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  1. The_Strategist777

    6 Players with 2k in one game

    LOL it was later in the evening. I play late nights and I really do find that the games are closer around midnight - 3am.
  2. The_Strategist777

    6 Players with 2k in one game

    I'm not big into posting topics but I've not seen six players get 2k+ before in Randoms. GFJ.
  3. The_Strategist777

    Spotting Damage XP?

    Thank you guys for this explanation, and thank you for expressing what I was thinking after the game when I saw where I was on the board. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this system is broken in ships. Also what @CyberKnife said was on the money. I think this mechanic is part of the reason you have so many people out there throwing games when they don't have to. DD players are not rewarded appropriately for team play in this game. I was just wondering if I was only person who thought there was something off.
  4. The_Strategist777

    Spotting Damage XP?

    Hey fellow Captains, So, I was on sea of fortune and the C cap had a Red DM sitting outside of it. I went wide and smoked up for teammates and actually managed to get behind the enemy keeping them lit. I didn't use torps or guns as I wasn't located and my team was jacking the red team up. Do you really get so little xp for games like that? I thought you would have gotten more, 2nd to bottom with that much spotting damage doesn't make sense to me. I remember getting more for spotting damage, did they change this XP mechanic or am I remembering wrong?
  5. The_Strategist777

    Sincere TY WG

    The best feature in this patch. You should have led with this in your video. Keep doing stuff like this, and give us some cool in-game cross-hairs for us vanilla player's while you're at it. Thanks.
  6. Hey Wargaming where are the new crosshairs? I have been playing this game from nearly the start, and we have pink and green cammo on ships, the "woman's day" cammo, anime ships and transformers. Where the hell are the cool crosshairs? I prefer to play vanilla. Thanks, Me
  7. The_Strategist777

    Player Suggestion - Signals

    I can't be the only person who thinks how they are doing it now is a pain in the rear, am i crazy?
  8. The_Strategist777

    Player Suggestion - Signals

    They sell for $, the special signals in packages, like 10 of each, the standard signals need to be bought, one signal at a time, it's time consuming.
  9. The_Strategist777

    Player Suggestion - Signals

    If you're not getting what I'm trying to say then just forget it, I'm sure this will be brushed aside anyway
  10. The_Strategist777

    Player Suggestion - Signals

    I dont see bundles, i see one signal at a time, one KIND of signal
  11. The_Strategist777

    Player Suggestion - Signals

    Not to mention, I usually join up with a clan during CB season and help them out with CB's - I mean god forbid you run out of a couple during the night people are sitting there twiddling thumbs while they wait....it's just not a good system.
  12. The_Strategist777

    Player Suggestion - Signals

    I understand that you guys removed signals which used to be included when you received an achievement medal, fine. Can you please make it easier to purchase signals? Buying them one at a time is a real inconvenience to the player. Ideally, I would like to buy them when I hover over the signals when selecting ship exterior. However if that is not an option, please sell signal packages for the silver/coal/research points you have them for now. Anything to avoid the time it just took me to load up on signals. It really isn't a convenient system you have going here.
  13. The_Strategist777

    Results after 260 Santa Crates

    Tomorrow will be a hangover, buyers remorse and nothing to really show for it.
  14. Hey Captains, just curious if I am the only one who really enjoys the damage version of Naval Battles. In my opinion it is the best way to do Naval Battles and the least used. So I'm putting this poll out there.
  15. The_Strategist777

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    I agree with the OP. I played 267 clan battles in season 9 (made it typhoon 3 with old clan). I don't normally share these kind of opinions, but last season...was awful. It was monotonous and by week 3, boring. There was nothing to look forward to, the same ships, Venezia, Venezia, Venezia, and oh yeah, more Venezia's. I also had the horrible curse of owning a Hak. I have 36 tier 10 ships in my port. Maybe 5 or 6 of them (I am being generous), were viable. I believe this problem is directly the cause of allowing CV's in a 7v7 format. If they made CB's 10v10 or 12v12 for a season, maybe things would be different, I don't know. I will follow the lead of my current clan as to whether or not I participate in the boycott. If they need me to participate I will oblige them. I really hope that wargaming takes this seriously. Clan battles are a major reason that I play this game. I really enjoy playing in concert with 6 teammates, using communication and strategy. I want to win, I want steel, and I want to climb the CB ladder. I did not get 36 10's solely for random battles. That being said, CV's were a huge problem last season. Allowing CV's in a 7v7 CB format was thoughtless. I experimented in tier 6 the other day, using a Ranger with 19 point Ovechkin (survivability expert adds hit points to planes), and did over 100k damage. Nothing on the field of play had the AA to stop me from doing as I pleased. Ok, I feel as though I have vented enough about this, I appreciate that the OP and the upper echelon of statistically good clans are supporting this idea. Again, I will follow the lead of my clan. I hope this is successful in getting it's point across to WG. I hope they take this seriously. Last season was not fun for me. If WG persists with ignoring it's player base, they will lose players to other games.