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  1. Praxz

    Regretting Alabama Purchase

    Your answers in the thread title.
  2. Praxz

    Regretting Alabama Purchase

    I didn't demand anything, try re-reading for comprehension this time. I was commenting on the power creep of premiums, particularly sister ships.
  3. Any one else sad cuz they recently purchased an Alabama, when you could have Massachusetts for 2 dollars more that outperforms it in just about every way? From wows-numbers.com it's averaging 76,202 damage compared to Bamas 55,985. Massachusetts destroyed warships is 1.12 compared to Bamas .79. Massachusetts KDR is 1.98 to Bamas 1.49. Add to that all the testimonials on the forums so far and its pretty damning. The numbers are similar across all servers showing the Massachusetts is a vastly superior ship. This is a great example of power creep, they didn't just make the sister ship different, they made it much better. I guess that's how you get people to buy it.
  4. Praxz

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    Super disappointed now because I bought an Alabama 2 weeks ago, I wonder if they'll refund. They basically made a power creeped version of it. Not cool.
  5. Praxz

    CCP Cammo for October Revolution

    If you purchase the camo with a welfare check taken from the bourgeoisie, comrad Stalin would approve.
  6. Praxz

    Colorado is garbage

    It's the slow speed and attack aircraft you have to worry about when using her. Get isolated and get dead, either by torps planes or HE spam.
  7. How about the BBs that don't even fire up their engines until 18:00 or later, then claim slow login. That would be legit if it wasn't 4 of them doing it at the same time. I think its a compensation for the lack of proper cruiser usage mostly. The proliferation of island hiders and "support cruisers" that hide behind the BBs is epic lately.
  8. Praxz

    ok Arsenal math.

    Comrad Stalin demands you purchase premium time to compensate!
  9. Praxz

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Nah but if I wanted to play World of Tanks, I'd play it. Having 6+ enemy ships peek-a-booing every match just ruins the feel of the combat. Just my opinion, I'm sure there's tons of WoT players that love this new style in WoWs.
  10. Praxz

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Its turned the game into World of Tanks, peak-a-boo behind cover. Historically this is inaccurate for warships and on top of it, forward and reversing ships on the drop of a dime is just ridiculous even for arcade play.
  11. Praxz

    The Stall, the Game begins

    Not a boomer here, Gen X'er. Almost all polls show millennials are selfish and entitled, but hey you're probably the exception, so don't worry.
  12. Praxz

    The Stall, the Game begins

    Whatever cruiser or BB gets spotted first gets hard targeted by multiple reds. The hangers back are waiting till they can get free shots without retaliation. Hanging at perfect range while their allies get burnt down. It's pretty selfish, must be a millennial thing.
  13. Ship happens, and a glorious kill/death via ram is ALWAYS worth it.