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  1. Basically it's just a semi standard recipe, 2 cans of Stewed tomatoes, 1 can tomato sauce, this time I did a pound each of smoked sausage and cooked and drained ground pork with kidney bean and Chili powder, cumin, some chopped garlic, some Semi cajun Spice blend, and chopped onion. as for meat, I put anything from Ground beef to Sausage in my chilli, and vary the beans between no bean and a bit too much, Depending, (Kidney and Chili or a mix)usualy its 0-3 pounds meat to 3-0 cans
  2. Academy has a line that is all the way down the stip its in when I left. But I got the hats, and one shirt for everyone I needed to get one for.(Granted NONE Of the shirts are the "Official Championship shirt apart from 2 kids hoodies, the adults have the championship shirts on order, they can live with just having regular Astros shirts for now!)
  3. We also heard gunfire here, but fortunately it's someone who loads their own and it was all 12 gauge blanks with confetti. He got chewed out by the constables though.
  4. and Ben Reiter is no longer allowed to bet in Vegas... http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/06/sports-illustrated-houston-astros-2017-world-series-champs-mlb In other news... Mattress Mac looses 5 Million Dollar bet.....and could not be happier... http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/11/houston-gallery-furniture-astros-promotion-millions Because he hedged his bet with Vegas, he is probably not allowed to bet there anymore either....
  5. Ok was thinking the exclusive/event Policy also covered payed tanks for some reason. Gahhhh phat phingers onPhone
  6. You can also just get the flag. also WOT has The Give Thanks Logo. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/premium-shop/project-valor-giving-thanks/
  7. yah they had to update that because Otherwise the official policy is ... um I cant find the revised policy ? (Edit) Apparently they revised it again?
  8. <?> what <?>
  9. If you have Texas already(why would you not have it already is another topic) you get 5010 Doubloons and a slot the Camo is different from the earlier Stars and Stripes Camo. (Same bonus however) The Captain you get is apparently 0/0 The mission is Play 20 get 20 DCII and Repair II. Get Eeeet!
  10. Its a baked "Cooki" stick diped in something like chocolate or iceing.
  11. (Gives Yoshiblue a nice tray with a mug of hot chocolate, a Cup of Fresh brewed tea, Coffee, an Espresso Grande, a Triple Late' and a assortment of fresh from the oven cookies...Still warm
  12. ??the world series or Halloween?
  13. Nah our pitchers and batters are very gentile. I just saw what the Neighborhood where I live in Japan looks like.....Lets just say they got the trick... Rainy here tonight, might put a damper on things a bit for the kids..... hopefully not too mutch so though because I hate to think we already have candy for Easter~!~
  14. Nope, just chatting about what we did for Halloween this year. that and now I am wondering who else still makes treats out of pumpkins and pumpkin seeds.
  15. Nice Seasonal Necro.