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  1. None, none & I don't care.
  2. The QE is fine, imho.
  3. There could be a new acronym for WoWS: WoP (World of Premiums)
  4. That's, officially, two words you numbskull. 'Ramming' is the one correct word. &, no, due to stupidity, you don't get a +1/2.
  5. These bundles are designed for the Steam crowd, I'm thinking - more fresh meat (that shouldn't be there) at the higher tiers. I would have preferred all of the premium ships being offered for sale in these bundles to have all been offered singly - then I might buy some.
  6. There's, maybe, two to four ships that I might consider purchasing in all of these bundles. Any of the bundles, themselves? No.
  7. The question is going be: Just how swamped the Server will be with premiums?
  8. I generally load HE for the first few rounds of combat then switch to AP with my RN BBs (tho it does depend on the situation & the target).
  9. You have stumbled onto one of WG's dirty little secrets, OP, the MM that intentionally favours the one team over the other, aka the victims.
  10. Yep, that's what the WG Zombies say ....
  11. I know this is off topic but, at least, we get that 'Dragon flag' which will go well on my S. Dragon Myoko (I can then remove the Rooster flag, lol).
  12. I am sure you are correct, a slip in publication detail. I would like an 'N' class RN DD, myself.
  13. I'm beginning to wonder what the Chinese (err, pardon me for being 'politically incorrect'), correction, 'Pan - Asian' Cruiser, Battleship & even CV lines will be like. Care to bet these won't, eventually, appear?
  14. Note: these are all 'Works in Progress' except for the 'Yummybote' (lol) Ghaja Mada (a disguised T7 Tribal?). WG hasn't completely caved to the China server, have they? .... Have they?
  15. ... just getting this thread back on track ....