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  1. SteelClaw

    Non-CV players are toxic.

    And yet they are releasing another premium CV and by doing that they are making it harder to nerf them. If they keep selling premium CVs and then come out with a bunch of big global nerfs to them they will have another issue on their hands. The players who bought them will be up in arms over the nerfs and rightly so. WG should stop selling them until they are balanced. All they are doing now is in the long run shafting the people buying them.... OR ..... they are saying the nerfing is pretty much over and then they are left with the anti CV crowd still up in arms.
  2. SteelClaw

    Ark Royal ... just why, WG? T_T!

    They are trying to get as much money for the premiums as they can now because after the nerfs start rolling in no players are going to want to buy them.
  3. SteelClaw

    reduce the planes per squadron..

    How many times does WG have to say it is not an exploit?
  4. This is crazy. Saw this posted by MSN https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/want-to-make-dollar50000-an-hour-become-a-video-game-live-streamer/ar-AABCTrI
  5. SteelClaw

    Any word on Submarines yet?

    Please bring in Subs ASAP. The forum needs something new to complain and whine about. HE, DD, AP, Torpedo, CV and all the other complaints in the forum are getting old and worn-out we need something new.
  6. SteelClaw

    Wargaming wake up!!!

    And the whining continues. Grow up folks. So many of you are starting to sound like 4 year old children.
  7. SteelClaw

    Torpedo Spamming is Still a Problem

    Word of advice... do not piss off the DD mafia they have hit men.
  8. SteelClaw

    Any word on Submarines yet?

    You think the forums are up in arms about CV wait till Subs if they ever come into game. The uproar will make the CV issue look like a walk in the park on a sunny Sunday.
  9. SteelClaw

    Clan battles..

    I know what the clan tag colors mean and I am just wondering why it seems that so many clans do not play clan battles. When you play random it looks like 95% of the players on both sides are all group III squall which is the lowest. Is there really that little interest by most clans in playing clan battles?
  10. SteelClaw

    8.4 PT feels laggy

    CV rocket and bomb firing lag still there. This pretty much makes it impossible to test the CV changes.
  11. SteelClaw

    There is certainly risk in good CV play

    And I see BB, CA and DD use more ammo than they could ever carry so your point is?
  12. SteelClaw

    There is certainly risk in good CV play

    CV do not have unlimited planes... but BB, CA and DD have unlimited ammo.
  13. I am really wondering. If WG was willing to bring back the old RTS system and remove the CV rework would that make you all happy?
  14. SteelClaw

    OK WG Ill see you later.

    Funny how people post they are leaving and thinking we care. 99.999999999999999% of the game does not even know who they are or the fact they are leaving and out of those who do see the post most do not care. The other funny thing is most of those who say they are leaving never do or are back in a few days.
  15. SteelClaw

    If you think CV are OP check this BB out

    I was being sarcastic. Was pointing out how players are up in arms over CV yet when another ship of another class like BB may come out OP nothing is said.