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  1. NCC81701

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    You also have to land the hit to have a chance of starting fire and you can’t start a fire on a section that is already on fire. It’s not as bad as you are making it out to be.
  2. NCC81701

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    That doesn’t factor in the innate fire resistance on the target ship. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire
  3. NCC81701

    Roller Coaster

    This is why daily stats is statistically meaningless unless you play hundreds of games a day
  4. NCC81701


    Don't get into close range w/ ships equipped with torps. If they are pushing towards you, kite away.
  5. Play as close to the center of the map as possible while keeping within easy range of your support
  6. NCC81701

    Midway deck armor stronk

    The angle of fall is only between 12-18 degrees at 17km from the 16" mark 6 guns. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_16-45_mk6.php
  7. NCC81701

    GK is actually not bad

    Secondary build at which the GK is best at isn’t the best build if you want to consistently win. The problem is, whatever the GK can do in a survivability build, other TX BB can do better.
  8. NCC81701

    Why Are you Joining the CV Rework Test

    To give feedback to WG on what works and what doesn’t so the end product actually improves the game as a whole for CV and non CV
  9. NCC81701

    Acasta - First Impressions

    You don't have engine boost on UK DDs in exchange for its phenomenal ability to keep its speed while yanking and banking. UK DDs are effectively faster than other DDs while other DDs are only faster under straight line ideal conditions..
  10. NCC81701

    What is the Point of Bridges?

    Because you need to see in order to steer the ship so you put the bridge (conning tower) high up where visibility is good. Same reason why it's the nerve center of the ship to give commanders good situational awareness. You need to armor the bridge so a lucky hit doesn't take out all the controls to the ship and knock out all your high ranking officers.
  11. NCC81701

    Wow! Hood really sucks!

    Hood has exactly the same guns as the Warspite with a 0.2 reduction in sigma that's hardly noticeable due to the low shell velocity.
  12. NCC81701

    Question on Angling

    Angling is to defend against most AP shells that auto bounce at 45 deg unless it's overmatched. Presenting a smaller profile is an ancillary benefit.
  13. NCC81701

    High Caliber

    Play a Battleship in ranked. Lower Total HP Pool help with doing the % of damage required to obtain High Caliber.
  14. NCC81701

    Who have you seen in game

    Stream sniping @Ducky_shot is the best, guarantee wins if you are on the opposing team as my single game sample proved ;)
  15. NCC81701

    Do You Ever Go AA Trolling Hoping to Get CVs

    Gneisenau is he best CV troll ship in the game if you have an AA captain for it.