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  1. blakenet

    [QCN] Quebec Navy Recrute DD [French]

    seriously dude, instead of coming here to make stupid comments, you should learn why it is useless to launch torps on ennemies that are 15km away when you are a tirpitz ;)
  2. blakenet

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    as the performance issues are gone, i have been able to try the new gameplay of the game. Thoses carriers does bring a huge new strategies possibilities wich is a +1 as for balance, i would avoid giving an advice on that as most players are still in denial of this update and dont try to learn to play with it(and just that is enough to f**** the game balance as you never know if you gonna get more players in denial in your team than the other team, and if there is too much denial ppl, they stop thinking and just get in a pack somewhere useless on the map), i also dont think that new balance change would be needed until players understand the new possibilities offered to them on strategy with thoses recent changes ill give a second advice when the WOWS population will finally change their denial state mind and start accepting and using the new gameplay possibilities offered to resume, This is great work, a little too much precipitated but in general its a good thing for the future of the game
  3. @Diego98 just for fun in port stop your mouse over anything that display additionnal informations and watch your client freeze for 1/10th sec to 5 seconds. seems that now the game require more than 3ghz single core cpu power at minimum
  4. true, i was watching streams, everyone up to now have port bugs, seems that UI load have increased too much with last patch (thats my advice)
  5. blakenet

    Port screen lags

    same problem here, port is laggy as hell. i dont know about ingame, as i cannot respecs my captains and cannot equip ships as the ui is too laggy changing a ship need 2-3 seconds with the mouse on the ship prior to be able to click it and this is for everything clickable or displaying info when mouse is over UI is totally UNUSABLE !!! even with all settings to lowest, cpu usage goes crazy. everything was fine before the update (well by fine i mean usable) pissing me off just buyed a 1year premium 1 month ago , thinking about refund from credit card issuer just because nothing is done . Intel Xeon X5650 @3.06ghz (6 cores 12 theads) 48gb ram ddr3 1333 AMD R9 290x 4gb game is installed on SSD Troubleshooting done in case i was the problem 1: using launcher game fixer 2: reinstalling the game 3: reinstalling on standart hdd 4: lowered settings to ultra minimum None fixed the extreme performance issue funny fact, im playing jurassic world, planet coaster, f1 2018 (all big games) without any problem
  6. blakenet

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    24h after launch, MULTIPLE MAJORS BUGS HAVE BEEN FOUND !!! and still not a F***** word from WG why do you ALWAYS wait until its too late to do something
  7. blakenet

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    i didnt manage to get into battle, UI was too laggy , even with low settings anything clickable needs 2-3 seconds delay Xeon X5650 R9 290X 48gb ram SSD
  8. blakenet


    thats funny, ''lag'' seems to be in the badwords list in the search function, try to find any topic in the forum containing the word lag ;) they are obiviously aware of the problem as they try to hide it
  9. blakenet

    [QCN] Quebec Navy Recrute DD [French]

    un petit up On as encore quelques places à combler avant de fermer les inscriptions pour les places restantes on ne demande qu'une chose, pas de gars qui pensent tout savoir sur tout et qui se croient meilleurs que tlm et qui nont plus rien a apprendre. l'ambiance du clan est tres amicale tout en offrant un niveau de jeu compétitif. nous offrirons aussi une formation de base à tout les capitaines qui voudrons se donner la peine d'apprendre par le biais de battailes en division avec nos formateurs. Au Plaisir
  10. Hello This ad is for French Canadians from Quebec Province who could be interessed to go into a competitive clan for Clan War Bonjour, Nous sommes présentement à la recherche de bons joueurs de Destroyer pour la prochaine saison de Clan war. Nous recherchons un total de 3 à 4 joueurs pour jouer de facon réguliere ou en backup selon les disponibilités de chaquns Nous sommes déja complet coté BB, coté cruiser c'est à discuter au cas par cas et biensur nous avons toujours besoin de foreurs pour ramasser de l'huile. Nous avons déja une base solide et présente sur Discord avec une 20 aine de réguliers sur le serveur open pour les divisions. Si intéressé Envoyez votre C.V. à un recruteur le tout sera discuté à l'interne. Ahoy
  11. Hey there, want to thank you for the help you did provided :)

    i felt i needed to do it after receiving a disapointing generic impersonal copy and past from another person :(


    this little thing earn you lot of respect from me