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  1. Tigermaus

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers are awful.

    1. To test the new mechanics, which is normal. 2. The AP rockets dont seem to do much to anything....other than enemy CVs. To do anything to cruisers you really need to have your rockets hit at the waterline it seems. 4. Its not the same view. The DB sight is nearly vertical and you are a LOT higher. Bombing is more accurate though so that it is good. 5. Against the same tier you are fine, when you are 1 tier under my planes tended to get wacked pretty quick. At the lower tiers you aren't exactly fast or highly maneuverable so dodging flak isn't always as easy at it spinds.
  2. Tigermaus

    Is it time to seek another game?

    Or better yet, when you have a wife, don't refer to the money as just "yours". The details can tell a lot about a situation. Lol
  3. Tigermaus

    GET Mr. Hyde out of the Armory !! now!!

    For a while there, after Christmas a few years back, I had something like 85K doubloons. lmbo
  4. Tigermaus

    GET Mr. Hyde out of the Armory !! now!!

    Ahh ok I just checked and they are the same containers. You're right, the ones in the armory are the same cost but you get 3 less containers. Lol I bought 12 in the armory yesterday and got the Tier 4 and Tier 6 ships. Wish I had paid more attention.
  5. Tigermaus

    german cvs....WHY!?

    Have you ever actually driven a CV in-game?
  6. Tigermaus

    What's your home port?

    I use the mod version of the Dry Dock since the mod is Day Time. It'd be nice of the version in-game was set during the day. Its really hard to actually see the camo/ship details at night.
  7. Tigermaus

    GET Mr. Hyde out of the Armory !! now!!

    I actually thought the containers in prem shop were different from the ones in the armory. Aren't the one in the armory listed as "Premium" containers? The possible contents of both are differnent arent they? I'm pretty sure the german containers in the armory include more coal/flags/etc..
  8. Tigermaus

    Bring back the bogue

    I still think this tier skipping idea for the CV tracks was a bad decision on WGs part.
  9. Tigermaus

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers are awful.

    There's a few issues with these new CVs I've noticed so far (I only have the Tier 4 and 6 via crates), and Im not the best CV driver so maybe it's just me. In no particular order: 1. The AP rockets overpen 90% of the time. Great for DD drivers that are afraid of the HE planes, but when you have one of these CVs on your team I wouldn't count on any help with the DDs. 2. The AP rockets don't seem to do much to broadside cruisers either. 1-2.5k damage on a fully broadside stationary cruiser? Woohoo - Nobody ever. 3. The DB while accurate, require a LOT of time over the target. I hope the Tier X planes are made of depleted uranium because there's no way im flying anywhere near an AA cruiser or BB with strong AA....I don't think you'd make it through the flak. Lol * Side note* Having said all that, when I have made it through the flak, I believe I have always hit with at least 1 bomb except on a DD that was juking.....and it was close. So they do seem quite accurate. 4. The DB bombsight is awkward. You are so high in the air you have to face the camera straight down and sort of move while looking straight down. It's not too bad but it feels really strange, maybe it just takes a while to get used too. 5. The plane HP is too low for what you are capable of. You make it through all the flak, you have 2 planes left...your bomb hits for 3k. Sweet....I mean, really, you lose planes quickly at Tier 4....the tier known for the CV playground where there's not much AA. I'm not sure why I thought these aircraft were tanky at all, as they dont really seem it. The plus side is I actually really like the torps so far. The torps seem pretty quick and you can aim quickly. They don't do much damage, but the hits, so far, seem pretty consistent. I see some people saying how happy they are that the German CVs are this way. Are you going to feel the same way when the CV on your team is German and the red team gets a Hak/Midway? I have hopes for the Tier X despite the shortcomings of the 4 and 6. They are different/fun in their own way, I am just a little worried on how impactful they can be from a team perspective. I love my GZ, but these seem to be quite a bit different. My .02c :)
  10. So spend 7500 Doubloons to get a mission to grind for a tier x perma camo......... Or pay 5k Doubloons and get one outright? lol ok.
  11. Tigermaus

    Why was Legenary modules changed?

    Yeah, Yoshino is a coal ship (the tier x coal version of Azuma). :)
  12. Tigermaus

    Why was Legenary modules changed?

    Zao's won't even be worth it after the change. In fact, TBH, unless somebody just doesn't have the coal or want the ship, the Yoshino seems quite a bit better on paper than the Zao overall.
  13. I hope FDR and Slava are Steel or Coal. The RB is an abomination.
  14. Tigermaus

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    Spreadsheet say you will like. Now you like.
  15. Tigermaus

    Premium Ship Review: California

    Ughh...never sell premium ships.