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  1. Oh uss white plains the cruiser killing CVE
  2. I would have hoped the USN would have saved herrmann the only taffy 3 destroyer to have made it out of Samar, but like you said she didn’t sink were Johnston hoel and Sammy b all sank. It was heermanns torp spread that made Yamato turn away. or maybe both Nicholas and o bannon two of the first Fletcher’s put in service and some of the last to be decommissioned from the usn they were twins to the end.
  3. Lots of radar and torps
  4. Johnston going in alone But there are a lot of destroyers I would like to see something like this happen for like both laffeys, Nicholas, o bannon the two most decorated destroyers
  5. Or this will happen
  6. Glowworm would be funny lol
  7. you would hate to see people go D, or a battleship going into A.
  8. Laffey cqb with hiei. Then ate shells from hiei and a torp from teruzuki.
  9. Maybe kantai collection don't think it would happen but who knows lol
  10. I think we will see more from HSF since they said they would like to work with WG more.