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  1. Isn't the most expensive the 50K doubloons? I do agree though, I purchase the most expensive doubloon pack as well.
  2. Tigermaus

    New ship or hoax?

  3. Tigermaus

    Carnot is in the Armory

    Your common sense is not welcome in these here forums. Lol
  4. Tigermaus

    New line

    Sounds like an interesting line to me as well.
  5. 30 down, 17 (or thereabouts) to go: Ton of flags 36 days of Prem time 7k Gold 3k Steel No coal yet, but my last 3 random SCs this month were coal so It's really no big deal.
  6. Tigermaus

    Carnot is in the Armory

    25 sec reload? Hahahaha
  7. Tigermaus

    Schlieffen seems pretty trash

    I beat one up in my Goliath a few weeks ago.
  8. Tigermaus

    What should I spend my free XP on.

    Yep. It still sucks. You just use Fxp instead.
  9. Tigermaus

    Dutch cruisers

    Tier 7 and tier 9 I enjoyed......the tier X feels meh for some reason.
  10. Tigermaus

    What should I spend my free XP on.

    I pretty much only use fxp to regrind lines for the research bureau. Regrinding lines sucks....especially 3+ times over. Whatever ninny at WG who thought this was a great idea needs their head examined.
  11. Tigermaus

    Is the 'new' Missouri a credit printer?

    Wow.....wth, WG.
  12. Tigermaus

    FXP Conversion sale for Labor Day weekend?

    No worries! Never hurts to ask :) Thanks for the response!