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    History, Motorcycling, Bicycling,Board Gaming (social & military, Internet Gaming (EQ previously, Steel Panthers - best WW2 game ever, WoT & WoWS) & watching intelligent TV = PBS, Nature, Smithsonian, Knowledge (here in BC) & CBC. I also like watching sports - CFL (3 downs exciting) & NFL (4 downs boring)football, MLS football (err soccer), NHL Hockey & (if you can find it) Aussie rules football (crazy good action)

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  1. aethervox

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    WG knows only a certain % of WoWS players even check out reviews &/or the Forum here. WG is counting on the % unwashed masses that are suckers (the larger %, lol).
  2. aethervox

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    The question is going be: Just how swamped the Server will be with premiums?
  3. aethervox

    Premium Ship Review - IRN Aurora

    #1) Isn't your original post, LWM, showing the old style Cpt builds? BFT is now a level 3 Cpt skill, not level 1. Also, the MGs are 152mm so why would one even use BFT or AFT? I don't remember how I got the Aurora & I'd have to agree with aether_tech (*: not related to this PO' ', btw) that the Aurora is 'weak'. How can LWM say it's good? My dedicated Cpt has PM, HA, BoS & FP (is this that wrong?) - working on CE next.
  4. Pardon my ignorance of this consumable, but how & when is it used?
  5. aethervox

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    LWM, you need to upgrade your info on Enterprise - now it is available for NA.
  6. aethervox

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    I remark here on the two Cruisers who got a unique designation from Angry Youtubers, namely ... Albany: 'fabulous'. I, personally, found it weak, so weak that I sold mine. Was that a mistake? I don't think so. I will sell 'specials' I don't agree with (like the Katori) & sell what I don't like. Iwaki Alpha: 'mysteriousbote' LOL. I have one & I guess you could call it 'mysterious'. I like mine tho I probably play it somewhat wrong even when I'm thinking I'm playing it right (lol). PS: As to ranking the Arkansas Beta as 'meh', I'd disagree. I, personally, consider & find it a 'gudbote'. (Same sentiment for the Emden, my 'Machine Gun Kelly', btw)
  7. aethervox

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    I found your lists instructive, LWM, particularly, the Angry Youtuber reviews. I do not include here the meh or the gud 'bote' designations, just the OP designation for these Premium ships. With the OP designation, we see .... DDs: 15 ........ 6 OP ..... a significant # (40%) of the total Cs: 27 ....... 0 OP ...... the main (average) class? BBs: 13 ...... 2 OP ... just a couple CVs: 2 ..... 2 OP ..... batting 2/2 (100%) So, there is likely a bias of OP premiums in DDs and, certainly, in the CVs. Just sayin. TY for the info, LWM.
  8. aethervox

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Is there just the one Dragon ship? I earned the S Dragon. Will there be N, S & W Dragons?
  9. aethervox

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    How about WoWS awards a reward ship (their choice) for all of LWMs incredible work to inform other WoWSers about WoWS?
  10. aethervox

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    +1 for another great post by Little White Mouse. I only have 5 of the listed ships (all rewards). I do not buy any premiums and never will in WoWS. (I learnt my lesson in WoT - WG does nothing but offer premium vehicles while doing nothing to repair the horrid map situation)
  11. aethervox

    A Marine term in WoWS for Lemmings

    Yes, Nygard, you are entirely correct. I am only suggesting the 'Lemming land creature conception/misconception' here is inappropriate for a marine environment. This misconception is in the popular imagination. I use this very misconception for a clan in WoT. The PFLL (Popular Front for the Liberation of Lemmings). Strictly, to insert some humour into the WoT Forum. Nevertheless, a nautical, marine themed game ought to have, imho, a more appropriate marine creature to represent the conception/misconception of how Lemmings behave. A particular replier above seems to think I don't understand the Lemming concept/misconception, however, I do & said so & still the replier continued on with his 'belaboured' reply. I hope, Nygard, you voted for something or will suggest something ( in defence of the misunderstood Lemming).
  12. aethervox

    A Marine term in WoWS for Lemmings

    You keep repeating yourself , IKU19, about this being a 'concept'. I know that. I say I know that. This is implied in my poll. You now imply I'm being the Troll here? Yet you continue replying and repeating yourself? It's the other way around.
  13. aethervox

    A Marine term in WoWS for Lemmings

    Really? Some players think 'lemming' is just a slang term? I'm just not of the crowd that is this uninformed/uneducated. I guess this shouldn't surprise me but it does.
  14. aethervox

    A Marine term in WoWS for Lemmings

    I didn't think I was 'unclear' here, IKU19. I know what is meant by 'Lemming'. Point is, I'm trying to suggest a marine creature to replace a land reference. A 'school' is a behavioural term for some marine creatures (it is not the creature). A 'shoal' is more associated with a 'rock hazard/shallow water area' (not so much with a marine creature - that is the term 'shoaling'). Two early responses and not one proper suggestion Are you two just this 'dense' or are you 'trolling' here? (lol)
  15. aethervox

    A Marine term in WoWS for Lemmings

    You are supposed to, Batwingsix, suggest a marine creature - not refer to a land creature if you choose 'other'(sheesh, I thought you had some 'smarts').