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  1. The amount of players who answered 'no' is even scarier.
  2. She might very well get there.
  3. There was a WG sales pitch for the HSF ships that 'implied' that the XO anime gals would come with the purchase of the HSF ship(s). Really, really close, imho, to 'false advertising' by WG since these XOs are presently AWOL. I think WG should be concentrating on offering these anime figures before the Cat Isoroku. Of course, offer Isoroku, as well.
  4. very funny not. I just experienced this. It was not funny. It was a bizarro 'singularity' (& some 'artificer' altered my guns to act like this without my knowledge) this Cpt 'Queeg' is cheesed & if I catch that sailor who did this, well he/she will be a Specialist !st Class 'Potato Pealer' for the duration of his/her tour.
  5. You mean it has a very wide range? Apparently, it does. I guess I saw the extreme horrid end. I just wish I had a video record of that battle & all could see that utter CRAP cause that is what it was. I got that Corgi down probably 98% (very close to that if not slightly more) SOLO. Yet my last three volleys were so dispersed that someone else got it when the Corgi was so close to dead (easily less than 1% dmg). Ya, sure. You think I'll ever see the opposite result where all my shell volleys fully hit & I get, like 7+ kills or something & a record amount of damage? Any takers? I thought not. & WG shell dispersion algorithms never cheat? Ya, sure, they never cheat. Bull Crap!
  6. I'm still pi**ed by THAT & with good reason for how darned hard it is to get a Corgi at the best of times. I was robbed. RNG out & out stole that from me (cheated me, in fact).
  7. I have all the modules filled & I do have that module (#3 slot , I believe). Anyway, I sure hope there has been no dispersion nerf to the Ark B.
  8. What exactly are you trying to say here, Reitzie? First you complain about an alleged shell dispersion nerf then you post a battle where you got 4 kills - that is a great result. (& I would never boast/post about kills, even a Kraken+, well, maybe that I would, lol). My particular Corgi battle was simply shell dispersion preposterousness. like, as I maintain, a bizarro 'singularity'.
  9. Agreed. The First Rule of Game Design; Players will always find the loopholes which the Developers fail to see - this happens in all games no matter how well play tested beforehand.
  10. A Corgi Kill was literally stolen from me due to the most atrocious shell dispersion I've ever experienced in this game & I was on my Ark B when it happened. (see my thread 'Corgi Weekend North Korea' )
  11. Only the two choices? Glad I picked right, lol.
  12. Good for you (I guess?).
  13. Proof Orks aren't green - they just get painted that way.
  14. Yes, TY for those pics, Doomlock. +1 from me too.