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    On picket duty, ready to blast anything that comes into range
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    History, Motorcycling, Bicycling,Board Gaming (social & military, Internet Gaming (EQ previously, Steel Panthers - best WW2 game ever, WoT & WoWS) & watching intelligent TV = PBS, Nature, Smithsonian, Knowledge (here in BC) & CBC. I also like watching sports - CFL (3 downs exciting) & NFL (4 downs boring)football, MLS football (err soccer), NHL Hockey & (if you can find it) Aussie rules football (crazy good action)


  1. If WG does not rescind the US CV changes & return all the plane loadout options to the US CVs, I will just sell my US CVs. I will not play a 'gimped' ship class/type.
  2. I listened...I got the Iowa

    At the NC myself & the Iowa is my destination.
  3. What Happened To Pan-Asia Flags?

    Apparently, WG is now headquartered in Beijing and must do the Masters bidding.
  4. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    WG knows only a certain % of WoWS players even check out reviews &/or the Forum here. WG is counting on the % unwashed masses that are suckers (the larger %, lol).
  5. You see this '.' here? On it there is a nanobot playing a violin just for you, OP.
  6. Pan Asian Silliness

    For all your relevant points, KalishniKat, PA is all about PAY = how much WG thinks the Chinese Asian market will spend on some farce that is 'Chinese'.
  7. I won't be buying the Huang-He considering the farcial reason why national ensigns were removed from the PA DDs.
  8. Smith?

    T1 is the least regularly populated tier. I mean, who but real Herring harvesters stay there? I see more T2s (almost all the time). Nor would I characterize T2 play or even the T2 MM as wonky. It is, rather, lots of fun. I run an Umikaze, a Diana, a V-25 & an Emden (all fun boats).
  9. WG never learns. It keeps making the same mistake - using sledge hammer to adjust a watch.
  10. PA DD Commanders All Chinese

    I do the very same thing, even a +1, sometimes, to those who really slag on me (the real Sea Scum here). I will, at least, repeat their satirical image responses. Cheers.
  11. PA DD Commanders All Chinese

    I've heard Hell freezes over sometimes (or so they say). & TY, lol.
  12. Atm, training a Fre BB Cpt to get promoted to whatever tier I decide to end at, in this line. Chobittsu will be so proud of me ( well, maybe, maybe not, lol). Would she division with me then? Warning: I have a hair trigger finger when I get 'barf-chatted' on, esp when I'm doing that myself. Pink? Who, me? LOL
  13. I'm right with you on this one, lol.
  14. US Carriers *Update*

    I have an Essex & I'm not happy with what has been done to it (or the other US CVs, for that matter).