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  1. CaptainEleven

    DevBlog 423 - Balance Changes – Public Test 12.2

    There is no thought process, only the spreadsheet - that's the problem.
  2. Airship Escort shouldn’t be part of randoms. It is fun precisely because it’s a separate mode that you can pick different ships for.
  3. CaptainEleven

    Premium submarine with smoke (idea)

    You dropped this.
  4. Note sure how you fit in the DEs or CVEs, but Johnston at least needs to be represented. There are a number of interesting "gimmicks" they could give her to represent her actions at Samar (maybe a superheal, crawling smoke, or some kind of enhanced torpedoes). I would absolutely shell out for a Commander Evans captain as well (although that likely would need his family's approval)... maybe with enhanced adrenaline rush or enhanced last stand? I don't really care how many Fletchers there are, Johnston needs to be in.
  5. Got Renown '44, which was the only reward I was really interested in, and stopped.
  6. CaptainEleven

    Battle Pass in Update 12.0

    First couple Battle Passes were great deals, so I bought them... will pass on this one, tech tree ships as the end reward seems very, very meh.
  7. Got 2 Mega crates from certificates so far and pulled a Loyang, which looks like a lot of fun.
  8. CaptainEleven

    So, I bought the Schroder

    That's WG's entire development methodology summed up right there.
  9. WG: devalues camo Also WG: wonders why people aren’t buying camo
  10. CaptainEleven

    Why does Hindenburg have Depth Charges?

    Which is easily avoided by the sub performing a simple maneuver?
  11. CaptainEleven

    DevBlog 388 - Pan-American Cruisers - Closed testing

    Anyone surprised that this is Yukon 2.0? At this point, it's pretty clear that WG doesn't really respect the community, especially the individuals who put all the time and effort into putting together a much more appropriate and historical tree than this WG fever dream.
  12. Counterplay that is dependent on the other guy screwing up isn't really counterplay. And this sub potatoed hard.
  13. 37-knot submarine? Yeah, that'll go well.
  14. CaptainEleven

    Secret footage of WG adding submarines

    Get out of here with your balanced take, sir! We don't do that here! Very well stated... hard for me to argue with any of your points.
  15. CaptainEleven

    Ranked Battles: Season 9

    Tier 5 ranked battles are just awful.