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  1. wooserloop

    CV's suck so bad now

    The rework made me ditch all my CVs originally, but I got them back after learning the style. Basically No alpha damage, just numerous weaker attacks. I loved the old way better as you could really change the battle if you controlled the skies. That was pretty intense. In my opinion it was you vs the enemy CV captain. Who was better? Can he/she strafe better? That first dog fight seemed to determine a lot. Sigh, I miss those intense fights. One had to spot, defend, navigate the cv and deal damage all at once! several squadrons at once! Now its pretty much pick a target and harass it till its sunk while your dead team mates complain about the crappy team not moving. I hope there will be something more interesting in the future, but I doubt it.
  2. wooserloop

    Carrier Suxs

    Wait, do you mean sux and boring to play the carrier, play against the carrier, vs a human player or vs A.I? To play the CV is to make someone rage out from constant attacks. Fires, floods, or just annoying strikes driving someone crazy. Without a doubt the most hated ships in game are CVs because of this. Ever been in a situation where a CV literally throws everything at you and just you? It's annoying isn't it? You know that CV captain is having a blast doing so too. BE that captain. Be the person having fun. Try not to be the target.
  3. I hate when that happens. Also, I have trouble clicking on the map to give the auto pilot command to move. Trouble was the ribbons were in the way and I could not click on the map. I was being chased by a DD.
  4. wooserloop

    Teir VIII CVs a waste of time

    If I'm playing a T8 CV and I'm in a T10 match the chances are not too good that my planes will survive certain situations. I target things I know I can at least damage, incapacitate, or destroy. That also includes spotting, scouting, and resetting caps. I know the first part of the match I will be doing the later. Generally the first minutes of the match are the most dangerous in my opinion. As those AA Cruisers are all alive. Usually the enemy team (never mine) moves in a solid blob of AA defense so its pointless to attack those. I will look for stragglers and lone wolves to pick at while hopefully my team wipes out the AA ships. Like any match you are out tiered you will have to play smart as you will be looked at as an easy target by the higher tier.
  5. wooserloop

    Yup. I still hate CVs

    I believe what makes players rage out is being attacked by a CV continuously. Since the attacks are more weaker but more frequent, a player may get agitated and feel bullied even. The old system would make your death swift at least. Remember those crisscross torpedo drop patterns anyone? Either near or instant death. Flooding and fires lasted longer then too. It's not that CVs are broken, OP or unOP, they are just making people rage more these days with the volume of attacks on a single ship.
  6. wooserloop

    Prem CV?

    If you play world of warships enough, then I would say buy one. No point of buying something you don't use right? Now which one to buy is up to you. I would do research make a decision for whats available.
  7. If a CV captain targets you and really wants to sink you, he/she probably will. Even if it means losing many aircraft. Take the advice of fellow Captains above and stay with your fleet to reduce the chances of air craft attack. The CV change has made its role attack oriented rather than support. Single target point/area per attack. One attack at a time. Try not to be the target! Had this been the old system, you would probably be hit by several squadrons at once. An instant sinking. At least now you can survive more attacks compared to the old ways believe me.