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  1. wooserloop

    Now dobut im my mind worst players play

    Now dobut about it.
  2. wooserloop

    Top Gun tie-in

    I rather have James Tolkan as a commander.
  3. wooserloop

    Azur Lane In the Armory

    A real a bummer you have to buy such expensive bundles. I will be passing on this as I don't feel like dropping money a set of commanders. I have most of the first three waves. The sure bet to get the new 4th wave commanders is the 99.99 bundle which I pass on. Boxes are a really bad idea. The boxes allow duplicate commanders. They also have a equal drop rate for the old commanders. You would think they would have a better chance for newer commanders, but that would only reduce sales. Trust me, if you really want new commanders, buy the 99.99 pack, because I guarantee if you spend the same amount of money on say 12 boxes, you won't be getting all of the 4th wave commanders. More likely none actually. Probably get all duplicates. 5 of the same ones. They should of had Hornet as a new commander with the release of CV Hornet in my opinion. ...oh I forgot! Maybe they will give us a free premium container for prime gaming rewards?
  4. Nah. Most that stuff a DD can already do. Mines would require you to get into a cap which could easily be contested by faster ships lying in wait. Mortars have poor range. Subs would easily out range them 10 fold. Then again, considering the game, why not. Have instant drops of mine fields and have the frigate fast as a DD, superb AA, radar, torpedoes, and long range AOE mortars.
  5. wooserloop

    Dasha Perova

    I feel like I was gradually seeing less and less Dasha since the sharks vs eagles event to present day. Also Alena. I do miss the little moments of hijinks. I guess I was just too used to see seeing Dasha. She was pretty much an icon for the game, at least for me. Alena was a welcome addition. For a while I thought she might be taking the spot light but then it got real quite. Now present day I don't see much of either. There was a recent update featuring Dasha, but I think it was prior to the WG move.
  6. wooserloop

    Strike Force Energy

    For a moment I was thinking it was a collaboration with the old arcade game Strike Force. I always thought it was cool that the second player could become a controllable turret on the first player with their own ship.
  7. You certainly handled this better than our NA Community Manager did. At least you make sense.
  8. wooserloop

    New AL Waifus inbound.....

    Should of had Hornet. Would of been great to have ship and commander like Enterpirze.
  9. wooserloop

    researching super ships.

    It depends if the G. Kurfurst T10 is a T10.
  10. wooserloop

    CV impact

    Looks like a close game though. If it was a landslide I might of considered the issue
  11. wooserloop

    Some what new player here, Super ships?

    Not too many fans of super ships in the forum threads, but I would say it is nothing new. To me they are pretty much how I felt about Steel ships. They were obviously better than tech tree and premium ships. Just had to learn how to deal with them or move on. I figure the Is the United States is going to be the new FDR in terms of anti CV threads
  12. wooserloop

    Mad Max looking captains in the armory

    I thought they could only go into the ships their savage boats are based off of nation-wise. For instance, Rattenkönig is used in my German ships.
  13. wooserloop

    I just took an in game WG WoWS survey

    To be honest I feel like a monster. Am I the only one that wants the air ship to be able to be destroyed? Like can the losing teams airship get destroyed or explode in the end?
  14. wooserloop

    Trade/Sell ships Would make people Happy!

    I feel like it would do more harm than good. Imagine the buyers remorse and refund demands. There would probably be a no refunds on private transactions between players thing.
  15. wooserloop

    Tired of Teams

    When in Rome,