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  1. Tigermaus

    What’s next?

    Inb4 Pre-Release CIWS tierd-doubloon event.
  2. This thread is basically what I posted yesterday lol The Kearsaege played correctly and in a division is a nightmare to play against. Now imagine multiple higher tier Kearsarges div'd with a CV. Damage aside, it's the perma-spotting thats the threat. Radar I can drive away from, wait out or avoid. Constant aircraft is another story.
  3. Tigermaus

    PSA: Álvaro de Bazán now available for Coal.

    I've been in a few games that had, I'm assuming, standard range dpm builds and the ship has seemed pretty effective. Granted, they were in divisions. I've played the range build a few times and I've felt like more of annannoyance than anything. I did, however, slap a few Hallands around when they did get close. I'm really tempted to go just as you suggested and play her as fast and brutal.
  4. Tigermaus

    American Hybrid BBs...

    I think folks are focusing too much on the aircraft's ability to do damage and not on the real issue. Spotting. I'm a lot less worried about getting rocketed by planes than I am getting perma-spotted for the Smol sitting in smoke.
  5. Tigermaus

    PSA: Álvaro de Bazán now available for Coal.

    I'm having a tough time deciding the playstyle I'd like to pursue. Range vs DPM. She works as a range boat but does she work better dpm focused? :/
  6. Tigermaus

    USS Black

    I prefer Black. Quite a bit of utility and people underestimate her sea mines. lol Forrest is better if you want to farm damage and bully.
  7. Tigermaus

    New Lighthouse Auction

    Not really. For some, money is easier to come by than time.
  8. Tigermaus

    American Hybrid BBs...

    The problem with CVs isn't there strike capability, it's their spotting.
  9. So if each team has 3 of the new US Hybrids and one CV (for instance), it's basically a semi-8 CV game? lmbo Whoever thought this up at WG....I'll have what they're having.
  10. Tigermaus

    PSA: Álvaro de Bazán now available for Coal.

    Nice! Was hoping it'd come out today.
  11. What is this ship known for? I don't think I've ever heard of it/remember it :/
  12. It's been around 2-3 months since they were in the last auction. Is there a time frame when these superships will be available?
  13. Tigermaus

    Lighthouse Auction: Belfast and Superships

    Pretty much. My wife and I have a rule that if we cant pay cash for it than we cant afford it.
  14. Tigermaus

    Lighthouse Auction: Belfast and Superships

    It won't. It'll go for probably 200 mill or more easily. They will be released for the standard price in 11.11, iirc.