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  1. Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    I didn't find the USN grind "sad", rather very fun, though mostly likely my preference in ships(I like RNCLs too). USN cruisers have this "flex" power to them. High archs at long range allowing you burn ships behind an islands, while Heavy AP that citadels the enemy to death with you good ROF. Pensacola was my favor ship in the line; solid armor, and good guns. My primary shells were AP, not HE as I usually found myself in the flanks. TBF my stats aren't great, but I had a good time.
  2. Cleveland needs to be moved!

    Might as welll ask for radar, and super heal, and engine boost. throw in a 32mm bow too while at it. honestly i'm willing to call out "dunning kruger effect" here mate. People can perform in the light cruiser role/US cruiser role without buffs (Belfast does not count in my arguement). My stats may not be unicum, but I've performed overall above average, simply by LEARNING to play the ship. USN cruisers are NOT the main damage dealer ships, they are fleet SUPPORT. you use your utility to help the team win. If you want the be the damage dealer, then play KM or IJN cruisers which is better at doing that.
  3. Cleveland needs to be moved!

    If you not surviving and doing well when others have proven they can, then the issue is yourself. If your so petty, then play a different ship, and or wait for the T6 replacement light cruiser for cleveland line is coming. Tough luck, game changes all the time, and some people will hate them. Unless you purposefullly do crap in cleveland enough, so that the server WR goes way down, maybe then will WG give your buffs.
  4. Cleveland needs to be moved!

    not sure, Haven't tried cleveland yet really. I'm just waiting for a long period for the stats to stablized before coming to conclusions really. Some people will do good, some won't. Based on Warships_Numbers, cleveland is doing good @GrovelerWyrm73
  5. Cleveland needs to be moved!

    Neither does the recent stats for t8 cleveland reflects. Wait a month or two before coming to conclusions. Oh, and provide evidence. You do realized how WG is not going to put back cleveland back into t6 considering she was never meant to be there in the first place. Cleve got jammed into t6 because WG at the time didn't have a t6 CL; Pensacola and New Orleans were actually older than her. in fact WG had to nerf her back in beta because she performed way too well without balancing twikes. Oceans is rare map, that almost no ship ever works well in, that arguement is kinda invalid. Lastly, WG can alway buff the ship if it doesn't perform well enough. It's not the end of the world if they get it wrong. It is far easier to screw things up, than to fix things. WG may have had tests before the release of cleveland, but those were limited.
  6. Where's the U.S.A. and Canada Soccer Patch's?!

    Soccer? you mean orginal football.
  7. Worst premium you've ever purchased?

    Of the four ships I've bought(Warspite,Belfast,Gremyaschy,Hood), Gremy is my worst, simply by being not my playstyle. Hood doesn't count since I've only played in scenarios with her.
  8. .

    If you think Atlanta is OP, then I'm sorry to say that you really don't know how to counter her.
  9. Premium Ship Review #100

    To be honest, I actually though in the beginning that we were getting the Orion class HMS thunderer as a premium
  10. Premium Ship Review #100

    Damn you mouse! I was so salty after seeing this on the reddit page. I do agree that RN BBs HE gimmick has been bad for the game though. One being the ridiculous combo of fire chance and penetration, and that other BBs have been HE spamming when they really should, such as broadside targets.
  11. Caption the profile image above you.

    Yamato's middle school days.
  12. Asashio Incoming!

    Can't blame us for being lightly armoured and for being smart enough to use cover. At least I choose to hid near the caps.
  13. Asashio Incoming!

    I feel really concerned about assashio even as a cruiser player. For BBs the only real counter is for the rest of the team to spot the torps before they get too close to them which is unreliable solution. I can't help but get the vibe of kitakami whenever I here about asashio, and I wouldn't be surprised if this ship gets removed later.
  14. Got Skills? - Cruisers

    Hehe if you have HE. i found the grind for USN and RN the most fun. The french and russians were ok, but bland. The IJN was down right painful, stop after finishing myoko. Currently trying the yorck. I've heard it was usually the other way around with favorites lines.
  15. Got Skills? - Cruisers

    I'm not a great cruiser player, but here's what I have to say. Bare in mind this build is for a general cruiser. Priority Target - Provides lots of information for knowing when you can or cannot be aggressive. Your not stealthy like a DD(unless your a RNCL, but still I use PT), nor tanky like a BB. Adrenaline Rush - Big boost to DPM Expert Marksman - I don't normally use EM, but I can understand why some use it. playing the myoko was annoying having to deal with the turrets while kiting. Demolition Expert - the t3 skills all kinda feel bland to me with DE seemingly the most helpful. more reliable fire setting mixed with AR helps with infuriating BBs. Superintendent - This is more important in the higher tiers with the extra heal and if your ship has it radar. Though in my case, it is kinda rare for me to use my last heal as games don't last long enough, or that I've already died. Concealment Expert - I believe this is a no brainer.