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  1. The daily shipments in the Armory is really inconvenient. Armory takes a while to load and its not something people go into regularly. If you want people to care about the daily shipment, ostensibly to make them log in and play, it shouldn't be in a place that is annoying to get to.
  2. SierraElite

    unintended Sub Effects

    CVs do what to subs again? Presumably that is what the odd tier CVs will have some ability to do. Either way I am about as impressed with the game play of subs as I was in the first test server run through. Adding subs to randoms is going to drastically change the ships being queue up with and how they play once their in: probably not for the better.
  3. SierraElite

    unintended Sub Effects

    Making everyone act like 5 year olds playing soccer.
  4. Plus the 200% exp event is just creating incentives for bad behavior: rushing in to grab a drop because that is more points and if they sink, 'oh well someone else will carry us to victory'. This happened a lot in Tanks and it ruined the team play which is so critical. I will ride this hobby horse into the ground and belabor the point to death: STOP doing bonus exp events! Just on a side note to comment on other people's posts. Arms race is fine as a game mode. The problem with ranked battles is the added need for teamwork in competitive play. RANDOM PICK UP GROUPS HAVE NO TEAM COHESION! This is what makes PUG aspect of ranked so god damn frustrating. Its like playing soccer with 5 year olds: you have no idea what anyone else is going to do and there is no strategy. Adding MORE people to ranked play makes it WORSE, as PoeticMotion mention. Carrying the deadweight of 1-2 bad players in a 7 person match isn't bad but carrying the dead, moronic, weight of 5 players in a 12v12 is not worth the effort.
  5. SierraElite

    Ranked Sprint: Arms Race

    Ranked battles during a 200% event which makes people play stupid. Who though this was a good idea? Case in point
  6. SierraElite

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

    Can't see mission progress. Low probability of rewards. Limited nation options. Sounds like a realllllll fun event. . .
  7. SierraElite

    I could use some help with the Kongo...

    Kongo is a cursed floating trash pile that they nerfed somewhere between 2016 and 2019. Case in point: ARP ship stats are from 2016 when they released them and Kongo stats are from 2019-20 (2 pictures to show progression) when I started grinding the line. Its the same ship so there is no reason why after playing the game for so long I'm suddenly bad at playing this ship. Just grind past it as fast as you can and don't look back.
  8. SierraElite

    My experience Ranking out...

    In short I'll keep my opinion of this season to, 1: it heavily favors a few ships, mostly premiums. 2: Battleships have the greatest advantage since they can just cap a point and hold it until the points tick over. 3: Cruisers are almost worthless 4: 1v1 just entices playing ring around the rosy with islands All-in-all I think this is a really lame format and just couldn't justify playing it with the holiday event going on.
  9. Some more scenarios, especially for T10 ships would be a nice addition.
  10. SierraElite

    Replays do not function but once did

    I think what he is trying to say, which is the same problem I have, is that replay files from a game you just played don't actually load. I have tried several of them from the past couple of days and they all get stuck on the loading screen.