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  1. Hades05

    MM Needs Major Overhaul!

    Not one single sentence has suggested at P2W not a single one, in fact it wasn't even implied. That's the one thing I love about this game that it's not wallet warriors trash talking.
  2. Hades05

    MM Needs Major Overhaul!

    What has "skill" got to do with the game if RNG is so prevalent?
  3. Hades05

    MM Needs Major Overhaul!

    Well of course you'd say that wouldn't you!? A "Random" in the description doesn't necessarily mean it's actually random, it's just what we're getting told. I've watched you play Ash, you're no different to thousands of other people that play this game yet you still get those floodings/fires and penetrations on boats that you've been gifted by WG but when we get them we can't seem to get them at the same ratio. Funny that huh!? P.S this isn't a dig at you personally so no need to get all huff n puff, and oh, the term used is "back of house" not "back room crazy"
  4. Was wondering if WG are doing a military appreciation month and if so do we know what the rewards are? ie: flags
  5. Hades05

    MM Needs Major Overhaul!

    MM is not as random as people think it is, neither is RNG. Every iota of a computer game is coded and with the coding, percentages are inputted. If you've been a bad boy and are continually being chat muted or have a high friendly fire count or have strikes against your name for cheating orif the devs just don't like you much or if they like you too much you can bet your bottom dollar that there's a way that they can punish or reward you, it's exactly opposite for devs that play, as well as CC's. Ever noticed how CC's get fresh boats before everyone else and do awesome at it and it seems that it's op, but when you get it you are terrible? Ever noticed how if you've had a few months of not playing your first 2 or 3 games after you've come back you have become unicum but then after that little honeymoon period you're back to trash? WG have implemented that into the game so you continue playing and potentially spend real coin to keep winning. Shadow coding is a thing.
  6. Hades05

    Friendly Damage

    Wouldn't that teach destroyers and Yoshino's to drop their torps more safely?
  7. I tested the friendly damage on a friend of mine today and got penalised by having all XP and Credits deducted. Had a good game and got nothing for it; Now I'm not complaining but as a suggestion could the person that's being damaged by a friendly receive the money that's deducted by the player doing the damage as a further penalty? I understand that it could be used by "friends" etc to give credits to one another and it would probably be abused but with a bit of tweaking I think it could work and we could have friendly fire back on.
  8. Hades05


    Couldn't even pen an Agir just now... the rounds went either side and the one or maybe 2 rounds that hit it didn't do squat. I've noticed the lack of penetration and woeful dispersion as of late. Was averaging about 120k before now i'd be lucky to hit 70 and struggle to 1v1 a CA.
  9. Hades05


    Thanks for all your input guys, I appreciate it.
  10. Hades05


    TF has WG done to Musashi's spread and penetration? I missed every shot on a Petro from 6kms and after about 7 shots I had accrued a total of 4k damage on it..... In the end he ended up killing me?
  11. Hades05

    Always Courageous containers

    No it is 4 but I only have 3. My bad.
  12. Hades05

    Always Courageous containers

    It's 5 EDIT: It is four my apologies, but I have 3.
  13. Hades05

    Always Courageous containers

    Do we know when they will be offered? I have one item left to get and have 4 duplicates :\
  14. Piece of crap, waste of money/effort! Guns are substandard, reload time is 35seconds and when you shoot a CA it just overpens nearly every shot. Secondaries are ...
  15. Hades05

    Server Overloaded???

    I hardly think this issue is worth any sort of compensation apart from an apology, which has been given. Therefore, I suggest we get back into citadelling each other asap.