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  1. NuiNiuhiNui

    Karma system

    The only stat that matters.
  2. NuiNiuhiNui

    Being Low tiered?

    Karma doesn't seem to have an effect, either.
  3. NuiNiuhiNui

    Best Supporting DDs?

    If you like Coaasck you will probably like Orkan. The support from radar on caps is matched only by Black.
  4. NuiNiuhiNui

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Welcome Mademoisail.
  5. Oh please invite me for that div. I will do the "shoobedowa" background.
  6. NuiNiuhiNui

    Asking for Help, Friendship

    Same here. The person in question brings much drama and very adult situations into game chat. It is not the proper place as it negatively affects the playerbase. Will endeavour to submit a ticket during the next event.
  7. NuiNiuhiNui

    Asking for Help, Friendship

    No one is upset with you asking for help. The issue arises when your requests devolve into talk of self-pity and self-harm. No one wants to see that stuff on a video game chat window. Many people have reached out to assist you in the game but you insist they are only there to troll you. Maybe hopping like a bunny before asking for help in chat will put you in a better mood.
  8. NuiNiuhiNui

    A Tale of Two Brothers

    That's good stuff.
  9. Great shots. Thank you for posting. Wonder how much stuff they would get hung up on. Reversing into islands could be a death sentence.
  10. NuiNiuhiNui

    A touch of trek, The game, history, us.

    Wild ride. History refresher punctuated with a Blazing Saddles quote. Good stuff.
  11. NuiNiuhiNui

    ban players who honk their horn too much

    Never bothered to blast the horn. Going to start laying into it.
  12. NuiNiuhiNui

    New here

  13. NuiNiuhiNui

    Negative numbers in summary

    Bots are very liberal with ordinance.
  14. NuiNiuhiNui

    DRI recruiting.

    It's the perfect weekend to join a new clan. Be one of the first new members to the DRI community.
  15. NuiNiuhiNui

    Changes with Detonation Lately?!

    Have the identical observation about my favorite tier 8 destroyer. It must be coincidental.