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  1. Maybe instead of mouthing off how high tier USN BB play, you should try to play them and form your own opinion. You have 350 games and maxed out at tier 6, you have no idea what you are talking about.
  2. Do what you want, but re-rolling wouldn't magically make you a better player nor would it help your stats. After 2 years since going live, there are even more players that knows way more than you about the game. The advice is just to play the game, make mistakes, and learn from them; it's the only way to get good at this game. As other have said, 250 games is a tiny amount and if you play consistently your first 250 games will not count for much after you have a couple thousands games.
  3. This is why average xp is a pretty useless metric for anything other than roughly estimating how many games it'll take to get you to the next ship.
  4. I don't know if there's a difference in XP accrue between fire or pen damage. Just saying that in general you can inflate your damage numbers if a lot of your damage comes from say 1 fire on a BB that the captain decides to let it burn out and repair afterwards. Thus your damage numbers goes up, but effectively its worthless cuz the BB captain healed it back up after the fact.
  5. For future reference, ranked battles is tracked separately and isn't included in your random battle totals. Your forum tag have you pegged at 5,747 combined from all mode so you've hit 5K for a while now. When I set out on this game after end of beta, my goal was 56% overall... I've far outstripped that and I'm just searching for what's the highest I can achieve now.
  6. Did you purchase premium time? WG API for some reason include premium time xp bonuse in the xp it reports back. If you don't have premium time, your average XP is lower than otherwise. Other factors might be that you have low survivability at 21% vs 28% average, but you kept your damage numbers up because most of that damage is probably fire damage which is less impactful and 100% heal-able.
  7. Just use the snipping tool
  8. Littoral combat ship primarily operates in the littoral zone, which is a fancy word for coastal areas near the shores and beaches and river deltas
  9. If you have problems punishing someone that is using this "rocking tactic," the problem isn't the mechanics, the problem is your inability to punish said player.
  10. There's a reddit post on how to use your existing WoWS account on steam. You'll have to mess with your installed game files so it's not koshered, do it at your own risk type solution.
  11. To be frank, for you, it won't make a difference. We've seen your type before; an arm chair historian who read a few books and now your are the executive chairmen of the official XYZ ship history committee. You come into the game having preconceived notion how it should be played because "history." Over the next few weeks you'll find that the ship doesn't play the way you think it should be played then proceed to blame WG about how it ignores and contrive everything about your beloved ship, naval history, naval strategy, etc etc etc in an effort to make a game that's actually fun to play. The point is, until you recognize that this is a game that is inspired by naval history with its own set of rules and mechanics, you'll never do well in this game no matter what ship you select or upgrades you decide to put on until you internalize that this is a game and not a simulation.
  12. Nothing wrong w/ the buses in the Montgomery bus boycott either, but if you hate something on the scale that you seem to, just seems counter intuitive to support it, even passively by playing F2P only. At the very least, I'd get tired of writing about how [edited] their sales tactics are day after day and eventually do something else with my free time.
  13. @issm You seem to play WoWS a lot for someone who's every other post hammers WG and their sales tactics. How do you play so much of something you hate this much? Edit: legitimate question, not intending to troll... I would have quit WoWS or any game that I'd complain about this much long before I ever hit 2000 games, much less 20,000+ games.
  14. Confirmation bias, it's more noticeable when DD load in late since they have faster acceleration and typically spawn towards the front of the team. You get AFK from BBs too but they're usually behind you and they typically accelerate really slow so you just aren't sure if they loaded in late or just slow to accelerate.
  15. You are matched up based on the highest tiered ship in your division, if you do an Tier 8 + tier 10, you will always get tier 10 games. If you can't carry your son in a tier 8, then either one or both of you should player lower tiers so you two can get better and help the team in the division.