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  1. Taking it to the next level?

    Don’t think about stats when playing. If you play well, stats will follow. What stats are useful for is figuring out how well other people can play in the same ship and where you are relative to them and what you are deficient in. As I said in my earlier post in this thread, you need to stop thinking about how bad your teammates are or whether you are bottom tier. Instead, think about how to maximize the impact of your ship and what you have to work with. Even unicums lose 1 out of 3 games but they play their best in everyone of them. To put it this way, when you are bottom tier, you only have to out play your opponent’s bottom tier ships and you’ll have >50% WR every time you are bottom tier because who is top tier is random; sometimes you get better top tier players and sometimes you get worst. The only constant in these games are you and the fact that you are bottom tier, so the question is, when you are bottom tier can you out play other players at the same tier.
  2. Taking it to the next level?

    There are a handful of very good ships that you did poorly by a wide margin, Hindy and Montana. I don’t know if these were played early in your WoWS but these are very good ships but you did exceptionally poor in them. If that is from early in your career, you might want to revisit them. If these are recent, then you seem to be lacking the kite at range or long range engagement skill set. Outside of that your stats looks scattered in what you do well but solid in the ships you do well. I think the next level that you are looking for is playing the map and teams and less so about maximizing the skill in your boats. Things you need to work on from this point are things like making good guesses to the intention of the red team and positioning yourself to best counter play their intentions. This is where you need to stop thinking about how bad your teammates are and think about how to best use what you got to pull out a win. Honestly at this stage the best way to advance is to play with very good players and observe how they play. As you watch and/or play with them, try to make guesses to their intentions and see if you can predict what they are planning to do. If you are right, then chances are you are thinking along the same line and you are beginning to see the game at a strategic level. If you are wrong, try to figure out why they did the things they did. Sometimes you are right and they are wrong since Unicums too can make mistakes and if they did there is a lesson in that as well. Wish you best of luck in your endeavors. @Ducky_shot thank you for the shout out and you are no slouche yourself. I think you are actually a much better player than I in certain aspects of the game
  3. 9 in a Bismarck only did like 80k damage so there was a lot of kill securing
  4. WR of > 53% or < 47% is where the ship should start to be looked at since this means the average WR of the ship is 50% +/- 3%, or more than an uncertainty of 6%.
  5. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    And how are you suppose to do that when everyone else is in a DD and they out spot you the whole game? Even if they are spotted, all they have to do is sit behind an island in the middle of the map for the whole game until the ring forces you to be close and it's game over for anyone that plays anything other than a DD. Why would anyone queue anything other than a DD in a mode like that?
  6. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    To elaborate on @mofton 's point. If your ship doesn't do well in < 3km range you have no incentive to queue your ship. Why would you bring a French cruiser to a game mode where it forces you to fight in QCB. What incentive is there for anyone to bring anything other than DDs into such a game mode? Less ship type and variety means less people in the queue which turns into an death spiral of lack of players in the queue and the death of the game mode. This just seems like a horrible plan that no one have actually thought it through beyond "i'll be cool if we copy+paste PUBG into WoWS"
  7. Pissed off player

    To be honest, i'm not sure if this game is for you if you don't have a thick enough skin to sit through 50 games before complaining about the player base.
  8. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    All of these sounds like they will whither and die after 2 or 3 weeks from the lack of people that will be queuing them after the initial honeymoon period.
  9. Whatever the situation calls for. Long range fight or short range bawls are merely two out of many options one can choose to engage for a given game. Some ships are better at one or the other but they are not mutually exclusive and both can be exhibited in the same game as the situation changes. It's foolish to try to push a square peg into a round hole by forcing a brawl when the situation clearly calls for a standoff kiting engagement even if your ship is best suited for a brawl.
  10. Historical Ammunition Levels

    @Dr_Dirt @Belthorian You always turn into the wind to launch an aircraft off the carrier deck because windspeed over the wings of the aircraft is what produce lift. If the ship is already providing 30 kts of wind over deck, that's 30 kts less speed the aircraft + catapult have to generate on its own for takeoff.
  11. You can pseudo do this by aiming slightly off to the port or starboard side of the bow to get the rear turrets started turning a specific direct. You don't have to constantly aim at your target, so you can freely use your aim point to move turrets around while you wait for the to guns load.
  12. @RagingxMarmoset play against the team, dont play against a ship. Did the KGV have to die? Was his position vital to his team or prevent your team from accomplsihing some immediate objective? People get too fixated on fighting what’s infront of them so they try to win a fight where they don’t have an advantage and never stop to ask if the fight was worth fighting for in the first place.
  13. Best of the Best - Air Defense

    Cruiser: Minotaur Overall: AA spec Gneisenau can surprise CV drivers with it where as every CV driver knows a Minotaur is a no fly zone.
  14. If you have a fixed play style, then you are inflexible to changing circumstances and makes you predictable. There's no reason why kiting, turtling, and yoloing shouldn't be in your list of options if your aim in the game is to win.
  15. It's pure folly to think that you can ask/make your teammates do what you think it's best to win the game. The sooner you accept that you can't change the way random pub players act and play, the sooner you can focus on things you can change to influence the outcome of a match. This is where map reading and predicting player behavior (both your team and the red team) comes into play. If you know what your opponent is doing, and if you know what your teammates are likely to do, then you can position yourself to have the most influence on the outcome of a game. For example, the sooner you realize that one of your flanks only have 2 bottom tier ships with 48% players, the sooner you can formulate whether it's in your team's best interest to play a delaying action and kite, or to put all your weight on your team's stronger side and hope to win by a big enough margin there to save your weaker flank at a later time.