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  1. I believe that WG loves it when we argue amoung ourselves over different aspects of the game and they may even to a point feed it. As long as we argue amoung ourselves we are not a force that WG has to deal with as much as if we were all unitied. WE are split on CV, Subs, OP premiums, the MM..etc, and lets face it as long as we are nothing will truly change.
  2. There was a time when winning in games was important, but that all changed with the everyone deserves a trophy generation took over. When I grew up in the 1960's we were told winning was what you strived for no matter what you were doing. You did your very best at everything. That mind set is gone for the most part.
  3. I would say it is for the same reason people who cheat on their spouse feel fine doing it but hate it when their spouse finds out. Same with criminals. They feel fine robbing that bank but hate getting arrested for it. I do understand your question though.
  4. Shame on you. Using common sense and logic in the forums!!!!!
  5. SteelClaw

    12,000 players online and I get this?

    At one time the MatchMakerMonitor was a place of many colors. Now it is a hard lean to the red side.
  6. SteelClaw

    Double CV Game...AGAIN!!!!

    CVs were killed... OMG!!!! WG this is a crime they need buffing!!!! How can you let these OP things die??? May Poseidon bless these poor cv players who have lost their OP ships!
  7. I wish you luck on this. It took a long time just for them to get the training room working and before that we had to use an Aslians mod for it. Getting them to fix it so you can do stuff has also been asked for many times and no word from WG ever on it.
  8. SteelClaw

    So. uhh.. when does 0.9.11 go live?

    They should have made the patch 9.12..... 9.11 is bad mojo.
  9. From what I see we are one step closer the being Esports with a cash sponsor and cash winnings. This will bring out the elitism and start kind of making stats matter, just like in tanks. But, I do agree CV should not be in Clan Battles.
  10. The spreadsheet says you are having fun comrad!!
  11. He has friends in clans many former military of which two active military were killed in Afghanistan last year. So no he is not in in a clan but he does hear things about what is going on.
  12. They are making their point just in another way by decimating teams with their CV. I have watched a few clan battles that were streamed and CV in the hands of top clans are just decimating players with spotting and damage.
  13. Really that is what you hear? If anyone can adapt to CV it is the top clans. The reason Kots at the top got slow is it was real good players vs real good players. Of course they are not going to rush in and die like noobs.