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  1. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Statistics on Tier VIII Matchmaking

    That is the WG party line. Kinda how like detonations represent fun and engaging gameplay and that RNG is an enjoyable thing.
  2. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    RN BB skill suggestions?

    It used to be a no-brainer: Fire prevention and concealment at T4. But with the nerfs to concealment on BBs, there is a little more wiggle room. WG is trying to move people away from the no-brainer decision on concealment. Also, the mega-heal on Lion and Conqueror makes Fire prevention a debatable pick (you can heal all the fire damage back easily), which frees up a lot of points for experimentation. Lately I've experimented with a total troll build on my Conqueror. I use the legendary module in place of the concealment. This makes me pretty darn nimble with a 7.6 rudder shift. I continue using concealment expert for a respectable 13.7km stealth, but instead of FP I opt for demo expert and superintendent at T3. At T2 I take EM, AR and JoAT (anything to bring down the long heal reload time is important). At T1 it's PT and EL (yes, I often shoot AP in the Conqueror and it's important to be able to switch out depending on targets of opportunity). Along with flags, this sits me at a 52% fire chance, which is just obscene. Plus I have the maneuverability of a battlecruiser and fair concealment. Suits me fine.
  3. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Add me to the list of DD mains that are done with this game.

    I confess my anti-DD bias at the outset. But I think it's great that the update has made DDs less all-decisive than they used to be. There's a reason they capped the number of DDs per match recently: Games were boiling down to "whose DDs are better" and all the other ship classes were just supporting actors. I'm really enjoying the game better now that it's possible to be a little more aggressive a little earlier in the game, knowing that a flotilla of hidden DDs isn't waiting to send 15 torps my way from comparative safety in stealth. Say what you want about how hard it is to play DDs. But pre-rework, if you could beat the other guy's DDs at the beginning and have DD superiority the rest of the game, you massively tilted the game in your favor because you could see everyone and nobody could see you (especially at lower tiers, without radar). This was especially true of mid-tier ships like the Kami R: If you were alone against a couple BBs, there was literally nothing they could do to either see you or hurt you. Meanwhile, you could just spam torps their way every 45 seconds to make their lives utterly miserable, with no hope of counter-play. Personally, I like that the rework has made concealment in general less mandatory than it used to be. Concealment play is boring and frustrating, and it was making the game too uniform. WG has to rethink how all the classes interact now. We're in a new meta and it will take time to see how it all plays out. Having said that, I think it was high time DDs were dethroned--they played too important a role in determining each game's outcome before.
  4. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    SHOCKING NEWS!. There are players that LIKE the CV rework!

    I certainly agree that DD players are getting the short end of the stick in this update. But they have had the long end for a long time. I also agree that, historically speaking, DDs outnumbered all other ship types. But they were not the cloaking-device-wielding, BB-annihilating, unlimited-torp-spamming, offensive-smoke-deploying, able-to-withstand 16"-inch-shellfire-with-no-more-than-10%-damage arbiters of supreme victory in every game. They were fleet recon pickets, convoy escorts and sub hunters. If they could avoid confrontations with capital ships, they did. Not so in this game: BBs are DD food.
  5. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    SHOCKING NEWS!. There are players that LIKE the CV rework!

    I am really liking the changes. I never played CVs before and find the arcade-style a lot more appealing. I enjoyed the few games I tried yesterday. More importantly, though, I like the other changes the update has brought. I find the "even-only" CV MM has created better MM for all other ships, with fewer +2 spreads. I also am really enjoying the fact that CVs represent a hard check on DDs, which have always influenced the battle far too much. This, in turn, has suppressed the DD numbers, and I didn't see nearly as many 4-DD matches as I used to (which I detest and find frustrating, since if you're on the team with worse DDs, the rest of the game is pretty much a foregone conclusion). I'm sure everything will be tweaked going forward, but I think overall it has been a good step: Anything that makes DDs less all-decisive is fine by me. Oh, and the buffs to Hood have been most welcome!
  6. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Destroyers would be the most overpowered ship type

    The entire game is usually decided by which team has the good DDs. Everything else just follows from that premise. The other classes are mere support for DDs.
  7. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Massachusetts vs. Kurfurst Secondary Build

    GK secondary build is the way to go. It doesn't get any manlier. As everyone else has said, of course, it's not optimal. T10 gameplay is a train wreck of smoke, 4 DDs per side, torp soup and island-hugging HE spam that rewards the first person dumb enough to get spotted with an avalanche of fire and death. As such, concealment and survivability are the "safest" bets in this boring meta. But when you finally do get the chance to be a man and fight toe-to-toe with ships you can see, the GK secondary build is "second to none." IFHE, secondary mod, AFT, BFT, the whole nine yards: No one is safe once they wander within 11 km. I wish the secondaries could actually hit maneuvering DDs better (they are supposed to counter DDs, in theory), but they are downright brutal against all BBs and CAs. Bow-on MOs or Yamatos? No problem! Also, the legendary mod greatly rewards the meme build: You get significantly better reload on all guns and faster main turrets. You only lose 1 km main gun range, which doesn't really matter since the GK is pretty worthless at longer ranges. That said, the games where you can actually use the GK the way it was meant to be used are not as common as I'd like. Whatever, I guess it's lame boredom and frustration WG wants at T10.
  8. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Battle of Jutland MM

    That actually looks like a LOT of fun. They should make a separate battle mode just for big fat BB brawls. But then the DDs would have no one to troll!
  9. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Let’s Talk About "New Ship News from WG Fest 2018!"

