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  1. Konig Albert is a mistake

    I completely agree about the 6km, but now with soooo many DDs in tiers 2 and 3, it's suicide getting that close.
  2. Worth Buying?

    Don't believe the hype about it being OP. The limited range and wonky dispersion make it hard to pull damage, especially when there's so many DDs around the tier. It also turns worse than a North Carolina so dodging torps is not a thing. It's a neat port queen to have though.
  3. Kind of shocking the Graf Spee is outperforming the Pensacola. The weird dispersion and limited barrels prevent me from ever getting in a good groove with it. Neat ship to have in port though.
  4. I see this all the time, DDs trying to pull an extra maybe 3k damage and in exchange they lose the match for their team.
  5. 17 losses in a row here. Top that!
  6. Montana and Iowa needed the change, they were extreme citadel magnets especially with the power creep on other lines.
  7. Blame the Brits, they started using the name soccer first at Oxford university to differentiate between 2 types of rugby.
  8. 3-20 losses...hmm

    It's not the win rate most people hate about losses, its the extreme reduction in XP and Credit earning on a loss. When I do double your damage, lose and get a third the xp and credits you received, it kind of sucks.
  9. Ya, soccers a blast to watch.
  10. Without the avid gamblers in WoWs, Wargaming would probably just raise the purchase price of premiums. So you have my thanks!
  11. Yup, this goes back to my post on another thread about how most Cruisers now claim to be a "Support Cruiser" that hide behind the BB line, out of range of the red targets, waiting for BBs to get targeted by everyone, then skimming just barely into range so they can get their poorly aimed long shots in.
  12. Or when its close and your DD tries to pull a little extra damage with 15 seconds remaining, revealing himself then taking a full broadside and dying causing you to lose the match.
  13. Victory screen effects

    I've been getting the same emblem also, infrequently. I think it may be based on map you're on. Would be great if it only happened when you're the last French ship and you survive a loss.