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  1. TheLastSterling

    [ALL] TheLastSterling's Amateur Anime Skins

    I guess you could say this is my first skin request for @MutsuKaiNi Mikasa https://mega.nz/#!pLwhGRyZ!pMH8IuB41yEeQwrusuRpfP3cbuHxVV7HR9iy3D7Slsc
  2. TheLastSterling

    [ALL] TheLastSterling's Amateur Anime Skins

    For the eagle eyed, the topic got moved to the Mod Collection section. I still don't understand why exactly, but I'm just goint to roll with it and not complain. Dreadnoughthttps://mega.nz/#!UTwWACgC!vWfxxqGOAvaMhLPTe1QGlCVbOzGW0yfNCveDookswEs
  3. I do recall something about Tone crashing the game every time some entered a game in her back in the beta days. I personally never liked the idea of a Cruiser/Carrier since it would really handicap the team. As a crusier by itself, it's fine for a tier 7 with it just being comparable to myoko but with weirder firing angles. The problem lies in that it's "bombers" would have less payload than the hosho! So while you're in control of the planes with less damage potential than a tier 4 CV, a perfectly fine cruiser is just siting afk and not using it's guns with respectable firepower. My idea alongside the ooyodo would be either; A. combined fighter and spotter hybrid, B. simultaneous fighter and spotter consumable. It's not much of a selling point, but do we really need something from the "box 'o gimmicks"? I'd had this hypothetical alternate aviation cruiser branch idea that followed the historical event of the Mogami class being converted, then to the Tone class being purpose built. So by thiSo by tier 10 you have an aviation cruiser version Zao. Playstyle would be shorter range guns, but highly accurate and stealthy. The gimmic would be a spotter plane couple with inherent high accuracy turns them into snipers. Imagine French cruisers but instead of reload boost; range boost. How I would balance this against the normal Zao I'm not sure but some ideas include slightly higher damage/fire chance to improved heals. I think we can have a paper ijn light cruiser line, but the only idea of a Tier 10 ship would be that 'IJN Atlanta" design with it's 9 turret broadside! I't be a Japanese Smolensk or Colbert and I know many players hate having to deal with them. I've see some images that suggest the chinese server has this IJN CL but idk if creditable.
  4. TheLastSterling

    [ALL] TheLastSterling's Amateur Anime Skins

    That quote is from a Alt History story that I read way back. The story is called "Whale has Wings" which point of divergence is the Royal Navy regaining direct control of it's aviation. It's on the AlternateHistoryForums page so you can't read without making an account, or buying the books the author published though they aren't update to date. It's a good read and it's one of the things that got me started on naval history. I guess this is a good time to finalize my latest skin. Cossack https://mega.nz/#!ZL4RVSjC!XGZzrum-8mvUjy5BjsnLRTh3k9G-zEKrKZ2pa1H1MDM
  5. TheLastSterling

    [ALL] TheLastSterling's Amateur Anime Skins

    Second skin is up. Gremyashchyhttps://mega.nz/#!hT4ilIbQ!J9rbx3osUBBdUBbEN16jEGPhrzU0e-W0FVLmCFqhswY
  6. Hello all. Around the beginning of December last year I scrolling through CompassRose's Discord server which at one point he posted that he wanting to encourage others to try creating their own skins. That really stuck in my mind as there were some ships I liked playing that either didn't have a skin, or one that I liked. Considering that I've never tried making skins before, This is a bit daunting for me but it is fun to do honestly. Thought I don't see mine own works as to the same qualities as the others, I still think others should have a chance to see them for themselves.Currently I am just making skins for the ships I play, but I might consider doing request in the future. I am very much open to opinions on how I can improve my work, so feel free to give feedback. To @CompassRose, @Kleiner_Kreuzer, @SwedishFox_na Thank You all for inspiring me into trying to do this. Instructions Simply unpack the zip folder into the latest version in your res_mod folder. Minotaur https://mega.nz/#!cGJmgYRa!JAHZj31KQsJ4cN_1hu6hjYAqn9fKPvH5llGDIdNU_rM Gremyashchyhttps://mega.nz/#!hT4ilIbQ!J9rbx3osUBBdUBbEN16jEGPhrzU0e-W0FVLmCFqhswY Cossack https://mega.nz/#!ZL4RVSjC!XGZzrum-8mvUjy5BjsnLRTh3k9G-zEKrKZ2pa1H1MDM Dreadnought https://mega.nz/#!UTwWACgC!vWfxxqGOAvaMhLPTe1QGlCVbOzGW0yfNCveDookswEs
  7. TheLastSterling

