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  1. Cursed Supercontainer

    I'd give up my 20 DCP mod that I have gotten for your 1 Radar Mod any day of the week.
  2. Not as arrogant as the dude with < 1000 base xp and putting the blame on his teammate
  3. Real good players don't need to trash talk or demean other players, they just play well and don't need to shift blame to the opponent or their teammates.
  4. So you are compelled to do things that have a negligible effect towards winning at great risk to yourself and more than likely to put you into a very bad spot... I think you just answered your own questions as to why you are stuck at 50%
  5. Low XP

    That's the thing, there were no significant negative XP earning changes. What OP is attributed to as changes in XP progression is mostly confirmation bias from the fact that it takes longer for him to progress as he moved up in tiers.
  6. Low XP

    XP progression is not linear, the higher the tier the more XP required to get to the next ship. Winning games and doing things that contribute to a win can significantly increase your XP earnings. Doing next to nothing in a high tier game nets you ~200 base XP; being top 3 on your team and winning can regularly net you ~1000-1200+ base XP. The game encourage skillful play and you can progress multiple times faster if you get better at the game. This is before premium time and flags are factored in. TL:DR, fastest way to progress is to git gud
  7. Double click salvo

    No, your aim is good enough that your 1st salvo gets at least 1 hit; which means your first guess at where to aim is decent enough that in general you can land your shots w/out ranging them. Your hit % should increase with each successive salvo since each salvo you fire should give you more information on how to change your lead angle assuming the target is ailing straight and steady. You should get to the point where for a straight and steady target, that you are confident at centering your first salvo on your target.
  8. Double click salvo

    You should learn to improve your aim to the point where you can land at least 1 hit on the first salvo. At higher tiers you will not be given the time to range your shots as good shooting opportunities are fleeting.
  9. TK Scenario

    No, It's on you to not launch if there's a possibility that you'd hit an ally.
  10. When clan tags on your team looks familiar but you forget why.
  11. These are not apples to apples comparison because in the angled picture, the target ship is providing a bigger profile for you to hit due to your turret placement. The number of guns and location of the guns in the turret makes negligible difference for same number of guns. Even if we follow your argument for a 4 gun layout, dispersion would means that sometimes the trajectory of the two center guns would cross on the target which in turns means that you would land 2 hits instead of 1 or 0 hits. If you take enough samples, everything will average out and the only thing that actually matter is the dispersion calculated on a per-gun basis. You are also suffering from confirmation bias as the Gneisenau and Bismark both have poor dispersion values and small number of guns and you are comparing them against BBs that have more guns and are more accurate.
  12. Dispersion

    In the game, dispersion is calculated per gun irrespective of how many guns per turret or how many turrets you are firing at the same time. Real life is different but this game isn't a simulator.
  13. This was discussed to death last season and nothing was really change since people on the west coast are still screwed over this season by their window for "prime time".
  14. Grinding Strategy

    Unfortunately I'm not surprised you didn't know, there are a lot of non-intuitive things that WG doesn't tell its players..... Like turning on "last spotted markers" and "range rings" on the mini map, or using "Alternative battle interface" gives you far more relevant information than the standard UI.
  15. Grinding Strategy

    Moving captains as you change ship becomes more and more important as you move further up the tree. The further up you go in a tree, the more people will have captains with 10+ captain skills and the more you will be at a significant disadvantage if you get a new captain instead of retaining an old one for the new ship. You also stay in the ship for longer as you go up a tree which makes the math on retraining better as you move up the tree as well. I typically start migrating my captains as I move up the tech tree once I hit tier 5. Use a same nation premium ship to work off the retaining penalty if you have one.