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  1. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    It should have been a WWI game

    There are lots of improbable things in this game. CVs are just one. How about DDs that can shrug off 16" AP with relative impunity and can shoot limitless torpedoes while seeing through smoke that no one else can see through? How about cruisers that can pelt down rainbows of thousands of HE shells to burn down any battleship? Or bow tanking (who knew bows could bounce 16" shells? That "crossing the T" being a good idea business, fake news)? For my part, I list CVs pretty low on the scale of utterly ludicrous things in WOWS that simply need to be tolerated in order to enjoy the game without losing one's mind. You just have to accept that there are completely ahistorical and stupid things going on here because it's a game (programmed by landlocked Belarussians). It's DDs that are the most important thing in the game as currently designed. Everything else is a very pretty sideshow.
  2. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Tier 7 MM is garbage.

    I'll take T7 MM over T8 MM any day of the week.
  3. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Why most people like BBs?

    They are famous and the stuff of historical legend. They represented the pride and might of the countries that built them. Massive military status symbols. Everyone knows the Yamato, Iowa and Bismarck. The Shimakaze and various 2,000-ton depth-charging convoy escorts? (Crickets)
  4. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Time to yank karma from the game

    "Plays poorly" = "I'm going to blame you because I'm upset about losing a battle that was going to be lost anyway, regardless of how you played."
  5. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Why CVs need to stop attacking DDs

    Go ahead and leave the DDs alone on the enemy team and let me know how it turns out.
  6. Agree fully that German BBs are obsolete. They were supposed to be the “close-range brawlers,” and maybe they were: In 2016. Supposedly their “great secondaries” (the fire chance of the 105s was nerfed a long time ago) and “turtleback,” which allegedly made them better for yoloing enemies broadside and not getting citadeled, gave them “national flavor” in brawls. They paid for these “advantages” with god-awful dispersion and, in the case of the GK, absurdly bad gun angles. Look, WG is never a fan of anything German (cough, cough, WoT) and probably doesn’t see an issue here. But the Russian BBs are definitely formidable brawlers—and they have an incentive to close in because they get magnificent dispersion up close (wouldn’t that be grand with a GK??). German BBs definitely need some love to make up for the huge changes that have happened since 2016. Something to make their guns better at close range would be great, as would a secondary rework that actually makes “German secondaries” unique and attractive—attractive enough to sink 14 skill points into, anyway. Brawling is a big risk in the stealth/island camp/long-range meta, so if WG wants a line to brawl, they should give it incentives to so. Right now, the German BB don’t have many, especially when other lines can do more things better.
  7. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Why CVs need to stop attacking DDs

    He did the right thing. DDs are the single most important class. The team with the DD advantage has much better odds of winning the match. CVs can counter DDs and should. DDs should be everyone’s priority target and taken out with extreme prejudice as quickly as possible and by any means necessary.
  8. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Need some BB advice, please.

    OP, it's a situation that happens all too often and underscores the overwhelming importance of DDs in this game. Say what you want about whether that's good game design: Without competent DDs, you're just a supporting player. The real game is won and lost by the DDs alone. As others have said, you can't do much when your DDs are gone and theirs are still alive and kicking. You have no vision, they spot you for their team and they can torp-herd you with impunity. It's hugely frustrating and demoralizing. You can say, sure, "you should have supported your DDs before they died," but that discounts reality in many games. If you're in a lumbering Colorado, how are you supposed to stop your DDs from dying if they go charging off into distant caps right at the start and run headlong into well-aimed torps? Answer: Just take the loss. It sucks, but next time it'll be the enemy team with the potatoes. Sometimes you get dealt good cards, other times you don't. Again, I'm not saying this is good game design. It's just how this game works sometimes.
  9. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Please do something about CVs

