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  1. RenamedUser_1001178780

    game sounds suddenly "tinny"

    Sounds like your Bass speaker went out and you only have treble. Or maybe the main speaker isn't producing sound and it's only the tweeters.
  2. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Azuma the new port queen

    I always liked the Abruzzi. It can kite like a beast and can be one of the most annoying ships at it's tier to face. I'm still debating on the Azuma, but it is enticing (since it looks cool, lol). It's beginning to look like the ships coming out nowadays are more "Average" at everything. Not to say this is a bad (or good) thing, it just sort of makes me feel indifferent to all of them. Despite what a lot of people have said in the past, the gimmicks actually made the ships somewhat unique, IMO. Now it feels like WG is just pushing vanilla pudding out the door. It's all sort of just boring. Having said that, I do have 1 mill FXP and over 10 mill Convertible....what else am going to use it on. haha
  3. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Armada: Azuma

    What are your thoughts on the Azuma overall?
  4. RenamedUser_1001178780

    The Alaska is vastly overpriced as a premium

    The Alaska is "blah" any ways.
  5. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    I actually keep all of my Tier 9 ships since I prefer them to my Tier X ships most of the time (keyword "most"...there's a few X's I really enjoy). lol
  6. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    True, but 1 mill FXP still isn't cheap. Think I'll just wait. From what I've seen, the Azuma doesn't seem to be worth it.
  7. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    Not sure why I'd get the Tier 9 Azuma when I can get a better version at Tier X soon.
  8. You'd be there for 5 min and run like the wind if respawn issues bug you. You WILL get spawn camped. You WILL get killed repeatedly from unseen people. These things WILL happen a LOT/every single game. Nearly every single game turns into a spawn camp eventually...it's not really a question of "if" but "when". Except over there, the developers don;t seem to care at all about these things. They flat out don't seem to care. It's crazy. You always hear people complaining about a games devs or this or that, but War Thunder actually has quite a few core gameplay issues with little to no attention from the Devs. It is truly one of the worst games I have ever seen with regards to customer service/game balance. Here's a snippet of Ground Forces (some things apply to aircraft/ships as well). You like games where you can shoot from your spawn to the other teams spawn...because you can see their team spawn in....from your spawn? War Thunder has you covered! You like rubberbanding movement when you run into an object? Done! How about being killed by aircraft/helicopters that you can't shoot down because they fly/dive directly above you? Bam! How about a complete lack of attention to map balance? No sweat! The idea of team balance sound boring to you and what you'd really like is to be roflstomped? Right this way! How about entire games comprised of nearly ONLY premium vehicles at higher tiers? Now you're talking! Still looking for more? How about having to buy every successive vehicle in the line? Come on down! You love tanks/planes/ships so you don't mind buying them? No problem, the game economy is broken is many cases. Enjoy losing money on a win in some cases or making table scraps! How about being spawn camped or camping the enemy's spawn nearly every single battle? Long time no see, old friend! If all this sounds like no problem at all, you can always fall back on the idea that the grind is nearly soul-crushing and stupid in many cases. YAY!! :)
  9. They could do respawns like War Thunder, which works pretty well. Except for when people spawn camp and it completely ruins the game. Which happens nearly every single game at some point :)
  10. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Is the the april fools joke... Right WG...?

    I resemble that comment.
  11. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Is the the april fools joke... Right WG...?

    *Complains about a post somebody made. *Keeps bumping said post.
  12. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Details on Space Battles, rewards, Ironium and perma-camo

    Will I be able to buy the 2 new space camos as well? I need those in my life.
  13. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Why is the Alaska missing ALL of it's armored deck?

    And the others are bumping said posts. lol
  14. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Alaska Feedback: Underwhelming

    I find the Alaska underwhelming/boring, but whatever, to each their own. Of course, after playing the Stalingrad, all other cruisers are "meh" anyways. lol
  15. RenamedUser_1001178780

    Why is the Alaska missing ALL of it's armored deck?

    It's sort of like how Gaijin (the creators of War Thunder) call the T-80 "Legendary" and it's one of the best tanks in the game. lmbo The Chechens say "hi".