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  1. robLove

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    Thanks for the right up. So disappointed. Wargaming's idea of entertainment is dealing in crap.
  2. Sorry to disagree, I think the Italian CA line truly sucks. They are paper thin, shot to pieces by anything, from any angle. Have no radar or hydro, completely fail at chasing DD's. The smoke doesn't last, and wont hide you if you shoot your guns. Torps are too slow. While they do have great rudder shift and good speed, this doesn't make up for their inability to stay in a fight. I'm grinding the T9 now, and it's a crapshow, just like the others. I don't consider being an XP generator to be a desirable trait. The only thing XP is good for is to dump the ship you are in an move on to the next. Once you move off the tier, what good is it? I've seen the T10 in clan wars enough, but it's always relegated to long range harassment fire. Never the go to ship to win a fight.
  3. robLove


    I'm running GTX 1080 Ti , I think that should be good enough no?
  4. robLove

    What happened to Des Moines DFAA?

    Sometimes I really hate the crapWG does to the game. Real crap. Now we are watching the game go down the tubes, just like WoT
  5. I really wish WG would stick to historical accuracy, at least in the ship models. Keep feck'n with it and you'll go done the tubes, just like WoT.
  6. robLove

    Constant game crashes

    Gonna bump this thread, cant play WoWS anymore. Perhaps the latest Windows X update had something to do with it, perhaps not. If I don't find a resolution soon, it may be time to say goodbye to Wargaming for good.
  7. robLove

    How it Works: Fires

    yeah well, AP rounds is another animal all together.
  8. robLove

    How it Works: Fires

    Perhaps I should have phrased my original post with a bit more clarification, but I thought it was too wordy already. Apparently, some reader are thinking the post is about BB's suffering at the hands of DDs, or that I'm a BB player that hates DDs, or its about game play. It's not about any of that. I personally happen to like BBs and DDs, but prefer the experience of CAs. The Topic was about Fires, and the mechanics of it in the game, its overall impact. The comment of the DD burning the BB to death was only one aspect of it, given for an example, nothing more. Some reader have a tendency to read more into a comment than was originally intended. That's how a thread can get off topic so easily. To be clear. At this point, I have expressed any great dislike for any class of ship ( if you must know, I detest CVs ). Further, I have not advocated a desire to Nerf or Buff any particular class of ship, or ships. As of yet, I am still reading the discussion to get a consensus on the mechanics of fire itself, and whether or not it's impact is too much.
  9. robLove

    How it Works: Fires

    I have to ask, do you even remotely comprehend the points being made in the post? Or are you so far up your own hole that argue for the sake pumping your ego?
  10. robLove

    How it Works: Fires

    All good points there mate. but just to clarify, I did not start the post because I was having a bad experience with BBs, or for having any sort of hatred for DD's. This isn't about me, or any specific tactics of game play. I started the thread in response to the WG video, noting the effects of fire in the game, and some fairly quirky mechanics with regard to it. But I do appreciate your comments just the same.
  11. robLove

    How it Works: Fires

    All your details and calculations are a completely unrealistic scenario. Nobody is going to trick out the ship and captain just so they can survive 14 min of fire. Perhaps a CV player would take a lot of that build, because he doesn't plan on getting into a gun fight, and hopes to stay out of range of enemy BBs and CAs. But its not a practical build if you want to be an effective combat ship. With CAs and BBs it's far more important to enhance your AA and Secondaries, in upgrades and skills , as that has a significant impact on the outcome of the battle, especially when CVs are involved. Sweeping planes out of the sky goes a long way to helping your team win the fight. As for the Combat Signal flags, yes they help. But I generally don't run them in Randoms. I prefer to horde them in preparation for Ranked. I like to have a good stock of them when Ranked season starts. Same goes for the Premium consumables. But that's just me, Just for grins, I would love to run a test, Record 100 games where there was no fire at all. Keep the HE shells and the damage they do, but remove all instances of fire. I am willing to bet, that on average, you would see a lot more ships surviving to the end of the battle, which would really bring to light the significant impact of fires have on the outcome of the battle. But whatever.
  12. robLove

    How it Works: Fires

    Well everything you have written there is common knowledge. We all know about the flag, the upgrades, and the skills. I was seriously hoping you were going to make some additional contribution to the discussion. So you are taking a bow for posing data that is already acknowledged in the current discussion. Well good for you then. Be happy. ps. to clarify, removal of a fire zone doesn't limit the "maximum fire damage you can take". There is no "Maximum Fire damage". Removal of a zone it only limits the maximum number of fires to 3, hence reducing the maximum rate of HP loss. The amount of HP that can be consumed by fire is not limited. As long as the ship burns, it loses HP. "
  13. robLove

    How it Works: Fires

    As you can see I the other posts in this thread so far, the point was made that the higher rate of fire of smaller caliber guns more than makes up for their lower chance percentage. Fire enough rounds and probability is on your side. While it is rare that a BB would lose 100% of its HP from fire alone. It's fairly common for it to lose most of it's HP to fire, hence the "Arsonist" badge, and the "Fireproof" badge if your lucky enough to survive. And it has also been noted that the various modules and captain skills can mitigate the issue to some extent, but not completely. And, you are compromising your offensive ability by choosing those defensive options. Lastly, it was never stated that in RL BB's would use their primary weapon against a DD. CA's yes, but not a DD. In RL a BB's secondaries would be more than capable of handling a DD, unless it were able to get so close that the BB's guns couldn't depress any further. However, in this game, even a Tier X BB with a 19 pt. Captain, fully tricked out for secondaries, not every BB has secondaries able to match the range of DD deck guns, even thought they are of similar caliber. This little flaw is exploited by most skillful DD players, who can sit at the edge of their detection circle, and fire rounds at the BB, knowing full well, the only recourse left to the BB is to attempt shots with it's primary weapons. Again, the [edited] factor comes into play. case in point. Montana Tier X BB, Seconday 127mm/54 range: 7.6km (ship and captain fully tricked for secondaries) Shimakazi Tier X DD Primary 127mm/50 range: 11.4 km. (base line ship, no modules, no captain) And do note, that Shimakazi has a smaller caliber, and still our ranges the Montana.
  14. robLove

    How it Works: Fires

    have to agree with that, a good discussion would help. But to my experience, the only sure way to prevent future fires, is to stay in visible, an hope you don't get spotted by a plane. Bottom line, if you keep taking HE rounds, fire is inevitable..