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  1. Tigermaus

    RU Christmas store is live

    That's because Russia is a 3rd world country with a first world military lol
  2. Tigermaus

    PTS 8.11 thread no longer valid

    Maybe that Italian DD will be a Steel Monsters Mission :)
  3. Tigermaus

    PTS 8.11 thread no longer valid

    Ok, that makes sense. I need a few more tech tree 8's, but I have *close* to everything else I think. Sort of wish prem 8/9 got a tiny bit more steel though.
  4. Tigermaus

    PTS 8.11 thread no longer valid

    No, I mean if you have all the tier 8's (incl. prems) and all the tier 9s (including prems), one to one, this event seems to pay out much less. Can somebody tally up the total for all tier 8s and tier 9s (including prem for both tiers)? I think it's 60 but I'm not sure :/ If it is, that's 4500 Steel total (not factoring in a few Steel ships and 1 or 2 prems). So, prob sub 5k Steel total I'm guessing. Seems sort of "meh" with regards to Steel this year.
  5. Tigermaus

    PTS 8.11 thread no longer valid

    It looks like if you have the same ships as you did last year, it's quite a bit less.
  6. Tigermaus

    How is the Colbert allowed to be so bad?

    I really enjoy mine.
  7. Tigermaus

    Take Your Game and,,,

    Thought this thread was an email from my Ex.
  8. Tigermaus

    Enterprise CV

    You can still play it, but when you are top tier you have to play this song:
  9. Tigermaus

    French cruiser captain builds.

    ^^ This
  10. Tigermaus

    Want to Change In Game Name for Free?

    There seems to be a time limit on the free name change. My last name, "Schindlers_Stink_Fist", apparently got reported and when they took my name away I couldn't choose a new one without paying. I never even got a warning for a free name change that I can remember.
  11. Tigermaus

    Steel to Coal

    I said the same thing last year, but decided to just keep the Steel I had "just in case". The Christmas Snowflake event rolled around and after all was said and done, I had 150 more Steel than I needed for the Stalingrad. If I had exchanged it prior to the event, than I wouldn't have had enough. Just food for thought :)
  12. Tigermaus

    Well I Take It All Back WG

    At least it's not 400 valentine's day camos. Lol
  13. Tigermaus

    Well I Take It All Back WG

    The chances of getting an SC with a ship are about the same as a Kron hitting with it's guns. :)