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  1. The term is anchoring. Basically give an outrageous offer then scale it back to sound "resonable". It's a pychological trick that many grifers do. If WoWs wanted to give players something that displayed that they "prestiged" a line sure something cosmetic would have been fine, but giving buffs is too far as many have already said before. Some of my ideas on my clan's discords: 1 special camo reward giving 100% xp, credit, and fxp bonus 2 fully research ships in port have 50% discount on respecc
  2. I meant the rocket idea, not NTC.
  3. Yeah I remember that idea. It was an interesting design, sad it couldn't be balanced right.
  4. As much as I like the sound of stomping other with this "concept", I understand such sweet things have their cavities in the long run. Wasn't the whole point of the legendary modules to reward those who unlocked tier 10s?
  5. I didn't have many friends back in middle school, however the few I had I kept close contacts with. One I brought in to play WoT and WoWS. We had a few games together, generally we sucked since he didn't know what to do and me being still new to the game with me throwing myself to keep him alive. Sadly he never got into both as he perfered flight sims and ended up playing more [edited]. Eventually he shipped off after joining the Air Force. I'll take 72 I guess.
  6. TheLastSterling

    Armor models from 3rd party websites

    Forgot to mention the acidental HE salvo and fire at the start, oops.
  7. TheLastSterling

    Not liking Fletcher at all

    Well, I've been giving fletcher some time so far and I'm having a much better time in her now. I've been playing her a bit more passive then I would normal do in a DD and that seems to work out better. I've only started to realize how much Radar is causing most of my problems; playing too aggressive and getting attacked by radar.
  8. TheLastSterling

    Not liking Fletcher at all

    Yeah I have the ship fully researched; hull, torps, and range. I use propulsion mod, torp reload mod, and systems mod. I've had the occasional battle where I've done well in, sadly not enough. I honestly want to improve, yet I just can't seem to win battles.
  9. TheLastSterling

    Not liking Fletcher at all

    Yeah, I've already have everything unlocked. I do try to be cautious about radar cruisers, keeping an eye of where they are on the map and predicting where they would be(I'm a Des Moines main so that helps). The one thing I can say I'm doing better in the Fletcher over Benson is hitting with torpedos.
  10. TheLastSterling

    Not liking Fletcher at all

    That's what I hear from everybody, and yet it just doesn't seem to be. I'm not playing the Fletcher any different that from the Benson so I don't understand what is going on.
  11. TheLastSterling

    Not liking Fletcher at all

    I've had Up until the Fletcher a great time in the USN DD line. Benson especially was my most enjoyable ship with a 65% WR. I bought the Fletcher thinking it would be better than the Benson. however I just can't seem to do anything with it, right now having a 33% WR. I just can't seem to do the damage I normal do with the Benson, it feels like every other ships just outguns me in every fight regardless of what I'm doing.
  12. TheLastSterling

    Need Tips for "Lucky" Jervis

    So Since playing the RN DDs starting from Acasta to Jervis I've felt unimpressed. I'm coming from gunboat DD experience from the USN DDs to these new "defensive" DDs but I just find them lacking. So far my experience in the Jervis compared to my time in the Mahan, the Jervis doesn't do the damage that Mahan can, while at the same time taking in more damage than normally in other DDs. I'm not sure if other players are feeling the same way about the Jervis, but some help would be nice.
  13. This is going to sound heretical, but I don't like Missouri. As a cruiser main, the Missouri feels lack luster coming from the Des Moines. I'm aware that BBs require a different set of playstyles but it's taking awhile to recognize what I should be doing exactly. Earlier today I've been trying to improve on playing the Missouri but that ended up on a whole long list of defeats. For the whole time, it was a combination of rage,denial,and depression up until I just stopped caring for this one battle. Needless to say, I think that was the right call.
  14. TheLastSterling

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Yamato's middle school days.