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  1. Tigermaus

    Fantasque lives up to her mistranslation

    Wait till you get te Mogador. She's a Fanta on a healthy dose of steroids. LOL
  2. Tigermaus

    Premium Shop Cart

    You ask for shopping cart. We give you rework CVs and subs. You happy now.
  3. Tigermaus

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    True, but in the grand scheme of things, somebody that will play for 1-2 months and leave for 6 is probably is probably not all that interested in what it takes to improve anyways. lol
  4. Tigermaus

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    If he plays for 1-2 months and then leaves for 6.....I doubt he gives a rat's 4th point of contact about stats.
  5. Tigermaus

    Payard for Bayard?

    No, it's actually a solid premium that can hold its own in fights despite tier.
  6. Tigermaus

    Payard for Bayard?

    The Bayard is an amazing premium. Actually one of the few I generally don't regret buying.
  7. Tigermaus

    Armada: Yūdachi

    I agree. 57kt torps and high torp detection range. lolno
  8. Tigermaus

    French DDs - What for?

    Ohh ok. Yeah, once you unlock the upgraded guns you should be all good. You'll love the Mogador if you don;t have it already. Beast mode DD.
  9. Tigermaus

    French DDs - What for?

    If I don't need the range mod on the Tier 9, than you don't need the range mod at Tier 8. lol Do you not have the upgraded artillery unlocked yet?
  10. Tigermaus

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    Spend hours testing, provide detailed feedback, have that detailed feedback be ignored. Sounds like a normal job. How much does Beta Testing pay?
  11. When will the Kleber be available? I already have close to 400K xp on the Mogador. lol
  12. Tigermaus

    Anybody else...

    Which French DDs are you playing? The Mogador is a flipping beast. LT anf LF are solid for their Tier and Vanq is a nasty little bugger. You can't play them like normal DDs, you have to play them like a Khaba with useable torps. Don't forget about the torps, btw,...people discount them on the French DDs and it's a mistake.
  13. Tigermaus

    Seem French DDs are easy XP farming for CVs

    Then those are terrible French DD drivers. I use the Mogador to farm tears. I reached Rank 5 this season with the Mogador by farming Musashis and whack-a-mole'ing Kitas. lol Good times. I love the Mogador. So much fun to play.
  14. This is the first ranked Sprint I've participated. Ranked out in 26 games, with a ship I never play and a final WR of 65%. I wish normal ranked was like Sprint. Hahaha