually.
  6. Aritsugu

    Waterline: Superships

    So are we getting missile boats after Superships then?
  7. Aritsugu

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    I don't have both T10 ships yet. Does it mean I only need to unlock them now without purchasing then I will have both ready in port free of charge next year? Is it 100% confirmed? (two t10 ships cost quite a lot)
  8. Aritsugu

    Upcoming Changes to the Tech Tree

    I can't stop wondering if WG is planning to move all Transformers ships to Armory in the future.
  9. Aritsugu

    I Want a New Button

    I'm sorry I'm a PVE main but I also don't go into the channel because I have claustrophobia.
  10. Khabarovsk sounds more badass. Delny sounds more like flowers.
  11. In Coop, taking down a nearly dead bot which another player has been fighting is definitely considered kill stealing. Believe me you'll get reported as teammates have given me such 'unsporting behavior' a few times in the past. Kill securing only existed when bots were more deadly before. It's a crime to take out somebody else's prey at present. Now I just leave ships with 10,000 hp or below alone if somebody is already fighting against it. It's your Karma points anyway. People are welcomed to test my observation in Coop by 'securing' kills there.
  12. Aritsugu


    I'd like to also suggest if we can have a karma currency system. That is if people want to report somebody, they have to spend their own karma points to do so. This can prevent people from abusing the current report system. In contrast, compliment side stays the same. (no impact) I believe this can reduce people giving negative karma for whatever reason they hate you for because hatred costs something.
  13. Aritsugu


    Karma system is so broken. It was the reason I quit the game before. I usually get negative karma from a human teammate for "stealing" a kill when my shell was the last lucky one to kill a bot. I'm already super careful not to shoot a nearly dead bot to prevent this, but sometimes when many ppl shoot at one half-helath bot together, you really can't control the outcome. When you don't help a teammate, you get negative karma, but when you do help, you also get negative karma. What a wonderful system.
  14. OK I see. Thank you guys for the answers!!
  15. Thanks for the replies! So the Transformers commanders can be retraind for other tech ships just like other event commanders and we can use other commanders for ships with new T10 camos. For my question 3, I was thinking if I used my Azur Lane commander for Gearing with Bumblebee manning a turret on deck, that would be quite fun. Is that possible or Bumblebee on deck would just disappear if I use Azur Lane commander?