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  1. Fog_Battleship_Gneisenau

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    ART UPDATE why do so many of you find it hard to get it into you're thick skulls. it is a ART update. the people who worked on this update have nothing to do with game balance ect. the time that went into making this update did not take any dev time away from your balance concerns. so instead of saying "i wish they would spend more time of bla bla bla game balance" just enjoy the update. if you have criticisms on the update that actually pertain to the changes in the update (say you do not like the new fire animation) then that is fine, that feedback is what they would love to hear. if you want to hammer in more on commander 2.0, CV rework, subs ect, join one of the thousands of other threads that I am sure you already posted in. thank you art department, you did a great job!
  2. Fog_Battleship_Gneisenau

    Sub_Octavian Reddit Post - Guidelines for PR Directive Progression

    they only haft to make one change, remove the time restriction, if they do that then we can grind on this over time like the campaigns. they can even take away the points per minute and adjust the directives so we haft to do all 7 stages to get it.