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  1. Haifuri Commanders

    If only they could get Kantai but DMM isn’t going to do it. Maybe AL.
  2. Haifuri Commanders

    And from the sound of it the HSF people like working with WG so it could be longer then that. They have a few more ships that could be added that were in the show.
  3. Clan Battles

    ZR is running more then one team, I know that my clan faces ZR at lest once every CB session if not more and that was when we were in storm.
  4. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    hmm Kongou is now a DD lol.
  5. What is poi?

  6. WG gave the flag out to everyone that was on a team for Kots/Wsl a few weeks ago today.
  7. Invisible Islands In Clan Battles

    I don’t think this bug is just CB, I have seen pics of it happen to people in random games also.
  8. Atlanta Buff/Adjustments

    people should remember how the Atlanta was b4 the turret buff when one HE salvo would kill most of your turrets.