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  1. The 2nd bonus code in the subtitles is H N D O T H H E L M? Hand on the helm? HMN Do the helm? Waa?
  2. 1 Battle win or lose in World of Tanks to get a free premium day to use for WoWS! :D Last chance to get 1 free premium day before it ends tomorrow 7:20 EST! Play a battle Restrictions: Grand and Random battles only Must be in a Tier IV vehicle or higher Once per account
  3. _Dreadnaught_

    differentiate Salem a bit.

    Or save your coal for the next Arsenal ship instead of spending it all on Salem?
  4. _Dreadnaught_

    GPU overheating

    Also, check 7.6 update patch notes, WoWS dev team might have "patched" a feature that's causing you the problem.
  5. _Dreadnaught_

    Summer Sale - What are you hoping for?

    Aigle has 700 ms velocity HE/AP. I have it and I have to guess aim off screen at mid range due to low velocity shells..... same shell veolcity as the North Carolina.
  6. _Dreadnaught_

    GPU overheating

    Set everything to low and then AB test by putting up one setting to the max at a time. I play with a lot of extra crap off like shadows, animate small objects and soft particles.
  7. _Dreadnaught_

    Save the Battleship Texas

    Thank you for making me aware of this. I'm the 10,034th signature. :)
  8. _Dreadnaught_

    Can we remove torp from Soviet cruiser to make it faster?

    Torps and their launchers don't weigh that much. At most a couple tons but wouldn't improve speed as ships were 1,000s of tons.
  9. A winning match can cascade to the point that you have to spend time finding enemy targets while enemies will find you in a loss.
  10. _Dreadnaught_

    Any upcoming premium battleships for me to get?

    The possibility to purchase the Massachusetts is like after an update, a small rectangular pop-up when you login. Its a small pop up that will redirect you to purchase the Massachusetts for $51~. Maybe it works when you recently purchase premium. Try doing an operation for a premium day or buy a day of premium. No guarantees, idk how it works. When I got premium I logged into World of Tanks with premium I instantly got the chance to purchase the Sherman Firefly.
  11. _Dreadnaught_

    Any upcoming premium battleships for me to get?

    Sick of seeing new premium ships that are in the same place and position of other premiums. How many new American premium DDs, BBs and cruisers do you need? How many new Japanese premium DDs do you need? How many new USSR premium cruisers do you need? STOP WASTING DEV TIME ON NEW PREMIUMS THAT ALREADY HAVE A PREMIUM IN ITS PLACE! NEW PREMIUMS FOR NEW NATIONS OR NEW SHIP TYPES FOR OLD NATIONS ONLY!
  12. _Dreadnaught_


    JIC an automated system doesn't work because of wonky updates or glitches, manual review by players help. ^_^
  13. _Dreadnaught_

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Fitting Out HMCS Haida

    Anchors a weigh? They do A WEIGH A LOT. :3 Thinking of getting the Haida but Indy mission gonna be completed soon so more radars... :(
  14. _Dreadnaught_


    8 chances to report afk 0 Exp friendly players and enemy AFK players is valuable to preventing unfair wins/losses for future battles.