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  1. jtmonn

    Any scale model builders?

    I am getting back into it. My 1/200 Trumpeter Bismarck with detail sets arrive tomorrow. It is over 48 inches long and should only take me a couple of years to build…
  2. jtmonn

    For the Volunteer Pumpkins!

    Thanks for putting this on Hapa, it was a lot of fun. I am also disappointed in the amount of avg games, just shows low participation and I saw that a lot of people wanted to be pumpkins that were not picked. Also for the reasons mentioned by the others above. I know that I only played 60 games, but that is about the most I could do. I played to win for the team, more aggressive than I normally do, but not just yolo in and die, which wouldn’t be fair to my teammates. Not suggesting that is what anyone did as the pumpkins I saw in game played well, just that about 10 hours is all I could put in. I am not sure what the rewards are as I have enough in game resources, except steel, that I was playing for the fun of it and to give back to the community so to speak. I know that sounds lame, but reading the forms and watching and listening to other players over the last 2 years has really helped me get better at this game. Anyway I hope you can tell who put the effort in and remember those that didn’t. I hope you do another one and get more participation from the volunteers so that more players have an opportunity to sink them for prizes! Thanks again Hapa!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Great suggestion on the Shima, I didnt even think about that, but should have since I have faster reload and they were out of torps. I must have put blinders on and not noticed or thought about the Worchester, sounds like a stupid mistake on my part as I know my AP would have done more damage to it easily. As for the cap, same thing, wasn't paying attention to the timer, didn't do it intentionally, but I see your point and how it makes me look. Sometimes I get focused on the minimap to much, as I never looked at it when I first started playing. Still trying to figure out how to keep track of everything going on in the battle. Thanks again, this has helped.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I will have to remember that as I was not trying to farm, but to actually kill them. It is just so much fun to keep shooting that I didn’t think of going dark and to cap. But I do realize this game is more than just shoot the enemy, more strategy to it. I used to rush caps and get deleted in the beginning so now I try not to do that. I will have to look for the happy medium. Again thanks for the feedback since I am trying to learn and with helpful feedback I can!
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I just edited the post with the correct one.
  6. Just use Lutjens, no BFT. I do use steering gear mod so I can wiggle more.
  7. jtmonn

    Doubloon Ship: Help Me Decide

    I love Mainz. But it really depends on your play style. I have played 40 games in her with a 60% wr, and 75k avg damage. Just put Lutjens as commander and her reload time goes down even more! Haida is a strong DD with best in class concealment. Kidd is great if you are in a game with a CV.
  8. Ok, so I have played for over 4 years now and it took me a long time to learn. I am not a great player by any means, but keep improving. I really would like to know if I did something wrong in this battle, as a couple people in chat stated I did. As you can see in this screen shot, we lost, but I had more xp than the top player on the winning side. I thought I had a great game given I am low tier, and could have survived the game if I didn't succumb to peer pressure of chat. I got 2 negative Karma for this because some players on our team kept telling me to cap. They also kept yelling at me to get back in the game as I am kitting away, doing damage along the way, so I don't get deleted. So, there was an enemy Georgia, a Shima, and a Worchester covering the 2 caps, but they are yelling at me in chat to cap, so I did, and guess what, got blapped by the Georgia. Then they said I should have capped earlier, which would have meant me dying earlier. My total damage was 170,605 on 7 ships. I really would like to know if I did something wrong or if I am wrong in my thinking. Did I deserve the negative karma? I am trying to learn to be better and am open, but it is hard to figure out who to listen to or take advice from. When I first started playing I didn't realize the complexity of the game, figured just point and shoot. It wasn't until I found the forum and saw a review from Little White Mouse that I realized I am missing a lot and that was why I was losing a lot. So I have been watching different videos and have found watching unicum players is somewhat ok, but that is their play style and they differ from person to person, plus they all don't agree on what ships are best and just ok. I would upload a replay to youtube and post it here to make it easier to watch, but cant figure out how. I have the file, but when I load it and watch it, the controls don't work, like slow it down or free camera. I tried to look it up and watched several youtube videos and read a few articles, but to no avail, nothing worked, only could watch it. Here is the file if you want to see it or download it: 20200617_181534_PGSC518-Mainz_51_Greece.wowsreplay Also the other night played my Puerto Rico, guess what, 2 negative Karma. Some will try to tell me it was because of something else, but I do not use chat, to busy playing the game and watching the minimap. I do not give advice in chat or call people names, so it was just for playing a ship. Also, I know Karma means nothing, but it is in the game and I pay attention to it, because a little ocd. If it doesn't matter, remove it please, or change the system. PS, took me several hours to post this as I have never posted in a forum but had to figure out how to block names because of forum rules.