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  1. SteelClaw

    Ohio's dispersion model got nerf.

    Where did you get the nerf info?
  2. SteelClaw

    Is Aslains website down??

    Thank you. Glad it is not something wrong on my end.
  3. SteelClaw

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    Awesome, can not wait.
  4. It seems to be down big time. I am getting this message "The SSL certificate presented by the server did not pass validation."
  5. SteelClaw

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Want nothing to do with this pile of crap.
  6. SteelClaw

    Research Bureau and Research slave line

    I slammed my head on my desk a few time thinking i had a brain malfunction, but sadly i still can not understand what he wrote.
  7. Could be that maybe he is just looking for a playing field not filled with players who just do not care about the game or winning.
  8. I would say that good players spend more. Pretty much why the research bureau was created. Only good players who can win a lot, have tons of free XP and have enough tier 10 ship trees that they can regrind will complete it and earn enough points to buy the new ships in the research bureau.
  9. Both of these posts are so true
  10. SteelClaw

    better "Research Bureau" idea

    No, so tired of stuff being made easier for the everyone deserves a trophy casual snowflakes.
  11. WG has already posted that AA is getting a huge change. Going to manual aim and getting rid of the zone.
  12. This has to be a joke. I can not believe that WG thinks any form of the NTC is still a good idea.
  13. On Notser's stream yesterday he said that AA will soon be changing to a skill based AA. I have no idea what that means, but i guess he knows something we do not.
  14. SteelClaw

    AA mechanics are all wrong

    In yesterdays Dev twitch broadcast the devs were playing CV and had the same issues. The Devs brought up themselves that AA is now too strong and they will take a hard look at it. I will bet an AA nerf will be in the works very soon.
  15. SteelClaw

    Clan Battles and Ranked.......

    Seems CB and ranked are the next thing WG is messing up.