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  1. Shigure_DD

    Arpeggio of blue steel

  2. Shigure_DD

    Arpeggio of blue steel

    Funny that they had Ionas model in-game for the event but never did anything with it.
  3. Shigure_DD

    Random Anime musings

  4. Shigure_DD

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    hmmm, this is one way to get people to know your clan name but not the best.
  5. Shigure_DD

    New ships for 0.8.8?

    WG still can add Shigure later, the other Shiratsuyu-class people want.
  6. Shigure_DD

    8.8 Patch Notes

  7. Shigure_DD

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    The setting of Azur Lane is described as follows: This is a blue planet, 71% of its surface is covered with water. Human beings were born in this azure blue sea at the very beginning. However, as humanity grew, so did their ever-expanding ambitions. Peaceful times gave way to war and devastation. Finally, a mysterious enemy emerged from the sea. In the face of overwhelming hostile forces, all camps were still fighting each other. The final result was tragic: Humanity lost more than 90% of its control over the sea. People struggled to survive. The fear of the unknown enemy, who drag humanity into the dark abyss of the despair, spread everywhere. Decades later, in order to recapture the once glorious past, the major camps finally decided to unite and created the Azur Lane - a worldwide military organization. The purpose of the Azure Lane is to gather technologies and resources, and share them between all major camps in the world, to fight back the mysterious enemy. Now, everybody has a same goal: to construct a new fleet that can compete with the "Sirens" and regain control of the sea. In the Azur Lane TV anime, humanity has successfully pushed back the threat of the "Sirens", but now the ship girls of Azur Lane and Red Axis, a rival military faction with different political goals, clash with one another in a war for hegemony over the seas.
  8. Atlest on the NA server the ST program has players of all stats and people that only play co op etc so it's a wide range of players, as for clans/st letting more people in you have to remember a big part of being a tester is a thing called NDA.
  9. Shigure_DD

    New DD for the game

    I would think we will see a usn Allen m Sumner class at some point but that's the thing with usn DDs is that there are so many of them that did a lot of things during the war like uss laffey dd724.
  10. Shigure_DD

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    They are playing the anime trailer at the AL booth at crunchyroll expo so one can only hope that means crunchyroll will have the anime.
  11. Shigure_DD

    Can we talk about the detection model?

    If you want everyone spotted all the time I say let's make the hit chance the 1% it was in real life also.... you just ask the whole ijn center force how hard it is to hit a Fletcher coming at them at flank.
  12. Shigure_DD

    KOTS Commander LF New Clan

    If you haven't I would try the kots discord, or just look at what clans are active and see what one fits you.