    That's a fair point. But the fact that CVs were virtually extinct before the rework was hardly something WG could live with. Why offer/maintain a class in a game that costs a lot to develop if no one plays it? The fact that CVs were an endangered species for so long spoiled DDs. It wasn't a situation that could last forever. All ship classes have a role and they should be represented in every game. WG clearly saw CVs as being a counter to DDs' stealth advantages, which--truth be told--were disproportionately important in the pre-rework era. Why do you think they limited the DD numbers to 3 per side? Because DDs had huge, game-changing stealth advantages that made them very attractive to play, and only radar cruisers to check them (which don't even exist in lower tier games). While the CV rework might be a sloppy and maligned attempt to fulfill that goal, you can't fault WG for wanting to get people to play a class that was basically dead development weight before. If I played DDs, I'd be upset, tho: It would go against my interests!
  10. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Please do something about CVs

    Couldn't RTS CVs spot DDs just as well? When planes are in the air, they see things. I don't see what's different now. If a CV commits all his effort to hunting a DD, that's a smart play. DDs are the most critical class in the whole game. Leaving them unmolested is disastrous for your team's chances. Focusing on getting rid of them for your team is the smartest thing you can do. It increases your odds of winning the game. The team with the DD advantage is always a favorite to win. Does being hunted by a CV "ruin a DD's fun?" Well sure, but with great power comes great responsibility. You can't blame your opponent for wanting to kill you most, since you're the most dangerous class on the enemy team if left alone. BBs have their fun ruined by DDs. CL/CAs have their fun ruined by BBs. It doesn't happen every game, but people remember the bad incidents way more than the neutral/good incidents which happen far more often.
  11. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Are you happy with the Current CV status?

    Only T10 is broken. T4-6 are boring and don't consistently do meaningful damage. T8 is good against same-tier/lower and horrible against 9-10. Just like all T8s. I don't really get all the whining. It's only justified against T10 CVs. Or from DDs crying about being spotted. Everything is else pretty underwhelming. I find it's actually pretty frustrating to play mid-tier CVs. The aiming mechanics are wonky and unsatisfying. And their planes get shot to hell by anything same-tier or more.
  12. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Why aren't pilots using long range torp drops?

    Aerial torpedoes are absurdly slow, even with acceleration (40 kts for most nations). That's why long-range drops don't work.
  13. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    is it me or do teir 8 ships not belong in teir 9 and 10 battles

    Choose one or more of the community-approved, WG-apologetic boilerplate responses to the posted question: A. "Git gud." B. "You have to change your playstyle as a T8 in a T10 game." C. "T8s are pretty good! They can damage T10 ships." D. "As a T8, it is best to, be careful and provide support fire for your teammates." E. "Buy a tinfoil hat: It's all in your mind that T8s have a hard time in T10 games." F. "I like being T8 in a T10 game! It's more challenging!" G. "Learn angling and spotting mechanics." H. "Life is hard. WG owes you nothing. MM is fair. Adapt and overcome or go home" (or some other tone-deaf, mean-spirited and/or dismissive language)
  14. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    WG Needs to stop putting the BISMARCK in T10 games or give her a BUFF

    DDs do much better uptiered because stealth and the ability to torp-wall some poor ignorant sod once the initial DD knife-fighting is over. Some BBs are OK uptiered, but certainly not much fun. Bismarck hasn't been changed since 2016: It was good then. Now, it's been power-creeped into laughability. German BBs were supposed to be the "close-range brawlers," and that was much more possible in 2016 (No Worcesters/island-camping, only a couple DD lines, etc). Glorious Soviet BBs are now the close-range brawlers, comrade, with improved sigma at close range and AP shells made of Stalinium. Sausage-eating German BBs keep their rubbish dispersion because they have turtleback and secondaries that need a full spec to have a chance at doing anything. Honestly speaking, the older ship lines need some love. And T8 is garbage in both WoT and WoWS. Don't expect it to change. It's very much a business model: It encourages gold sales for free XP conversion (and gold ammo sales in WoT). Part of the allure of T10 is the ability to bully and tyrannize the T8 food.
  15. 27 in a row, that's pretty remarkable. Assuming (based on your winrate) that you had a 37% chance to lose each of those matches, the chances of losing 27 in a row are: (0.37)^27 = 0.0000002299% In other words, highly unlikely.