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  1. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich is utter garbage

    You'll have some good games in it. Even a broken watch is correct twice a day. Having said that, the ship overall, is crap.
  2. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Should be wrapping up the PEF directives tomorrow. Total Steel earned from the events about 19,800.
  3. LOL The one with the wavy cape that zooms into his face is hilarious as well.
  4. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    Why do people hide their Stats?

    Because society today breeds pansies.
  5. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    PEF: About them 4 million creditses...

    I hate the PEF. Having said that, I've had a few 1.1 mill credit games in it so it isn't bad ALL the time lol
  6. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    The 0.8.0 CV/AA update has a lot more changes than you know

    Ahh, ok. Thanks! I actually edited my post before your reply. lol
  7. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    The 0.8.0 CV/AA update has a lot more changes than you know

    Wait.....if CVs never run out of planes than why are you nerfing AA...or am I misreading the changes? What in the actual F is going on here? lol
  8. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    I'm Sorry but this game is all about the DD

    OP got torp'd and detonated. hahahahaha
  9. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    Almost to 20,000 Steel. I'll tell you...all the campaigns + Snowflakes for the Tier 8 prems + Tier 9/10 ships REALLY add up. I started this even with about 700 Steel. Can't wait for the Ranked Season so I can finish the "Stalingrad grind". lol
  10. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    To spend steel, or not to spend steel?

    A few months back I was looking at the JB and needed more Coal. I thought, "I'll never use my measly 2,000 Steel for anything...I'll never have enough for a ship anyways" and I subsequently used 1,000 Steel to convert to Coal to get the JB. Fast forward to now.......... After the Steel event, I will be sitting at 20K Steel....about 1000'ish too little to pick up the Stalingrad. Never say never. ;)
  11. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    The Stalingrad

    I'm guessing after the first Ranked Season happens this year and more people get the Stalingrad, the stats will even out. I would guess ALL the Stalingrad stats prior to this Holiday season are from high level players (or is that incorrect)?
  12. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    Super Unicum needs help

    Yeah, it sounds pretty [edited].
  13. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    I finally got a Supercontainer! (after a long dry spell)

    I just want 1 Steel one. Just 1. That's all. I don't even have to get an SCs after that.
  14. I own all the premiums already, but considered getting some boxes to see if I could get some ships again for their gold value along with any gold I receive from the boxes. Was thinking I could use the gold to convert some of the close to 10 mill exp i have sitting there doing nothing.
  15. Schindlers_Stink_Fist

    35 Free XP Conversion

    None of those ships you mentioned can spread freedom to naysayers though.