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  1. Gneisenau is my favorite hidden AA gem because a lot of CV player really doesn't expect how powerful of an AA suite it has at tier 7 if you spec for it. If spec properly you can push a big chunk of its AA def out to 7km and have them further boosted by manual AA. With its speed, armor, and torpedoes, the Geisenau is like the swiss army knife of battleships.
  2. Confirmation bias? Expectation too high? Your WR over the weekend was 60%, I doubt most people would consider that as bad. You generally have to fight like hell for most games to maintain a WR that high, so it's not really a weekend thing.
  3. A key to doing well in a high tier BB is reading the mini map and assessing when you need to push and when it is better to hunker down and delay while you let the rest of your team push. Some people call this camping, but I don't care what people call it as long as it win games. The timing of when and placing of where you should be pushing or delaying is tricky and is highly situational. Typically in a tier 10 game though, 2 minutes in is pretty early to invest heavily into a push on a cap w/ a BB unless you know the opposition at the cap you are pushing toward is lite to non-existent because you see everyone on the red team is on the other side of the map. Without seeing a replay I wouldn't know what the right call is. You also need to play based on what your team is doing. You can't make your team do what you want, but you can make plays to give your team the best odds of winning based on what they are doing. Capping B might be a good play but it'll be come a bad one if your team doesn't want to play ball and screen those shima torps for your Yamato. If your team is dumb and doesn't see an opening and support you as you push, don't be dumber and go in unsupported trading a Yamato for nothing. TL:DR Pushing and camping are both valid for a BB given the right circumstances. It's not a binary choice nor are they mutually exclusive in a given game or from one BB to the next.
  4. Xp & Credit reward are based on %HP taken off a ship. Taking out 50% of the HP pool from a DD is worth as much as taking out 50% of the HP pool of a GK even though the damage number is much higher when you do that to a GK.
  5. Yes you need to have the target lock otherwise the computer wouldn't know what range you are aiming at so it aim at the closes point to what you are pointing at, the island.
  6. The counter is to use a scout plane so the origin of your aim point is higher which lets you aim behind islands and into smoke. This is why some people choose to take the catapult scout plane instead of the catapult fighter plane. Furthermore, firing behind an island only works if you stay at range, the closer you are to said island, the less likely he'd be able to fire over them.
  7. Without locking on to a ship, how can the computer figure out what range you are shooting at from aiming on a 2D plane? Observe: Make sure the terrain hit indicator is on and pay attention to it and not fire if the icon is lit. Once you fire, the shell's trajectory is ballistic. The shell doesn't alter its course just because you lose sight of the target. If the shell fell short, it's because you either didn't pay attention to the terrain hit indicator, or you weren't locked on to the target ship when you fired.
  8. I think people are downplaying the fire chance difference too much. The 419mm CQ have 12% better fire chance than the Montana, and 8% better fire chance than the 420mm GK per shell. That extra 8-12% significantly increase your odds of getting a double fire per salvo, which cause people to instinctively DCP right before the next salvo which then put on a double perma fire. Without mitigation the damage of 2 perma fire is 36% of the HP pool and we haven't factor in the HE blast damage. This amount of damage is hitting broadside citadel territory with 2 salvos of AP rounds without all the worry about bounces and you can break more modules. If you have coordinated fire from a division, you can pretty much guarantee to set multiple fires with the CQ. While a fire damage is heal-able, it will take you out of the fight for a few minutes unless you want to risk losing your ship. That 8-12% increase in fire chance makes a huge difference in what you can expect to do in the CQ that you can't expect with another Tier X BB. Odds of starting at least 2 fires assuming binomial probability is valid. assuming 3 and 4 hit salvo with 25%-33% hit rate from a 12 gun salvo Ship fire chance / shell 3-hit salvo 4-hit salvo 412mm CQ 48% 47.0% 65.7% Montana 36% 30.5% 45.5% 420mm GK 40% 35.2% 52.5%
  9. I think you're looking for the Developer Q&A where game mechanics are discussed more in-depth and more game mechanics related questions get answered than the staff Q&A. The last Dev Q&A was posted about a month ago.
  10. I don't see how this solves your problem. Teamwork comes from good players being situation-ally aware of what everyone is doing regardless of whether they are in a division. Just because players are division-ing together, it doesn't automatically mean they have better teamwork. I also don't know why you pay attention to or care about bad teammates that asks for support after they've over committed; and that this annoy you enough to make a nonsensical solution to a non-problem. No one else can pick their teammates either beyond 2 others in a division. MM evens this out by trying its best to equalize the number of division on both teams if it can. The game is no harder for you than any one else playing solo pub; statistically speaking.
  11. MM should just kick you out of the queue after waiting for 5 minutes in a CV instead of throwing together a crap match up. Not fair to the folks who got pulled in and it's just a waste of their time.
  12. While this is true, I think the impact of higher fire chance from UK BB HE shell (especially at high tiers) is that you can consistently get multiple fires with 1 salvo on top of the elevated HE damage. In other BBs you can expect to set 1 fire per HE salvo where as now you can expect to set 2+ fires with a UK BB. This makes it viable to trade two consecutive AP salvos for two consecutive HE salvos with a high chance of setting a double perma fire. The odds of setting multiple perma fires are even higher if you have coordinated shooting against a single target. This IMO is what makes HE firing UK BBs the new black. I honestly think it UK BB fire chance can use a nerf or make fire prevention capt skill be cheaper to counter additional fires being set.
  13. The problem with 4K is that there's no UI scaling so the UI is "tiny" and you can only make the mini map so big. I've gotten use to it and there's not issues with it technically speaking provided you have a graphics card that can support running the game smoothly at 4k resolution.
  14. WG's ability to use ambiguous phrasing never cease to amaze me.
  15. Perfectly acceptable to not care about WR and just have a fun time. The problem is when people do care about their WR, but try to find as many excuses as they can to not point the finger at themselves for the cause of their own sub-par performance.