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  1. RedZoneCMDR

    ARP/-ARP-/_ARP_ is recruiting

    If not interested good luck, having issues getting on your discord. See you on the open sea's.
  2. RedZoneCMDR

    ARP/-ARP-/_ARP_ is recruiting

    I'm open. I can contribute. I am a tier 10 player, so far as my stats-to be fair, it took me longer than most to learn the nuances of this game. I am 42 and work 50-60 a week. God bless Jingles and the other youtubers.
  3. RedZoneCMDR

    IFHE/plating changes made simple (T10)

    Smolensk, maybe. Colbert captains are never surprised. Ever, about anything.
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  7. RedZoneCMDR

    What constitutes a Training Room?

    Commander skills are also turned off in Clan Battles. Random Battles are the only battles where they are activated.
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  9. RedZoneCMDR


    Thanks Happa! It is going very well, thank you for the warm wishes.
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  13. What’s a Roma and gastcogne?
  14. RedZoneCMDR

    What is Goliaths point?

    I am going to eventually get that ship. However, I don’t hate playing against them. Think I’ll free xp down to 10.
  15. RedZoneCMDR

    Ship Levels in battle

    I apologize in advance for this post. I am going to be a bit harsh. OP you sound like an insecure tier 10 player. You come across like an 18 year old senior who isn’t good enough to hang with with varsity players, so you want to show how good you are playing in the 15-16 year old league. If you are good in your 10’s, then what are you complaining about? Also, you don’t have to play them, you can play tier 5, but then you would here complaining about tier 7. The topic of this post is not original. You are not the only insecure player out there. Maybe you should all start support group forum and have your group therapy sessions there. Man-up and play your ship well, so wargaming doesn’t have to coddle you or answer these kind of questions from players who can only play well against ships two tiers lower than them. P.S. I will 1 vs 1 you anytime. I will play the 8, and you can bring a 10. I am available on weekends.