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  1. Sumner class OP cant wait for an USN sumner with OP AA aka Laffey724
  2. WG has been adding things to the main client that started life as a mod for sometime now. Its why most people only use mods for Skins now.
  3. but yes so many nice fan done girls.
  4. I would say join other clans discord’s and see were you fit in, a lot of clans are looking at CBs more then WSL now sucks to say...
  5. They could have done Uss Melvin the fletcher class that got the torpedo hit on fuso, or one of the Pearl Harbor BBs that was there.
  6. I think and this has been said that torps should be spotted then lose spotting when they leave the vision range of what’s spotting them. So like plays following a dd around dosnt spot there torps for the whole time they are running etc.
  7. CBT MM uneven teams and the team with more players gets the only CV, if I wasn’t at work I would post a pic of that and to top it off the CV was Ichase.
  8. That really only happens now when a CV stays on the q and hits the 5min mark. You use to see this a lot more in CBT.
  9. the Sumners lost their rear torp mount for 2 3in mounts like the ones on the Des Moines.
  10. I do wish that WG would have given us some type of jolly roger flag with kidd since the USN allowed her crew to fly one on her main mast along with painting that caption kidd on the funnel.
  11. Harekaze suffers the sameway kidd dose you really need a high point caption.
  12. Most clans will try their hardest to kill the members on the other team. Its not wroth trying to throw games since that could lead to WG coming after your clan as a whole.
  13. @mohawkdriver the first game I posted the other team melted. Oh and yes I am a dd main.
  14. my first game in mine.