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  1. Shigure_DD

    CVN-81 to be named after Pearl Harbor Hero

    It would have been nice if they did cvn-80 Enterprise. CVN 81 Yorktown. CVN 82 Hornet. but it is atlest nice to see them use Arizona .
  2. What Raven said is the reason we don't. But Wg was working on maybe having them in port view.
  3. Shigure_DD

    Did anyone finish the Puerto Rico?

    saw someone with one in co op lastnight.
  4. Shigure_DD

    Why is the Georgia the Georgia

    Wg is waiting to use Kentucky as BBG-1 lol
  5. Shigure_DD

    Time to extend the Ship Tiers to 12 or 14

    DDGs you mean like this?
  6. Kitakami was in wows I think she still holds the record for most Team kills.
  7. Shigure_DD

    Stuck on Authorization?

    Its just odd I can get a few games in then it will randomly kick me when I am loading into a game, or after ones over.
  8. Shigure_DD

    Stuck on Authorization?

    mine just kicked me from a game and now its stuck on the loading screen.
  9. Shigure_DD

    You're pushing me out the door WG

    People the +-2 tiers isn't as bad as in cbt when it was a 3 tier spread and you didnt have protected MM for the lower tiers. And fail divs were a thing you loved seeing a t2 in a t10 games. Ps also in CBT uneven teams was a thing.
  10. Shigure_DD

    We called it

    Test subs and give feedback... wows has had the sky is falling thing happen so many times before like smoke firing, open water stealth firing, RPF etc.
  11. Shigure_DD

    Freaking FIX finally the MATCHMAKING!

    It's also kinda easy to pad your win rate in divs and playing certain ships.
  12. Shigure_DD

    USS Norman Scott

    USS Hazelwood (DD-531) Hazelwood, all guns blazing, maneuvered to avoid two of the Zeros. A third screamed out of the clouds from astern. Although hit by Hazelwood’s fire, the enemy plane careened past the superstructure. It hit #2 stack on the port side, smashed into the bridge, and exploded. Flaming gasoline spilled over the decks and bulkheads as the mast toppled and the forward guns were put out of action. Ten officers and 67 men were killed, including the Commanding Officer, Cmdr. V. P. Douw, and 36 were missing. Hazelwood’s engineering officer, Lt. (j.g.) C. M. Locke, took command and directed her crew in fighting the damage and aiding wounded. Proceeding by tow and part way under her own power, the gallant ship reached Ulithi 5 May for temporary repairs,
  13. Shigure_DD

    USS Norman Scott

    You have atlest 3 Fletchers that should be in first wows in some way Taffy3.