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  1. Azure Lane Game starting

    yes they have conformed that the EN will start with the new events first then go back at somepoint and do the old events. going to post this... everyone get ready for your Sandys
  2. DEV Blog: New Clan base Building

    This is why WG is looking at doing the different prime times, they are not going to change the days to friday....
  3. If you look at what most CCs are saying she’s fine as is... she’s a t9 prem meaning your not going to see her in the prem shop so Arsenal or freexp. What’s to say WG isn’t going to change the line and make it more in line to what the JB is you don’t know only WG knows.
  4. Its the opposite of the Mass USN BB capts dont run with secondary build.
  5. Remembers the WSL SS we played a game on polar everything but the DDs got spotted at the start of the game everyone of us was busting up on comms... and both cvs didn’t last 2 mins.
  6. "Super Containers"

    I got 2 1000 doubloons sc in the same week, and I got a 15000 coal one last night.
  7. Azur Lane discussion thread!

  8. A good Harugumo driver will not be alone, anyone thats played CBs will know how bad it is to run into a DD knowing that a zao/mino/wooster is 5-7km behind it and ready to fire.
  9. Stalengrad

    sorry miss read that but yes thats the one issue is that the STs can only do so much.
  10. Stalengrad

    no they are not, WG did a good job at making sure that ST came from all levels of players even pve.
  11. Stalengrad

    yep just like most cruisers it shows its side and it will get blapped
  12. Any unicum player will make something look op.this is like how a shima could win a gunfight vs a gearing/YY over 6km but under the gearing/YY will win most of the time due to the gun arcs.
  13. A new ship request: the Kennedy

    I see something like the Laffey(724) getting added with her 50s refit. the thing with the gearings is that most of them when they turned them into FRAMCANs they lost most of there main guns, unlike the Sumners.