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  1. I say watch SAO Abridged
  2. WG did say that we are getting the cat at somepoint so maybe the XO will also come we can only hope.
  3. You only can get one set of 10 det flags once every 24hrs.
  4. everything I see on Taffy 3 paints them all as a crazy murder ball you dont want to mess with haha.
  5. second vote for Johnston :P
  6. There is a good white plains I have seen
  7. Hmm I wonder :3
  8. I want them to add the ova hull with the new number Y469.
  9. That's harekazes sonar they use it to ping a sub in the anime, then use the paravane haha. the anime is set now so the ships might look like ww2 ships but they are modern.
  10. They just changed to so that you can use doubloons this last patch
  11. And that is one reason you are starting to see a lot of jets like the dc10, md80, and bac146
  12. There is only 3 dc-10 fire tankers and they are all based in Cali. the first one they used 910 almost crashed doing a drop started to hit trees the crew was able to pull out and save the plane.