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  1. TheLastSterling

    Hallands - once again

    I got no experience in playin eudds so I'm just basing my idea on the few times I played against them. I'd argue against removing DFAA, Instead decrease Hallands base AA. The idea being that their extreme AA becomes a situational thing giving some periods that CVs can attack them. I had an idea that cvs could only spot ships that had just fired with some proxy detection.
  2. TheLastSterling

    Hallands - once again

    Yeah i know the playerbase is largely stupid, but not on the level of bots that don't even try to dodge cv planes let alone try to stick together to maximize AA. You're intentionally applying a false equivalence and trying to justify it by not "being cancer". suffice to say the stereotype of players claiming that CVs are OP usually have little to no experience in CVs.
  3. TheLastSterling

    Hallands - once again

    Well there's your problem.
  4. TheLastSterling

    Are CVs broken ? Khabarovsk

    Are CVs OP? Statistically no. They aren't doing any better than any other ship class on Winrate and average damage. I think the biggest issue is that people DON'T play them and get a false narrative that CVs can't be avoided and are dropping dev strikes every attack because they know nothing of how to counter them. It's one of the most sound and common advice good players try to tell people that are learning; if you got a class that's giving you problems then play that class and learn what are its methodology and challenges that you can exploit. The worst is hearing from other players how OP CVs are and yet they have never even played a single battle in them or just a few with mediocre results. Humility is the first step of learning, ego will only stop you from improving.
  5. TheLastSterling

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    While it's not too hard to learn the distance for slingshotting after a few tries with stationary bots, I have to critique it as it shows how poor a ship indom is when it is allowed an exploit just to keep it usable. In some ways it can be considered inferior to it's techline counterpart implacable. Implac's bombers can drop 4 more bombs than indoms leading to better target saturation. There has been a large dimissing return for what indom gave for dubious level of substain. What exactly did WG do this patch to the squadron reticles/PoV since I can't seem to ever hit anything. I keep over shooting with rockets.
  6. TheLastSterling

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    True. I bought Indom based on the gameplay of TopTier and ReimuBakarei. Most people wanted the RTS Command and Control feel of Carriers meanwhile I like the "Attack Run" we have currently since now I can get the Dambuster feel. I agree that is a major issue. While the other tier 8 carriers are much more flexible in use, Indom sacrifices 1 squadron for little gain. I'd argue Indom should have been specialized into a anti-capital ship role. Give her the British development of their own "Tiny Tims" the Red Angels or Uncle Toms rockets instead of the RP-3s for high fire rate, while giving her back the 500lb bombs for higher damage.
  7. TheLastSterling

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    I think a big issue is how even though you have 2 squadrons, you are dependent on just the bombers leading to a bland gameplay. Some adjustments to making the rocket planes much more desirable to use is needed. Perhaps I'll post it someday but I did a write up on a proposed british Light Fleet Carrier line that was limited to 2 squadrons. Instead they would mix and match what kind of squadrons they wanted. One option was "Red Angels", which was the british development to something similiar to the tiny tims.
  8. TheLastSterling

    Flight Instructor - CV Main Twitch Streaming

    Thanks for this. I've really started to try out Carriers more now that rts has lowered the barrier to entry for me to actually play. I've only played RNCVs so far and I've found them for the most part enjoyable enough. I've gotten indomitable after see other Carrier players showing how to use her. Hopefully I can do better with the other lines.
  9. TheLastSterling

    List of CV & AA changes in 9.9?

    Is it just me or does indomitable's bombers no longer "carpet-Bomb"? Nvm, probably just the PoV shift making it look like the bombs are landing at the same time.
  10. TheLastSterling

    [ALL] TheLastSterling's Amateur Anime Skins

    I guess you could say this is my first skin request for @MutsuKaiNi Mikasa https://mega.nz/#!pLwhGRyZ!pMH8IuB41yEeQwrusuRpfP3cbuHxVV7HR9iy3D7Slsc
  11. TheLastSterling

    [ALL] TheLastSterling's Amateur Anime Skins

    For the eagle eyed, the topic got moved to the Mod Collection section. I still don't understand why exactly, but I'm just goint to roll with it and not complain. Dreadnoughthttps://mega.nz/#!UTwWACgC!vWfxxqGOAvaMhLPTe1QGlCVbOzGW0yfNCveDookswEs
  12. TheLastSterling

    IJN cruiser line still missing historical ships.

