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  1. a couple of things I found out recently in Japan Ikuhiko Hata is controversial. Again Why? Something to do with Tomio Hora. Either he had a counter argument or he partially defended someone else's counter argument about what happened at Nanking. Also, some people apparently will still argue if all of the IJNs Carriers at Midway were scuttled or if one or two "Just sank" due to ongoing damage from the Fire. Why this is even an Issue is beyond me, to me it is obvious that they probably were. Also did you know that apparently Japan did not have enough raw materials to significantly increase aircraft production beyond what they actually accomplished in 1942? The conspiracy theories on that are... pointless....
  2. Gee that sounds a lot like the Sermons I was reading recently from the middle of the 30 years war by Protestant and Catholics about the Catholics and Protestants. Granted...they were often a lot nastier about it. Apparently 200 years was long enough for everyone to change their minds. Or at least get someone to pay for that monument at Breitenfeld and everyone else to leave it alone.
  3. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Just FYI Japans Gift tax starts at 9750 USD this year,(or 8100 Euro/7100 Pound Sterling)...... What the 2 at top seem to be referring to a bit of a unfortunate ... and somewhat common but minor incident that crops up this time of year regarding annual Bonuses and New Years money.
  4. What he developed for Destroyers was apparently not really applied to the Cruisers however, which was why Kitakami initially retained her reloads when they reduced her tubes when she was initially converted from a Torpedo cruiser to a Fast transport, until the convoys at the end of 1943 when she finally offloaded them to allow more deck cargo to be carried, (to be fair it is possible they did not expect her torpedoes to be used as anything other than a deterrent to any surface ships) and when she was converted to a Kaiten carrier. Given that even then she and her sister still had 24 tubes and reloads it is also possible that by late 1943 that after september they simply could no longer keep her supplied with full reloads if she was no longer expected to fight the US fleet head on.
  5. People seem to ignore the reality that the initial assumption for Use by Japan was flawed, at the extreme range of the weapon accuracy was at best wishfull thinking, they were better off setting them for high speed and close in, and for the most part after the first half of the war the weapon was a pure liability.
  6. Octobers end with some of the clients....

    Basically it's just a semi standard recipe, 2 cans of Stewed tomatoes, 1 can tomato sauce, this time I did a pound each of smoked sausage and cooked and drained ground pork with kidney bean and Chili powder, cumin, some chopped garlic, some Semi cajun Spice blend, and chopped onion. as for meat, I put anything from Ground beef to Sausage in my chilli, and vary the beans between no bean and a bit too much, Depending, (Kidney and Chili or a mix)usualy its 0-3 pounds meat to 3-0 cans
  7. Astroes Win

    Academy has a line that is all the way down the stip its in when I left. But I got the hats, and one shirt for everyone I needed to get one for.(Granted NONE Of the shirts are the "Official Championship shirt apart from 2 kids hoodies, the adults have the championship shirts on order, they can live with just having regular Astros shirts for now!)
  8. Astroes Win

    We also heard gunfire here, but fortunately it's someone who loads their own and it was all 12 gauge blanks with confetti. He got chewed out by the constables though.
  9. Astroes Win

    and Ben Reiter is no longer allowed to bet in Vegas... http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/06/sports-illustrated-houston-astros-2017-world-series-champs-mlb In other news... Mattress Mac looses 5 Million Dollar bet.....and could not be happier... http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/11/houston-gallery-furniture-astros-promotion-millions Because he hedged his bet with Vegas, he is probably not allowed to bet there anymore either....
  10. Happy Halloween!

    Its a baked "Cooki" stick diped in something like chocolate or iceing.
  11. Happy Halloween!

    (Gives Yoshiblue a nice tray with a mug of hot chocolate, a Cup of Fresh brewed tea, Coffee, an Espresso Grande, a Triple Late' and a assortment of fresh from the oven cookies...Still warm
  12. Happy Halloween!

    ??the world series or Halloween?
  13. Happy Halloween!

    Nah our pitchers and batters are very gentile. I just saw what the Neighborhood where I live in Japan looks like.....Lets just say they got the trick... Rainy here tonight, might put a damper on things a bit for the kids..... hopefully not too mutch so though because I hate to think we already have candy for Easter~!~
  14. Octobers end with some of the clients....

    Nope, just chatting about what we did for Halloween this year. that and now I am wondering who else still makes treats out of pumpkins and pumpkin seeds.
  15. How to play on the Chinese server.. tutorial!

    Nice Seasonal Necro.