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  1. look at what MM use to do.
  2. ^we might see a unsold prem ship also that isnt nelson.
  3. We have to see how Sony picking up Funimation dose with Crunchyroll since that should gives them a lot more money and power to deal with getting shows.
  4. She's going to be a prem WG has already said that.
  5. USS Brush (DD-745), an Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer
  6. WG has already said she will be a perm, that was going to have been out a few months back but something came up.
  7. Yes shinano was around in CBT and you saw them mostly yolo into a cap in kill things with her secondary's.
  8. I would vote of both Laffeys
  9. Tan yang for the pan Asia line WG said she will be out at somepoint. Hibiki for the vmf line. as for HSF ships we might see Y469 Harekaze 2... also HSF musashi/Yamato skin? They also show a takao class in the anime.
  10. WG has pretty much said is going to another pan Asia prem destroyer, harekaze beening somewhat of a test for her. And WG showed somemore vmf destroyers in the 2017 video they were the ddg.
  11. or you park on the island
  12. I got stuck on another DD today in a DD... or you park like this
  13. Can't wait :3