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  1. Feedback: First time i noticed is the UI, and port, both got much more responsive and have passed from sluggish to fluid
  2. blakenet

    Clan wars make up days

    come on ... this is complaining for complaining. if they had given 3 days ppl would have complained that 7 would have been a minimum. you should really think again about your life choices if this last minute announcement is scraping your life. its a feature, not an obligation. wathever the day this happen, someone wont be happy
  3. To answer the questions @ashy_GB - Yes On multiple drives @desturbed1 - 1: no 2: nope it happens at any time and more when there is lot of stuff happening (smoke AA secondaries etc) 3: nope, already tested everything, modem is brand new Smart Rg sr-516ac, with a 140ft loop to the VRAD (and nope i dont have tv service, i have been connected to the vrad cuz usually internet only users are normally connected to an old singer dslam and the alcatel provide instead an excellent signal quality) (sorry if it looks broken english im trying my best to translate) @lert 1:actually, 4 days old, 2:i guess... pretty clean, 3:4 days old XD i dont think the problem is network related, i have a pretty good relationship with my isp and kinda good knowledge about network infrastructures the problem seems more related into the way the computer interact with the game code. Up to now i had some guesses, from stuff i have read and think about, but im not qualified to test them ECC correction causing hangs? Intel 5520 chipset ? some of the Xeon cpu features interfering (i dont think as thoses features got ported to consumer chips since)? code compressed in ram ? Turbo boost ? Hypertreading (rarely but in some badly optimized stuff it can cause problems) core switching ? And before anyone asks for ig temps: hottest cpu core 42C , 73C for the gpu (wich is low for a r9 290x as the fan dosent really kick in before 85 bypassing to max fan speed will lower temps around 55 without changing performance)
  4. Hello guys, im here today cuz, well, i already tried in the past the ''wargaming message exchange support (i mean the place where you open a ticket and you get a ''representative'' who pass the information between parties)" and even if it ended up sucessful at the time , it did took an enormous amount of message exchange and wrong translations who made things taking a too much long time) So there is what i want to talk about. Since ... well early 2017 i started to have random performance issues with the game. some have been due to with level 1 carriers some with my computer configuration (well the way it interact with the game) in ... august, september 2017 after few weeks of message exchanges and numerous tests and videos i have been able to get things fixed and that made the game working flawless for a while in mid 2018 i started to get performances issues from time to time (usually fixed with the next update) but... since early of 2019 im getting almost constant performance issues (desync, rendering lag, long loading time, sluggish and sometime almost unusable port) 0.8.1 made things worst i ever seen. things seems to have fixed from themselves around last week of march for going bad again with 0.8.2 im getting clueless about what is happening. it dosent change anything wathever graphics settings i choose (maximum or minimum) my rig isnt the newest but.. still a beast Dell T5500 Workstation Intel X5650 (stock) 24gb (recently downgraded from 48) ddr3 1066 triple channel ecc game is on a 256gb ssd R9 290x 4gb 850w psu 25mbps Fttn connection in montreal Ca with avg 18ms ping to most Ny and Chicago interconnects (after that its the poorly maintained and not really regulated american network) Neither cpu ram or gpu gets full usage while playing this game (and far from) cpu stays around 30% usage Gpu around 65% Ram 19% I also play big titles and all runs well. i only get this problem with this game as i paid for a year of premium few weeks prior to get things going very bad it makes me even more mad. is anyone would have suggestions about ''unusual fixes" ? Thanks edit: i forgot to add that i play bb's cuz well they go slower can shoot from far from action (secondaries, smokes and torps causes lag) permitting to me to have more time to work with problems (ex looking where shells land vs dmg done to evaluate how desync i am and adjust aim) What can tell me i have desync ? lets give a few examples, when you play dd your rudder indicator show full left and ship is still rendering full right, Shooting full salvo when gun indicator show its still 15 degrees behind, salvo landing almost all in water in front of the ship and destroying the rudder, beaching, beaching ang beaching when you get to close to mountains, ships that advances 1km further in a fraction of second when they die etc etc etc
  5. as the performance issues are gone, i have been able to try the new gameplay of the game. Thoses carriers does bring a huge new strategies possibilities wich is a +1 as for balance, i would avoid giving an advice on that as most players are still in denial of this update and dont try to learn to play with it(and just that is enough to f**** the game balance as you never know if you gonna get more players in denial in your team than the other team, and if there is too much denial ppl, they stop thinking and just get in a pack somewhere useless on the map), i also dont think that new balance change would be needed until players understand the new possibilities offered to them on strategy with thoses recent changes ill give a second advice when the WOWS population will finally change their denial state mind and start accepting and using the new gameplay possibilities offered to resume, This is great work, a little too much precipitated but in general its a good thing for the future of the game
  6. Hey there, want to thank you for the help you did provided :)

    i felt i needed to do it after receiving a disapointing generic impersonal copy and past from another person :(


    this little thing earn you lot of respect from me