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    I Love Yoshi & Battleships, Carriers, cruisers, Subs gaming..Love Peterbilts, Muscle Cars quite a few movies to!
  1. I wish he was universal to other nations
  2. Your first post mentions you make custom models could you make a 1989 Missouri Retrofit? Similar to this https://i.imgur.com/od7EHV1.jpg Like with the Antenna and other goodies?
  3. Did I post in the wrong thread about the Grinch kill? I posted in the thread from Dec 19th as that was the link Jolly6969 had posted in chat


    1. fang_cloudeye


      your fine, I got you credited for the kill and there is no issue. I just got people posting things all over the place and having to play hunt and find.

    2. Texshi


      Ten Dash Four!

  4. Texshi

    Operation Scrooge

    I got em!
  5. Been far too long since i've been here..but dang i sure hate how i missed some special ships on WOWS..it's a total bummer

  6. Where is thy chat invite..

  7. Er maybe later..I need to get in that skype group for AT's

  8. Captain, We're At War.

  9. I think I Feel A Change In The Wind Says I Captain.

    1. Lennon82


      oh you get an email ?


  10. When it rains, it pours captain.

  11. Hah it only took 2 months later.. Watch out captain a storm of disappointment possibly a brewing.

  12. Skipped I knew it!

    1. FurDenKaiser1914


      Don't we all know that.

  13. Woo I applied let there be hope to be selected..!