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  1. Shigure_DD

    Make random...PURE random pls

    this is from early CBT what MM use to look like it is a lot better now.
  2. Shigure_DD

    Make random...PURE random pls

    good old days of failed divs and + -3 MM and 3cvs a team etc....
  3. This comes back to Wows not having a why to watch a battle without having to ram. WG has said they are going to add a proper mode in at somepoint but it isn’t the highest priority.
  4. Look at what happened to the Uss Johnston(fletcher) she took 3 14in shells and a few 6in shells and still was in the battle till the end.
  5. Shigure_DD

    Cruiser tone coming after CV update?

    How long was she in the Client for? I can see them looking at CAV and BBV after the rework gose live.
  6. Shigure_DD

    tonights clan wars glitched again?

    seems some people cant see it others can, my clan just got into the Q right now
  7. Shigure_DD

    what's with potatoe alaska drivers?

    Yep its hard for anyone to live, and or do a whole lot in a game when as soon as your spotted everyone starts to shoot at you, its a test ship thing.
  8. Shigure_DD

    Should Super-testers be Super Unicums?

    That’s the other thing you do just get random reports. People get really mad when a ST just says NDA.
  9. Shigure_DD

    Should Super-testers be Super Unicums?

    Being a ST sucks trying to test ships on live since most people see something new and shiny and want to kill it.... gets spotted in a ST ship and has the whole enemy team targeting you is really common.
  10. Shigure_DD

    R-F is seeking a CB scrim opponent

    I will pass this on and see if one of our clans might want one.
  11. Shigure_DD

    Steel solutions?

    I mean this was why WG added the small chance to get steel from super containers. But I would be ok with them added some other free just for playing way for people. But people can cheat the coal system by buying prem containers.
  12. Shigure_DD

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    wait for them to add taffy 3 and willa D :P PS add willa D and Iowa at the sametime lol
  13. Shigure_DD

    The Inactive/Empty Clan Problem.

    you seem to like anime there are a few large anime clans that are active in this game.
  14. usually you know if it’s a bot when they don’t respond in chat
  15. Shigure_DD

    KotS o7 and Omni team comps

    You can’t use what line up they used for what’s upcoming since there is more to it then what ships you use.... it takes lots of practice for not just the single player but for the whole team to pull off what PSV, Rain, Omni and 07 did for their sets.