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  1. Twitch not linking

    Pretty much the same except for it will not link and it sends me to wargaming.net/personal vs NA.wargaming.net/personal
  2. Twitch not linking

    I have been trying to link my account and every time I do, it loads and loads and comes up with "This site can’t be reached". Does anyone know a fix to this?
  3. Port View -- Closer or Far Far away

    Sorry, I should have been more specific. I mean the battle zoom. The number of steps and the zoom. Like you have a x20 zoom and a x25 zoom in your modpack
  4. Port View -- Closer or Far Far away

    Thanks. Can you tell us how to change the "Steps" or the number of zooms we have and how far we can zoom?
  5. Vampire mission missing

    The missions ends today as in when the server resets today (5 am est if I remember correctly).
  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    False advertising for a good tank
  7. They are nerfing the mahan's armor by 1mm so that hurts that...
  8. I will post a set of mine Top is with reshade The one below is without
  9. Something easy is them is taking the time to whitelist the .dll files for Reshade and they won't even do that
  10. What makes it worse is the fact that the 6 days began when they gave it to us and not when we logged in (Like when they gave the 3 days during the weekend a few times)
  11. Another small change to the game.

    Have you tried Issm's Idea? I agree with this, That way no disadvantage to begin with when you go into tier 6. Yeah tier 4 and 5 still won't have any strafe but tier 6, you can learn without watching your whole set of planes melt before you
  12. You aren't the only one... I am playing war thunder now and waiting for wows to be fixed for this. The fact that Some people had that day free and couldn't play and the fact that they thought this 6 days (About 6 dollars) was worth their mistake. I say it should have been 30 day or something else. The fact that wargaming made a mistake and thinks that the whole day we had free was worth only 6 bucks to them :/ In a day people could have earned Oil (Not affected by premium), Containers (Affected only by xp), Signals (Not affected by premium), Camos (Not affected by premium), XP and credits (Both affected by premium). Basically the only thing we earned by them giving us premium is the XP and Credits we couldn't get for the day we were banned, but everything else we could have gotten is not there for us.
  13. Reshade

    Is reshade able to be used again?