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  1. Problematic_

    Dear WarGaming...

    Um, ok you went in a weird direction. I am simply letting wargaming that it’s not doing a good job encouraging team play, also, aside from that....I have no idea why you are ranting? You know what? You’re right. Thank you for showing me the way. Good luck.
  2. Problematic_

    Dear WarGaming...

    Dear Wargaming, After spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on this game, I would like to let you know that I am uninstalling. I am not saying that I am not coming back, but I will let you know my reasons. First of all, aside from clan battles, there is almost no reason for team play. Ranked battles does not allow it, and grouping up against your computer generated simulations is not fun. It is SO BAD that most of the clans in this game use discord...a god-awful way of communicating that clans in world of tanks do-not-use for good reason, despite what anyone says. The clan base is weak - and you haven't done enough in the way of clan-based competition or activities to warrant a large presence in this game. The game is great, your ability to keep people playing it...is just horrible. Don't get me wrong, you have a GREAT GAME, a great concept, but your inability to keep clans together and playing together is disgraceful. It's like you have a good idea and good game but don't have the moxy to make it great. Secondly, clan wars is tier 10...THEREFORE...ranked should never, ever, ever, ever be tier 10. You sucked the fun out of the game by doing this, it was a horrible decision. So far as I know, wargaming has the rights to something called, "global map" - you guys could do this, it wouldn't be hard, make this game awesome for clans, but instead.....you are voluntarily sucking the fun out of this game. Thanks anyway, I know i'm probably saying a lot of things others have said before, but you aren't doing a good job - you are doing a great job with development and the game itself, but there isn't any real reason for me to stay in the way of team play and clan's. You are doing great on one hand, on the other hand - yeah i'm done. I will walk away from my investment - thanks anyway.
  3. Hello. Looking for tier 10 clan who does divisions - clan battles, etc. I will not say anything derogatory towards specific clans, however I will say that I have been in several clans that do absolutely nothing. The majority of players have not been active for some time, and I am just really getting into this game. The last clan I was in, don't get me wrong, was a good clan. When we did CB's, we won the majority of battles. However, they ARE a tanks clan. I was the only person on TS who was solely there to play warships. When clan wars came up, clan battles were abandoned and I was left sitting, listening to either clan wars or skirmishes for tanks. That is not how the clan was advertised when I initially joined. I have invested money, and a lot of time...into this game. I would like to join an ACTIVE clan...I can do clan battles on Thursdays, weekends, and sometimes on Monday. I am not looking for a clan that has maybe 10 active people and has to make phone calls to do clan battles or anything clan related. I am starting to think that you have to be a unicum in order to be in clan like this. I personally don't get that concept. I enjoy this game, winning or losing. This is a good game. I have mainly done it alone. I have always tried to reach out for advice in the case of captain skills and ways to angle certain ships and have been given bad advice on many occasions. I would like to be apart of a clan who knows what they are doing and are as dedicated to winning as I am. I know my stats may not reflect what I can do, but I am far from being useless to a clan. Thanks.
  4. Problematic_

    Looking for ACTIVE clan

    I have been in...from what I can remember 2 clans? Neither of them Division, and both had officers in the clan whose last game was more than 40 days ago.... Ok so...here it is: I am a world of tanks player - who is playing ships now. I played more than 50k battle playing tanks. I realized that the higher tiers were more fun. Same way here, except here I bought my up the lines through transferring experience. I have less than 2k battles - have 5 tier 10's - so yes, I am a wallet warrior, and the knowledge of tier 10 play is paying off for me as I grind. I am progressing....that is all I will say - I can contribute to an active clan that Divisions and plays competitive clan battles. I am available on thurs, sat, sun, and usually 1 more day of the week for Clan Wars. I am starting to learn the subtle nuances of the game and would like to play and division with at least half-way decent players who would also call this game a serious hobby. Thanks.