    Just stay away from Randoms today

    So I haven't been the only one getting these really passive teams since last month right? Like the enemy teams just bullies the team away from the caps and managing to cap with cruisers and sometimes BBs in them.
  8. TheLastSterling

    Recent Team Passivity?

    I'm not trying to say that I want aggressiveness, rather what I want is pressure.It's not the Yolo kind of agression the teams needs, is the bleed the enemy for ever square inch. My recent experience is the team not doing anything to defend the caps or take the caps while the enemy just rolls comes in and bullies the team into a corner. It's the same reason why giving up a flank too easily just allows the enemy to gain another angle to fire on the team. Even when the team agrees on AB or BC, some players will be close enough to the other flank to slow down the enemy if they push.
  9. TheLastSterling

    Recent Team Passivity?

    In General. I have been playing around tiers 6 through 10 and seeing the teams really passive.
  10. TheLastSterling

    Recent Team Passivity?

    Well I'm happy for you. I've on the otherhand have been having a string of misfortune. My last game the 2nd best on the team was the one guy who didn't lemming down one flank, sailed alone at the other flank and rammed a single ship dying 5 minutes into the game. I was in the cossack and no one was willing to sail closer to support me trying to cap B, insteaded they all lemming behind a flank. The team was so passive that the enemy BBs were starting to cap B. This is very unusual since I've also come to expect the teams to be much more aggressive from expereince in the past.
  11. TheLastSterling

    Recent Team Passivity?

    I don't want to look like I'm complaining, but I've noticed that the teams have become very passive. I've had way more battles were the team: A. Avoids all the caps entirely. B. Abandons one cap and doesn't push the other. C. Sails around in circles at the spawn. I haven't been playing much since I just got back from a WoWs break since 2 around month ago so I don't know what's going on. I've heard the excuse of Server Transfers bringing in the baddies and the PR missions making people play different.
  12. TheLastSterling

    Pan-European destroyer tech tree inbound.

    Playing devils advocate a bit here. As of right now we only have one destroyer line, there is nothing th stop a second line of Dutch destroyers from being in the works. We still haven't seen what is going to be the cruiser and battleship lines. For all we know it could follow something akin of one nation representing the majority of one line. Spain had some battleship designs including a modified Littorio and a modified Nelson(both of which are Tier 8). So we might get something like: DD: Swedish CL/CA: ??? BB: Spain Though I am not suggesting that each line will be exclusively one nation. The earlier tiers could be filled by other nations like Austro-Hungary, etc.
  13. The term is anchoring. Basically give an outrageous offer then scale it back to sound "resonable". It's a pychological trick that many grifers do. If WoWs wanted to give players something that displayed that they "prestiged" a line sure something cosmetic would have been fine, but giving buffs is too far as many have already said before. Some of my ideas on my clan's discords: 1 special camo reward giving 100% xp, credit, and fxp bonus 2 fully research ships in port have 50% discount on respecc
  14. TheLastSterling

    Mouse's (very brief) feels on the (WIP) Naval Training Cente

    I meant the rocket idea, not NTC.
  15. TheLastSterling

    Mouse's (very brief) feels on the (WIP) Naval Training Cente

    Yeah I remember that idea. It was an interesting design, sad it couldn't be balanced right.