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  1. I had bots spawn on top of me and couldn’t run away lol.
  2. The Hunger Games: Forum Addition

    Looks like this is it for me... Admiral, everyone... Goodbye.
  3. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Happy 106th birthday Kongou! Happy 83rd birthday Shigure!
  4. Upcoming Massive Sync DROP?!

    Remembers that this wasn’t a issue before clan tags got added only kntai and fog names told you what clan they were in. People never new.
  5. Upcoming Massive Sync DROP?!

    If you have that many people dropping into the q at one time you pretty much will all get into the same game so its not like they are destroying other peoples games... its not the ranked q.
  6. Syn'd clan drops

    I dont see this being a issue unless like its been said one side throws the game.
  7. Sync drop in ranked

    I say AFKs, bots are more of a issue.
  8. Sync drop in ranked

    sorry but I dont see WG changing ranked or clan battles from T10 they want it to be end game.
  9. Sync drop in ranked

    the 5-2 population isnt that big your going to have a higher chance of randomly finding people from the same clan there, also will go up during certain times of the day when more people are playing. I was randomly finding clan members in ranked games and I am not on TS a lot. PS... I was seeing the same people over and over again thats ranked.
  10. USS Pittsburgh?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Pittsburgh_(CA-72) WG uses sister ships when testing line splits since they dont want to confuse people... They did the samething for the IJN DD split
  11. WG i need to make a request.

    also just like radar, DF etc just because a ship can equip hydro doesn't mean it has it.
  12. Ranked MM Unfair

    the score was about even at this point. but I have been on teams with no radars as a DD vs a team with all radar cruisers and still win.