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  1. NuiNiuhi

    Where Would You Ship?

    I would hop over to Oahu for the day to hang out with the WG staff. Do not believe there are enough players around Hawaii to offset the massive logistics headache that would be included.
  2. Welcome. Hope to also see you in the game.
  3. NuiNiuhi

    Racism, swearing at a player

    Played quite a few games. Have never seen race based insults (ok... maybe some silly rabbit said "mongoloid" or something). Racist statements just don't work with the anonymity provided in an online game. Can't let it get to you.
  4. I got rid of most of my contact list and the freezing went away.
  5. NuiNiuhi

    Please just remove stats from the game.

    The only stats worth looking at are based on Ranked gameplay and solo random battles. I personally run about $1.50 worth of flags, camo and consumables and every game I play. So when someone goes off and does stupid stuff, it effectively costs me money. Goodness. $15.00 for 10 games? There has to be a better way.
  6. When spotted, assume the torpedoes are en route to your battleship. If there is no incoming artillery shells, you can be considerably more sure that they are on the way.
  7. NuiNiuhi

    Wows Nightly News 15: Fly, Strike, Fashion!

    This is great. Looking forward to the next installment.
  8. Be nice. It is the adult thing to do.
  9. NuiNiuhi

    Make a suggestion on Karma

    Although impractical in theory, karma as a currency would motivate positive interaction.
  10. Will be available to run in masquerade if volunteers are needed.
  11. NuiNiuhi

    Matchmaking Question/Poll

    Would happily wait 2 extra minutes if the bottom tier on my team would not cry about their situation.
  12. NuiNiuhi

    What is Your Favorite Sports Team?

    St. Louis Blues.
  13. The best carrier captains hunt destroyers. New CV captains that understand it are great for the game. Some aspects of destroyer and carrier interaction need to be tweaked (spotting ranges of certain ships?). The best destroyer captains will become better because of this rework. Edit: This thread is a mess.
  14. Yea. Great game and all. Nice shark tooth profile pic.
  15. NuiNiuhi

    Arms Race is Exactly as Predicted

    You are right. Some like to push the boundaries of a ships abilities. Pays off a hair over 50% of the time. Just like ranked battles, Arms Race will make mediocre players with poor priorities better players.