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    History, Motorcycling, Bicycling,Board Gaming (social & military, Internet Gaming (EQ previously, Steel Panthers - best WW2 game ever, WoT & WoWS) & watching intelligent TV = PBS, Nature, Smithsonian, Knowledge (here in BC) & CBC. I also like watching sports - CFL (3 downs exciting) & NFL (4 downs boring)football, MLS football (err soccer), NHL Hockey & (if you can find it) Aussie rules football (crazy good action)

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  1. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Here is an idea I just had for a 'Forum-wide Contest' (perhaps it is not the first time suggested but I haven't seen anything similar, lately, so here goes) Feature Names for Maps. Many of the maps have unique features, 'capes', 'islands' themselves (their shape maybe, for example, 'partial land masses', hills/mountain', 'settlements' be they a hamlet or village, 'building features' ie: an airport/airstrip, factory, etc and 'bodies of water' (bays, channels, lagoons, straits, etc. Atm, positions on the maps are referred to as 'C5', etc, etc as the case may be. This is rather cumbersome & the letter/number designations are confusing as WG inexplicably reverses the normal order of these graph co-ordinates. Why not have names printed on the maps for various features? This does not have to be 'everything', just major features. For example, on the Big Race map, there is the main 'southern' channel that is often the early DD battleground. It is a big 'bend' in shape (to me, at least) so I like to refer to it as the 'Bend'. My point is we use acronyms for a lot if things (eg: newb, troll, unicum, etc, etc) so why not some names for prominent map features? Anyway, I'm trying to offer another idea for a contest & something to enhabce WoWS fun/play. Might you, PoW, boot this to wherever/whomever it might interest, please.
  2. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    2 new observations; 1) I'm glad I offered a few larger scale suggestions for PoW to consider. He asked/asks for ideas. Offer them. 2) unfortunately, there has been little activity here, lately, or even at all! (I thought there would have been 'way more') and, really, a number of posters, all they can do is ask for something selfish?
  3. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    I don't use LS much at all. DDs, especially lower tier ones get deleted so fast if they get hit, it isn't worh it there, imho.
  4. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Do you mean 'Feedback and Bugs' Thread or 'Feedback and Thoughts directly to PoW' Staff Post Thread? I sent my ideas to the later one (since my suggestions aren't technically 'bugs' tho some might say me or my ideas are the 'bug', lol).
  5. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Cpt Aethervox, espying the new flag 'a flying from the PoW Enterprise with his telescope, had this to say, "Arrgh, shiver me timbers, that barnacle of a Captain almost has thee flag I war a thinkin ter fly!" Upon further examination ( a better telescope) Cpt Aethervox grumbled, "Well, close ter me idea, cur-incidentally close. I'm a thinkin PoW waren't a thinkin exactly like me."
  6. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

  7. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Rewording: WoWS, apparently, does have the ability to have a secondary flag slot (surprise!) so why restrict it to a rare yet deserved few? Why not have this second flag more extensive in reward? (as in the ways I suggest) * Correction - there are already 2 slots - what is being shown is a third 'special' one. & I'm all for a 'special reward' for the 'few'. I suggest this be a/the SPECIAL 'fourth/fifth flag slot' If one thinks about it - there could be up to four/five rectangular flag slots, namely, 1) National Ensign 2) Bonus Flag slot (if a bonus is available) 3) '0' bonus commemorative flag slot (this has plenty of candidates already) (2 & 3 might combine/overlap, although I vote No here) 4) Clan Flag 5) the Special Reward flag that is being announced by Pigeon of War for the 'deserving few'. Anyone against some extra 'chrome'? Is this clear now/now reworded well enough?
  8. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    No & I'm quizzical that you cannot understand me. I believe I was clear enough.
  9. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Sorry, I cannot agree with this suggestion.
  10. aethervox

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Okie Dokies, Pigeon, I can only hope for a Feedback reward or maybe you are bored (lol). K, I'm game. Incoming! So, here's the first incoming: WoWS has another flag slot. You show it as 'yours' (ROFL!). Time, Pigeon of War, to acknowledge another flag slot is incoming! The 'clan' one? Another 'bonus' one? A freebie for all the current '0' bonus commemorative ones? Hey, firing across your bow, pal. What does that flag slot signify? Blam, blam, blam! What's coming? ROFL How about you let me decide? I will liberate flag deployment in WoWS, if you let me.