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  1. I was hopeing for something along the lines of Galaxy quest. what I got was a hour long episode of Hyperdrive, or a episode or Red Dwarf with half the script cut out to make time for the special effects.
  2. Well to me the problem is that felt like it was dragging, and parts were needlessly predictable. I suspect part of the problem is trying to maintain the original ST series pacing in a hour long format while trying to remain a comedy.
  3. Ok.... what the hell was was that I just watched? and does anyone who made it know?
  4. I suspect for the same reason the Pacific fleet wanted the 20mm single and twin mounts replaced with the Tunderbolt system, and was replacing the 40mm Bofors quad with 75mm twins. The old pedestal mount 20mm was de facto a "Revenge Gun" that would usually only get a kill after it was too late, and even then it was frequently not a Kill, and even the 40mm was leaky, mostly because it could not use a VT fuse. Weapon porn! Oddly the fleet wanted this thing. But Buord said Oh Hell no! We learned our lesson with the 1.1 inch mount and because its a POWERED mount we Can Not Let You Have It! (because the power might go out so a single or twin manual mount would be better, despite growing evidence that even large batteries of manual single and twin mount weapons were increasingly useless)
  5. even at that "Stored aircraft" are not operational, and take time to become operational
  6. the only way to fit that many is a Fold wing design. I don't know if they were producing one or not.
  7. Well she does have a handycap, after all she has to be more bad [edited]than River Song. . .
  8. Eh its the Doctor. Technically "he" was not human to start with. Best reaction yet? Don't be afraid of her because she's a girl, Be afraid of her because she's the Doctor.
  9. Generally, ranked play games do benefit from Win-Loss matching. there are a number of games that do that, but you know thats whats happening, and there is no reason to hide it. the thing is filtering like that takes time, and given that the game has roughly 12 "levels" of match making* to filter only makes things take longer since you are trying to create a "winner" pool and a "looser" pool. the games that try to match based on win - loss tend to match sub .500 teams against sub 500 teams, and "winning" teams against "winning" teams. on top of that your also haveing to more or less balance Ship types and the "Value" of the ship itself, which given all of the variations posible.... What a lot of people experience is something known as clustering, Basically this is the reality that things like rolling a Die repeatedly result in 10 consecutive rolls of 1 do happen in reality. ======================================================= *1 12 23 234 345 456 567 678 789 89X 9X X
  10. (source is Col. Dwight Warren, judge advocate). Prohibited : Firearms, rockets, grenades, explosives, munitions, and components of all of these items. Club-type hand weapons such as batons, blackjacks, brass knuckles or nunchakus. Concealable knives and switchblades and any other kind of knife with an automatic blade opener, weight or swinging motion for opening the blade. Military equipment not designed to be issued to or carried by an individual soldier. Scientific, archaeological, religious, historical or other relics. Sand, dirt, rocks, gravel, plants or animals. Personal items belonging to the enemy. Permited Helmets and other head coverings. Uniforms and patches. Canteens, compasses, rucksacks and pouches. Flags. Knives and bayonets — as long as they are not collapsing or spring-loaded retractable blades and the servicemember has a receipt. Military training manuals. Posters and placards. Currency of the former Saddam Hussein regime. Prayer rugs and furniture purchased from an Army and Air Force Exchange Service vendor. Incidentally it would be safe to assume that anything made from Human remains is straight up considered a War Crime nowadays.
  11. ラブ米(コメ) ok.....we get it! Japan loves rice and all the things you can make with it... Not bad for what it is..
  12. I am just glad it did not get sidetracked with a random name that Trope Demolition Derby.
  13. Two more duds in a row. But folktails was not bad.
  14. I have to kind of agree. Top it off with the "There are no Adults" trop and you get what you see here.