    Finally Soviet battleship, Comrade! I khave waiting long time for People's Avenging Historically Accurate Naval Force armed with anti-capitalist artillery: 3.0 sigma, 100m dispersion and 4500 Krupp shell! Soviet shell always citadel, never overpen! URAAAAA!!!!!
  10. In answer to the initial question: Because BBs are big fat pinatas once spotted in the T10 meta. They have a very hard time withdrawing if they get in over their heads, especially at the start of a match where there are 4 DDs and bunkered-up Worcesters ready to throw every pie in the bakery at them with near-impunity. So retreating often makes perfect sense. Not to the edge of the map, but certainly far enough away not to be deleted by a skill wall or incinerated in seconds. Also, what is this "usually there are only 2 DDs per side" of which you speak? That has not been my experience at all. More like 4 per side, 80% of the time. Especially since the AP nerfs which allow DDs even greater freedom of action and less risk for misplays. I think this thread kind of lays bare just how broken and horrible T10 gameplay is in general. The fact that you can only get legendary upgrades by playing it seems a familiar WG troll-move to me. Beyond that, it's only valuable for e-peen and emblems (neither of which are that much to write home about).
  11. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    T3-5 Battleship dispersion

    One of the things I love about this game is dispersion. RNG is a wonderful thing! It makes you never quite know what the result will be in two identical sets of circumstances. It's exciting! People love dispersion the same way they like playing slot machines with a 10% house edge. It's the uncertainty that makes the heart pound! Maybe you'll get three sevens! Maybe you'll get nothing! Maybe you'll get a cherry and a bar! Who knows? Just keep pulling the lever.
  12. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Why why why why BB players

    If given the chance, I always shoot at DDs, at ranges up to 16 km. The sooner they are knocked out, the sooner I can actually push in a BB and have something approaching fun. No other ship class is as decisive to the game as DDs, not even close. Any time you can slice even an overpen of health from their precious un-normal-pennable/cloaking device-equipped hulls, it's always worth it.
  13. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    Let’s Talk About "Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia!"

    I like the secondary armament changes: AP-firing secondaries have always been useless. Now, let's take it a step further and make the 60% dispersion reduction from the "Manual Control for Secondary Armament" perk apply to all tiers, not just Tier 7 through 10.
  14. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    HMS Vanguard

    They are going to have to do something about those stats. In fact, they should do something about the Hood's stats while they are at it. Warspite guns above Tier 6 need major love to be competitive. Also, 8-gun ships need higher sigma: WG has done it with the Republique and the Conqueror, as well as the Nagato and Colorado. The German 8-gunners don't get higher sigma because they have secondaries and turtleback (I would argue they still deserve better sigma, but that's beyond the scope of this question). This is a good opportunity for WG to back off the stupidity of the RN BB gimmicks and walk back to what made the Warspite great: Great accuracy, punchy guns and nimbleness. The RN superheal is silly, RN HE is stupid and lazy. I mean, if they want to give the Vanguard a regular Warspite heal, then great. But please, at least a 28s reload, 1.9 sigma and REGULAR AP shells, not the ones that break on belts.
  15. DDsSmokeOverpenRNGBounce

    BB's pushing

    You push when the situation warrants aggression. Usually that's not the case when the match first starts; you have to see how the DDs do at the beginning. Pushing without vision or reconnaissance is foolish. In some--even many--cases, the favorable moment for aggression never comes. In those cases, you have to hang back and wait for opportunities. BBs without vision or support are just huge XP pinatas for island-hugging cruisers, and pushing toward an unspotted DD is a recipe for disaster: Not just because of torpedo soup, but also because of the the inevitable focusing that comes from being spotted. I get plenty of "reports" in games where I don't push because it makes no sense to do so. But I get "compliments" when I am aggressive (because my DDs are successful). BBs depend on DDs for their success. If your DDs stink and the enemy's are good, chances are you will have to be a backbencher that game. I would argue that being aggressive when your DDs have failed is actually worse than adopting a passive approach to begin every match. You just don't know how the cards will fall at the start of any random battle. Part of the art of playing is sensing when the cards are turning in your favor, then pushing. But not before. Most of this applies to high-tier play. In Tier 7 and below you can get away with more aggression across the board, mostly because DDs don't determine everything about gameplay at those tiers.