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  1. PWiseMaN

    ISSUE with Aircraft carriers!!!!

    also 4200 plane torpedo damage!??? wth compared to a 10k dmg torpedo on a destroyer.
  2. PWiseMaN

    ISSUE with Aircraft carriers!!!!

    The only reason I do not have a fancy name on the forums is that I don't spend my time typing griefing people about suggesting changes to the tier 3 carrier.
  3. PWiseMaN

    ISSUE with Aircraft carriers!!!!

    Dear Developers of world of warships, The aircraft carriers have been nerfed to the point to where they are non-effective against any ship in the game... I have sent several torpedos to an enemy battleship TIER 3! keep in mind, that it is non-effective at all cost I can only get kills if they have been so damaged that a rough wave would kill it... All three types of planes getting effective hits on any type of ship does such a small fraction of hit points that by the end of the game I can have 15 hits and only 10k damage... if I'm lucky. Summary; make the aircraft's on the carrier more effective to real-time damage against the enemy ships, equal to enemy ships vs enemy ships, I have to say for an example the destroyers torpedos do real-time damage. From the perspective of a beta tester to current. Thanks!