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  1. Texshi

    Update 0.10.9: Halloween

    Aww come on where is Kearsarge? I was like hyped for it to arrive because the resource announced?? But now I have no desire for this update.
  2. Yes I was really wanting that giant number on the hull.. it's just a tiny bit more "modern" but yes a modern skin would be the world to me... I'd give anything for a 1980s Modernized Iowa or a skin I'd even commission a modder to make a complete overhaul skin for such.
  3. Will you guys look into the USS Missouri "63" number on the hull? I asked the USN New Jersey Memorial YouTube channel and they directly told me that USN BBs received the modernized numbering style after Korean War.. and the USS Missouri is a 1955 ship.. will you guys update the number?
  4. Plz WG I want that Iowa conversion badly..! Kearsarge can wait..!
  5. I wish he was universal to other nations
  6. Your first post mentions you make custom models could you make a 1989 Missouri Retrofit? Similar to this https://i.imgur.com/od7EHV1.jpg Like with the Antenna and other goodies?
  7. Did I post in the wrong thread about the Grinch kill? I posted in the thread from Dec 19th as that was the link Jolly6969 had posted in chat


    1. fang_cloudeye


      your fine, I got you credited for the kill and there is no issue. I just got people posting things all over the place and having to play hunt and find.

    2. Texshi


      Ten Dash Four!

  8. Been far too long since i've been here..but dang i sure hate how i missed some special ships on WOWS..it's a total bummer

  9. Where is thy chat invite..

  10. Er maybe later..I need to get in that skype group for AT's

  11. Captain, We're At War.

  12. I think I Feel A Change In The Wind Says I Captain.

    1. Lennon82


      oh you get an email ?


  13. When it rains, it pours captain.

  14. Hah it only took 2 months later.. Watch out captain a storm of disappointment possibly a brewing.