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  1. wooserloop

    Fires prevent fun gameplay

    How do you take your fire damage? When using BBs, If I am lit on fire I may just let it burn through. I can always pop repair party and recover most hp back during or after the burn. The idea is not to panic. As long as your not getting rained on, you can casually brush off single fires and be close to a finishing the repair party cool down. If you are getting rained on, then you may need to stagger damage control party and damage repair party. If you stagger it just right you can really save yourself some HP. Proper captain skills will shorten the damage and cool downs if you want to go further. They semi nerfed fire on cruisers if I recall correctly. Shortened the burn duration like they did to flooding. You can easily do the staggering move to really cut fire down. So didn't WG already tweak fire a bit a while back?
  2. I reset two or three lines before. It's pretty much as comfortable as you make it. Just cross your fingers and hope they don't nerf the RB ship you want. If they have not already
  3. Sounds really pretty until the enemy team pops radar.
  4. wooserloop

    Automated reply for support tickets

    The auto response is to let you know that the ticket was received. A human will follow up on it eventually. Don't expect it to be within 24 hours though. Sometimes it can take a few days. I have yet to be let down my war gaming support. What was the ticket for anyways? Someone can probably give you fast answer here on the forum.
  5. wooserloop

    Best T9 cruiser

    Neptune...but before smoke was nerfed. Also before AA was nerfed..and before the commander skill rework.
  6. wooserloop

    Since This Is An Arcade Game......

    Maybe a future game mode. I think they are already set on what they want though. Maybe it will inspire other ideas. I thought it would nice to have a support ship that can repair another ship in its radius. Even as a consumable if we are limiting things. I thought I have already seen this concept games modes already around halloween.
  7. I prefer less to no humans in Co-op. I mostly only see lots of humans when a new set of missions pop up from an event. If you want to see more humans then play at a peak time or weekend. Usually late night I seldom see many human players. If so then usually only a few.
  8. wooserloop

    The "GG" Again....

    One more and I'm done. One more then I''m done. They could of also meant "Good grief"
  9. wooserloop

    Almost gave them money today

    Did you spend $$$ yet? It's only a matter of time.
  10. wooserloop

    Better Dockyard Rewards (TY WOW)

    It says on the portal " If you complete the construction of IX ZF-6 by spending Doubloons, make sure to keep completing Dockyard combat missions—each phase will bring you 3,000 Coal and 200 Steel. " You can only progress through 19 out of 22 shipbuilding phases without spending doubloons. You can only complete the dockyard by purchasing the last three phases. So by reading the details we can get 9k coal and 600 steel (3 phases at 300 coal and 200 steel per).
  11. wooserloop

    The "GG" Again....

    They were not saying "Good game". They were saying "Git Gud"
  12. wooserloop

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    They will have a Makarov B this year.
  13. wooserloop

    Allowing Player to Player Ship Sales

    Selling them for what currency? Doubloons, Credits, or real money?
  14. wooserloop

    Italian DD Leone

  15. wooserloop

    Big Hunt

    I tried big hunt for the first time and actually loved it. Open map with A.I enemies and other real players that be friend or foe. Often I find other players will help you, even if not in a division. Not always, but you may end up fighting them at some point. Other times its possible to avoid them entirely simply observing the map. Is there a way to unlock the new captains of the ships this time around? I thought we could recruit the last ones