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  1. make it so destroyer torps cant hit her lol.
  2. Shigure prem when? with capt Hara??
  3. Shigure_DD

    Subs do bring about a change

    Adding subs in might give WG the chance to add in frigates, corvettes and Destroyer Escorts. I still want Sammy B. PS I just thought about them adding CVEs for ASW work.
  4. Shigure_DD

    no Memorial Day event eh?

    I know this isnt a ingame event but its still cool to watch thought I would post it.
  5. Shigure_DD

    The case for Wisconsin or New Jersey?

    This AlabamaST all over again.
  6. Shigure_DD

    No limit to CVs in PTS? Will come to live?

    If you think 2 per side is bad back in CBT it was 3 per side and the T10s had jets.
  7. Shigure_DD

    Sinop in Ranked/Venizia in CB = Design or ignorance?

    Who here remembers T8 ranked/comp before Open water stealth firing and smoke firing? NC AMAGI, KUTU AND BENSONS was really the only ships you saw. Ps I due thing I would like to see OWSF come back to DDs so that they can do some stuff in cv games.
  8. Honestly the Belfast isnt to op as long as your not in a DD... she doesn't have torps so charge the smoke and she cant really do anything about it. Smoke firing as a whole isnt the beat now that most people can blind fire you in said smoke. Ps I played belfast in T7/8 competitive before it became KoTS.
  9. Shigure_DD

    Clans throwing ranked games?

    The biggest issue with trying to change ranked MM is the players amount in the q at any one time.... that is why you end up with clans ending up in the same game.. I thought at somepoint WG did change the MM to make sync dropping harder to do. I know in the past in randoms you could sync drop and fill up a whole random game with your clan.
  10. Shigure_DD

    What are the chances this will come back?

    WG has always stated it will never come back and it as a mistake in the first place.
  11. Shigure_DD

    Clans throwing ranked games?

    The fact that you said they were all in DDs make me think that it was just bad luck 2 v 1 in a dd the lone dd isnt going to come out alive most of the time, and like was said if I see someone in the same clan on the other team I try my hardest to kill them to the point I might get myself killed....
  12. Shigure_DD

    Sims Torp Range Buff

    They did Buff the torp range from what it had for the longest time you only had the short CQB torps.
  13. Shigure_DD

    Fix Atlanta: The Power Creep is Real

    You have to remember the Atlanta was one of the first prems they sold after the preorder DDs. I say give her the same torps as Flint and somehow make her AA work better and make her into an AA escort/destroyer leader role she was made for. before she had radar and when her turrets got killed after the first hit you always saw an Atlanta giving AA escort to the CV or a BB.