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  1. I'm mainly a Cruiser main so I wasn't too aware on how to play high tier BBs. I fell for the credit hype thinking it be easy to make credits. But hey, I've got the hang of it now.
  2. Premium port Slot

    Clearly you don't know that the Premium Port slot is a "BONUS" to the Premium time you get. The extra credit and exp comes from the premium time not the port.
  3. If anything, game should disincentive BBs for sticking in the back. But I do agree with takao that you need to support your BBs when they do push. Personally, I'd rather go for a BB limit just like with CVs.
  4. British Battleship Playstyle?

    Its been a while since the introduction of the British BBs in the game. However I have not found much info for how to effectly play them. I keep hearing play them at mid range, HE BBs and AP Cruisers, but thats about it. The main problem I face is how to deal with the slow turret traverse and what situation should I wait for the turrets to turn or turn the ship entirely?
  5. United Kingdom Carrier "Flavour"

    Interest story I found long ago. The story goes that a swordfish was attacked by a diving bf 109. with skill or blind luck, the swordfish managed to evade. The bf instead of going for another attack run, decided to dogfight the swordfish. One problem, the swordfish has a longer stall speed than the bf meaning as the bf tried to get onto the tail of the swordfish, the swordfish slowed down until the bf eventually stalled and crashed.
  6. Just got the Edinburgh

    Maybe for the underpreforming, but not the good players. Good players use there stealth to get in close and in good firing angles to damage the enemy. You don't really need stearing gear when you have hydro to spot torps in advance to dodge and when edinburgh has already good stearing. Unspotted ships will dodge more shells that spotted ships and allowing easier kiting of the enemy. You get more flexability to do more when you have better stealth characteristics.
  7. British Cruiser Smoke "BROKEN"

    In that case then, stop anticipating for the second puff. in my belfast I go full reverse and turn slightly to slow do to 20kts before activating smoke. I have never sailed out of smoke unless i had overestimated my decceleration. TLDR slow down and hid in the first puff.
  8. Smoke...Bug?

    From my expirence my belfast is already stopped within the first puff. maybe our differences in expirence is in that I choose to reverse instead of you slowing down assumely based on what I interpret. At risk of showing broadside, it gives you a good firing angle with all turrets usually. If its not the smoke that scares away the enemy, its the imediate return fire that does.
  9. Smoke...Bug?

    Same here. fully reverse till 20k while turning slightly to burn of speed. I'm not trying to mock others that complain about this problem, but rather point out that its not a problem if you think about it.
  10. Smoke...Bug?

    So I've been see lately posters complaining about the ships having this smoke bug problem, but honestly, I don't see what is the problem. Based on their complaints, it just seems like their just moving too fast. One puff works just fine with me. I've ony ever sail past smoke when I make a mistake not realizing i'm sailing too fast. Can anyone explain what's the big deal?
  11. British Cruiser Smoke "BROKEN"

    This is getting ridiculous. The RN Cruiser have been in the game for a few month, you should already that that you need to slow down. I mean if your problem is that your sailing out of smoke; then slow down more.
  12. Danae how I hate Loving you

    dont worry, we all have a moment of error "sign.of.intelligence.exe not found" moment.
  13. Danae how I hate Loving you

    Thats the speciality of the britsh cruisers: narrow or single fire torps. the "F" is for mid reload when you don't fire all torps.
  14. This one is old, i've posted this before but i think its worth a repost.
  15. What's undervalued imo about cruisers is their deadliness, no seriously. Playing leander, I've had bismarks bow on into my smoke thinking that they will bounce my shells only to find me charge out of smoke to fire off a fully salvo of torps into them and sinking them.