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  1. 100% Great Idea (not perfect but a possible partial solution). +1 for you, Wowsery.
  2. Not moving after load in is still indicating AFKism So there's some lag, OK TY for the clarification. So now we know 'exactly when' a player may begin to be 'AFK'.
  3. *** WG places more AFK/Pink & low WR players on the one team. It is called 'arranging' the teams. I will 'All Chat' ask players to report an AFKer (by name) on my team (green) just to get the report count up on these Sea Scum & then, maybe, something gets done about them. If there were an equal number of AFKers on the other team I could agree with you, however, this is not the case. I see more AFK players on my teams than I ever see or am told about by opposing players. This contention that AFKers are equally spread amongst both teams is a LIE. So, Mr. 'Argumentative', you are entitled to defend WG & the MM to your dying breath. I'm entitled to my opinion &, imho, my view is more correct.
  4. I know exactly where Galiano Island is. I used to travel (actually, voyage) past it all the time. Ya, sure, you attended some medical emergencies, like once in a blue moon, while playing WoWS. Like this happened every time you volunteered. Ya, sure. Quit exaggerating, bottom feeder fish.
  5. !00% Agree with both sentiments here. +1 for both.
  6. They've loaded in or they wouldn't be there. Just sitting there doing nothing after the count down expires indicates the possibility of being AFK. If they don't move afterwards that is being AFK.
  7. Take your WoT attitude back to WoT.
  8. I used to get disconnected, hence, becoming AFK. I tried to get back in the battle. Now, I never get disconnected. You know why? I bought a new computer that could handle the game. Must be great going through the Forum after just 6 posts where you make such an unwarranted and juvenile spazz comment.
  9. I don't let RL excuses interfere & anyone who plays a game with 11 others should have the consideration for others play time. If you can't, then don't hit the battle button and, Crucis, there's very few real excuses for being AFK. Almost all of this AFKing is juvenile joking and/or self-centered spazzes thinking they are more important than anyone else.
  10. I play all my CVs as strike loadouts & I avoid the AS (fighter hvy) enemy CVs, as much as possible. I try to do as much ship dmg as possible. This has worked out OK for me. I now have my Essex.