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  1. Massachusetts for secondary fun unless you need a trainer for the USN BB line.
  2. I’d actually go as far as everyone should get free premium time for the duration of patch 8.0.0 as compensation for essentially turning the live server to a game balance test server.
  3. While this would be nice, I don't think it is technically feasible since the PTS needs to be able to test changes within port and port UI as well which are elements that are not subject to changes based on game modes. In addition patches might require accessing resources that are changing but have the same file or variable names in which case having a piece of that on the live client may cause bugs and issue in of itself even if it's stored under a separate directory. If a bug or issue is discovered with the test element, it becomes more difficult to isolate late the cause since you have test elements mixed in with non-test elements maybe, all in all it's best from a software development perspective to not mix test and live builds.
  4. NCC81701

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    People don’t believe you because the events that you saw transpired can be explained by many and multiple ways that does not involve nor requires “hacks.” Given the difficultly of performing the type of hack that you insist must happening, it becomes exceedingly difficult to believe that what you saw was indeed the result of a hack. One begs the question that if a hack as you describe exists, how there can be not a single YouTube video or twitch feed showing said hack in this day and age where everything is posted on the internet. At the same time, there is a plethora of videos demonstrating how a skill player can reasonably predict torpedo launches based on what is available in a default UI and having good situational awareness, or just plain luck; which readily explain the events as you have observed. Your continue insistence that what you saw *must* be a hack in the face of the banquet of non-hack explanations makes you no better than people that reject your claims of a hack out of hand. However because there are so many non hack explaination of what occurred, the burden is upon you to show beyond a reasonable doubt that this was a hack. What you have provided thus far is far too subjective to be considered sufficient proof that a hack has indeed occurred.
  5. Even if it is not enough to bounce, you increase the effective thickness that can make a difference between a normal pen and a citadel pen
  6. NCC81701

    A question on the dispersion mechanic

    Don’t think so, but you don’t want to anyways. Your overall dispersion will probably get worst because now you’ll always have to hit x to lock on to what you want to shoot and you are likely to forget more often than not. Much simpler to let auto lock work and use X to manually switch targets for edge cases where it’s not locking on to what you want.
  7. NCC81701

    Ramming mechanic is broken

    On the list of things WOWS needs fixing and improving, this is way down on the bottom of the list. It’s not ideal, but not game breaking either.
  8. NCC81701

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    I am a fan of a CV rework. I am not a fan of using the live server as a test server for the current state of the CV rework as of 8.0.0. I am not a fan of autopilot only and auto consumables only that WG is trying to jam through
  9. CVs will always be annoying to surface ships until there is a manual element to AA, because until then you will always be at the complete mercy of RNG. You just get better RNG with an AA build
  10. NCC81701

    What makes a unicom a unicom?

    Good at prioritization, most people lump this into situational awareness but it really is its own thing. This is things like knowing which ship is the biggest threat to your team's win` (sometimes this is your own teammates where they flip point leads by dying). Being good at prioritization also means you constantly update your priorities based on inputs from your situational awareness. Chasing down and finishing off a 50 hp DD is pretty important, but probably not important enough to keep chasing if he is kiting you out to A1 for 3 minutes.
  11. NCC81701

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    If you aren’t trying to blame anyone, then why are you suggesting the penalty system be changed? By your OP, you explicitly suggest if you do X,Y and Z “ then... no violation.” I don’t know how that does not equate to a non reduction in penalty if you get no violation as oppose to becoming pink now.
  12. NCC81701

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    By definition if you are hitting your allies, you’ve fired from the back lines. By suggesting that you want WG to reduce penalty, means you want to off load at least part of the responsibly for launching trops in front of your allies. By everyone who is telling you to man up your own mistake implicitly tells you that your idea is superfluous and completely unnecessary. Seriously, how hard is it to not do team damage for 5 games to get rid of your pink status? Certainly doesn’t warrant a whole post game questionnaire and 6 pages of forum posts.
  13. NCC81701

    Friendly Fire Torpedos

    Don’t launch trops from the back line, if you do then take responsibility for hitting your own teammates if it does happen. There really isn’t anything more to discuss here.
  14. NCC81701

    Make random...PURE random pls

    When you sync drop 2 divs, you actually increase the odds of being on opposite teams cuz MM try to have equal number of division on both teams.