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    Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

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    [NOBLE] Recruiting Active Captains - New Clan

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    [NOBLE] Recruiting Active Captains - New Clan

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  4. Brand New Clan for active captains. Our requirements are based on player activity. Discord is encouraged but not mandatory. https://discord.gg/8rPQgZK We strongly encourage divisions as your win % can easily increase with organized play. Clan battles and other team-related competitions are the goal of this clan, however we have no tier requirements at this time. Please apply in-game, or stop by discord. We are a brand new clan, discord may be light on players at this time, but that will change as the clan develops.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a good clan that plays high tiers, I understand that my stats are not "main clan", material as of yet. I have invested some pocket change into the game and have a total of 15 tier 10's. 14 of them have 19 point commanders (midway is the only exception). I was in quite a few clans, most of which did nothing clan related, would have a handful of players online and no one on discord (very common in this game in my experience). On paper I look like a clan hopper, but have only been in one real clan that had people on discord and regularly divisioned. I left on good terms with my last clan and still play with them, they really weren't into clan battles as much as they divisioned up and they will tell you they are non-competitive clan. I play tier 10's mainly. I make silver in them, it's rare that I lose credits. I never have a reason to complain about mm. I have drastically improved my gameplay within the past few months. My stats so far as divisions are better than my solo stats. I listen, I can comprehend a caller and execute commands in an effective way. Right now I am available everyday, in the future I will be able to contribute three days a week. Thanks all, happy hunting.
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