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  1. Shigure_DD

    USS Johnston found!!!!!

    It was a manned sub that was at Johnston this time submersible DSV Limiting Factor. First Footage of USS Johnston - Gun Mounts - YouTube
  2. Shigure_DD

    USS Johnston found

    I really want them to try to find Sammy B she was really close to johnston when they both sank. :(
  3. WGing could add it buts its a Cleveland with a different superstructure, just like the Oregon City-class/Baltimore's. It would be cool to even see what the last two Iowas would have looked like since they wanted to make the same changes to them.
  4. Shigure_DD

    12 Premium BF containers

    I got 3 ships also with 12 containers.
  5. Shigure_DD

    HSF Azuma

    The 150mm would be the 2nd Harekaze Y469 she the first ship in the line and the 4 Yamato class built in the HSF timeline
  6. Shigure_DD

    Foriegn Movie/Film Suggestions thread

    If you liked the 70s one they did to a remake not to long ago.
  7. WG had planned to put in DDGs when they added in the RU DDs sub line in. The DDGs were doing to be a 2nd sub line added at around the sametime if I remember but WG decided not to add them in the end that was said on the forum.
  8. Shigure_DD

    When will all 175 Fletchers be in the game?

    They need to atlest add in the Taffy 3 Fletchers.
  9. Shigure_DD

    When will all 175 Fletchers be in the game?

    WG could pretty much add a fletcher for most nations.
  10. Shigure_DD

    When will calls for ST go out again?

    ^this just keep your eye out for it to get posted.
  11. Shigure_DD


    I think this rule on NA goes back to supremacy league, they did a ruleset that only allowed so many ships of one nation and set limits of certain ships like Bensons.
  12. Shigure_DD

    KOTS containers

    And who knows when the internationals are going to take place due to it being all 4 servers one of them is going to get screwed most likely us on NA.
  13. Shigure_DD

    KOTS containers

    ^its the same from the last KoTS, your going to need to watch I think it was 90mins ish of wows when the finals are on.
  14. Shigure_DD

    Arpeggio stuff

    High school fleet movie blu ray comes out at the end of oct.
  15. Shigure_DD

    Next line after USN BB split?

    Or the 2nd usn cv line that was teased when they first did the rework with Yorktown. If they do that can we have a capt Hara and a Shigure prem since they found away to not get skip bombed.