    I do recall something about Tone crashing the game every time some entered a game in her back in the beta days. I personally never liked the idea of a Cruiser/Carrier since it would really handicap the team. As a crusier by itself, it's fine for a tier 7 with it just being comparable to myoko but with weirder firing angles. The problem lies in that it's "bombers" would have less payload than the hosho! So while you're in control of the planes with less damage potential than a tier 4 CV, a perfectly fine cruiser is just siting afk and not using it's guns with respectable firepower. My idea alongside the ooyodo would be either; A. combined fighter and spotter hybrid, B. simultaneous fighter and spotter consumable. It's not much of a selling point, but do we really need something from the "box 'o gimmicks"? I'd had this hypothetical alternate aviation cruiser branch idea that followed the historical event of the Mogami class being converted, then to the Tone class being purpose built. So by thiSo by tier 10 you have an aviation cruiser version Zao. Playstyle would be shorter range guns, but highly accurate and stealthy. The gimmic would be a spotter plane couple with inherent high accuracy turns them into snipers. Imagine French cruisers but instead of reload boost; range boost. How I would balance this against the normal Zao I'm not sure but some ideas include slightly higher damage/fire chance to improved heals. I think we can have a paper ijn light cruiser line, but the only idea of a Tier 10 ship would be that 'IJN Atlanta" design with it's 9 turret broadside! I't be a Japanese Smolensk or Colbert and I know many players hate having to deal with them. I've see some images that suggest the chinese server has this IJN CL but idk if creditable.
  13. TheLastSterling

    [ALL] TheLastSterling's Amateur Anime Skins

    That quote is from a Alt History story that I read way back. The story is called "Whale has Wings" which point of divergence is the Royal Navy regaining direct control of it's aviation. It's on the AlternateHistoryForums page so you can't read without making an account, or buying the books the author published though they aren't update to date. It's a good read and it's one of the things that got me started on naval history. I guess this is a good time to finalize my latest skin. Cossack https://mega.nz/#!ZL4RVSjC!XGZzrum-8mvUjy5BjsnLRTh3k9G-zEKrKZ2pa1H1MDM
  14. TheLastSterling

    [ALL] TheLastSterling's Amateur Anime Skins

    Second skin is up. Gremyashchyhttps://mega.nz/#!hT4ilIbQ!J9rbx3osUBBdUBbEN16jEGPhrzU0e-W0FVLmCFqhswY
  15. Hello all. Around the beginning of December last year I scrolling through CompassRose's Discord server which at one point he posted that he wanting to encourage others to try creating their own skins. That really stuck in my mind as there were some ships I liked playing that either didn't have a skin, or one that I liked. Considering that I've never tried making skins before, This is a bit daunting for me but it is fun to do honestly. Thought I don't see mine own works as to the same qualities as the others, I still think others should have a chance to see them for themselves.Currently I am just making skins for the ships I play, but I might consider doing request in the future. I am very much open to opinions on how I can improve my work, so feel free to give feedback. To @CompassRose, @Kleiner_Kreuzer, @SwedishFox_na Thank You all for inspiring me into trying to do this. Instructions Simply unpack the zip folder into the latest version in your res_mod folder. Minotaur https://mega.nz/#!cGJmgYRa!JAHZj31KQsJ4cN_1hu6hjYAqn9fKPvH5llGDIdNU_rM Gremyashchyhttps://mega.nz/#!hT4ilIbQ!J9rbx3osUBBdUBbEN16jEGPhrzU0e-W0FVLmCFqhswY Cossack https://mega.nz/#!ZL4RVSjC!XGZzrum-8mvUjy5BjsnLRTh3k9G-zEKrKZ2pa1H1MDM Dreadnought https://mega.nz/#!UTwWACgC!vWfxxqGOAvaMhLPTe1QGlCVbOzGW0yfNCveDookswEs