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  1. Campaign doesn't have a time limit on them. I'm still working on the Bull Halsey campaign and probably won't finish until closer to the end of the year. Pace yourself out because you don't have to get everything within the first 2 weeks of the start of the event.
  2. From my perspective, the scheduling only seems packed if you decided to participate in everything. For someone that doesn't participate in CB or Ranked (say PVE players), then the only event of significance before the Go-Navy one is the French BB one back in ~February. Thus from WG's perspective this is fine since they want to cater to a bigger player base that have a spectrum of priorities and interest.
  3. I don't understand the conflict here, participation is a conscious choice. For example, If you feel ranked season is too frequent then you can play every other season or every 3rd season. WG's role is to make it available so that if someone else that wants to play every ranked season they can if they choose to.
  4. Because different people have different priorities, more events in both timing and variety means there's a better chance that there is an event that you can participate in and be interested in irrespective of your priorities. If you decided that you must participate in every event, it's your choice to burn yourself out.
  5. Second... I don't know why WG thinks extending CB hrs by 1-2 hrs or adding an extra day would break anything while at the same time it would solve far more problems than enabling x-server play and is far easier to implement.
  6. Just because there is an event/Rank season/CB season going on it doesn't mean you have to participate in all of them. Pick and choose which event you actually want to do/complete and focus on those, and play more infrequently outside of those events. You are the judge of where you should spend your time, not WG.
  7. 1) How do you know it's not their priority 1? 2) You do realize game development companies have a large staff specifically so they can tackle multiple problems at the same time right? 3) Not every problem takes the same amount of time to resolve.
  8. Then you are either just imagining things or you are unreasonably magnifying the variance in base xp earnings between different play through.
  9. @Stormie1126 @Falcor93 Operation Narai was pulled a few months ago in patch 7.2 cuz its XP earnings was deem to be way too high for a healthy game economy so they probably adjusted it when the operation was put back in with patch 7.7.
  10. I'd rather they extend CB time by 2hrs instead of +10% steel. For people with jobs on the west coast and can't make it to the east coast CB "prime time", +10% of zero is still zero.
  11. Balance suggestions

    Take a look in the mirror buddy, cuz you just described yourself.
  12. The only way to unlock a new ship on the tech tree is to use the XP accumulated on the ship that immediately precedes the ship you are trying to unlock on the tech tree, Free XP, or a combination of the two. I don't know why you are fixating on the XP you've accumulated on the Bismarck since that ship does not immediately precedes the GK and therefor the XP you've earn there is irrelevant and cannot be applied toward researching the GK. It honestly is not that confusing.
  13. Focus Firing on Enemy Ships

    Just because you have good firing angles or someone and you call out a target, it doesn't mean everyone on your team also have good firing angles on that target.